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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS Advanced Stats: PACE: #10 96.0 OFFENSE: #23 101.8 DEFENSE: #19 106.3 Last season the Clippers limited themselves to be the “same old” Clippers the franchise has been over the last few years: poor! Midway December, the destiny of the Clippers was already set, as with 5-21 record, the team was way out of the playoff picture. However, the Clippers enjoyed a nice... Read more

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Advanced Stats: PACE: #6 97.3 OFFENSE: #12 105.5 DEFENSE: #26 107.6 In the first season after the end of the “Nellieball” era in Golden State, the Warriors gave the keys to Keith Smart and the primary objective of the organization last season was pretty clear: improve the defense. Indeed they improved on the defensive end: from the second worst to the fifth worst defense... Read more

PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS Advanced Stats: PACE: #30 90.6 OFFENSE: #10 105.6 DEFENSE: #14 104.2 With a good dose of health, the Portland Trailblazers would have been the “original” Oklahoma City Thunder: a contending team built almost exclusively via the draft. Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marcel Webster and Travis Outlaw were all drafted by the Blazers and if everything went right, they would... Read more

SACRAMENTO KINGS Advanced Stats: PACE: #3 98.0 OFFENSE: #26 100.6 DEFENSE: #20 106.3 After being one of the powerhouse teams in the early 2000’s, the Kings have been one of the most consistently bad teams in the league over the last years. For the third consecutive season, they failed to reach the 30-wins mark and that’s a good testament of how bad the Kings have been. After winning... Read more

DALLAS MAVERICKS Advanced Stats: PACE #20 93.1 OFF #8 107.6 DEF #7 102.3 Dallas did exactly what people expected from them in the regular season: be one of the top seeds in the Western conference. They were one of the most fundamentally sound teams in the league, even though Dirk Nowitzki got injured and missed some games that resulted in six losses in a row. Without this injury, Dallas would have most... Read more

WASHINGTON WIZARDS Advanced Stats: PACE: #9 96.5 OFFENSE: #28 99.6 DEFENSE: #23 107.2 After being a veteran team that was a contender in the East, the Wizards are now in the middle of a rebuilding process to get younger and to improve via the draft. They got the jackpot with John Wall last season, but this is really still a growing pain process. For all the proposes... Read more

NEW YORK KNICKS Advanced Stats: PACE: #4 97.8 OFFENSE: #5 108.3 DEFENSE: #21 106.9 Time has changed and unlike in the previous seasons, the Knicks have now serious aspirations to reach the finals and hang around with the other powerhouse teams. It was a long term plan that former GM Donnie Walsh started a couple of seasons ago by cleaning up and dumping the big bad contracts and this was the best... Read more

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS Advanced Stats: PACE: #26 92.0 OFFENSE: #25 100.8 DEFENSE: #16 104.8 After going to the playoffs in the previous season while compiling a respectable record of 44-38, the Bobcats couldn’t fill the good expectations for the following season and the final outcome was 10 more losses than they had suffered in the year before. Their expectations were legitimate, as they maintained the same... Read more

UTAH JAZZ Advanced Stats: PACE: #17 93.8 OFFENSE: #14 104.9 DEFENSE: #24 107.3 A couple of years ago who would say that right now Larry Miller wouldn’t be the team’s owner, Jerry Sloan wouldn’t be the coach and Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer weren’t on the roster anymore?! That says a lot on how fast the Utah Jazz changed their organization. Last season, the Jazz started with a 27-13 record midway... Read more

MILWAUKEE BUCKS Advanced Stats: PACE: #25 92.1 OFFENSE: #30 99.0 DEFENSE: #4 99.9 The Bucks were arguably the most disappointing team of last season and by a far margin! Milwaukee was coming from a surprising 46-36 regular season record in the previous season and a hard grueling 7-game playoffs series against the Hawks. They would have a healthy Andrew Bogut from the start and they were even aggressive... Read more

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