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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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NBA Saturday 03-13...NBA, When weird stuff happens!!!


American MM (+23.64 units)
European MM (+19.66 units)

            European    American
Week 1    -6.28        -8.30
Week 2    -6.82        -7.70
Week 3    -14.61       -16.74
Week 4     1.02         0.60
Week 5     21.15       22.40
Week 6     12.58       13.55
Week 7   -30.25       -32.80
Week 8    -1.88        -2.28
Week 9     19.41       21.30
Week 10    9.47        8.98
Week 11    19.15      20.82
Week 12    10.45      11.48
Week 13    -33.89     -37.30
Week 14    15.48      16.10
Week 15     4.67        5.20
Week 16    4.03        4.40
Week 17    -13.81    -15.15
Week 18    2.22        2.40
Week 19   10.98      12.00
Week 20    0.57       0.70

Yesterday recap:

3 units on Over CLE/PHI 198   LOSS

3 units on DENVER -5   WIN

3 units on BOSTON -9   WIN

3 units on Under CHI/MIA 190.5   LOSS

3 units on Over NJN/OKC 193.5   WIN

Daily Message:

We are coming from a profitable day but once again I feel that we could have a better night. It looks like we are present in every weird game in the NBA…but obviously on the wrong side. Last night, the Cavs and the Sixers combined to score 70 points in the first quarter and then 77 points…in the entire second half! However the weirdest stuff happened in the Bulls/Heat game. By looking to the final score you can say that the Under 190.5 points play was never “in reach” but just look to this:

With 4:43 to go in the final quarter the score was 90-77 for Miami (167 points) - We have a good chance to win the Under or at least it will be tight race for both ways. Then:

4:43   Brad Miller flagrant foul type 1 (Dwyane Wade draws the foul)
4:43   Kirk Hinrich technical foul (1st technical foul)
4:43   Brad Miller technical foul (1st technical foul)
4:43   Kirk Hinrich technical foul (2nd technical foul)

Miami will have 5 free throws in the same ball possession!!! Kirk Hinrich was obviously ejected and in his place:

4:43   Jannero Pargo enters the game for Kirk Hinrich

What happened next? Well…

4:16   Jannero Pargo makes 25-foot three point jumper
3:48   Jannero Pargo makes 25-foot three point jumper
2:14   Jannero Pargo makes two point shot
1:47   Jannero Pargo makes driving layup
1:12   Jannero Pargo makes 17-foot jumper

Jannero Parko who supposedly was done for the game comes in to replace Hinrich and scores 12 points in 4 minutes! LOL

I also want to share one game that happened this season and thank god we didn’t have a play in that game. The game was between the Cavaliers and the Wolves. The lines were Cavs by 13 and 201 points.

With 19 seconds to go the score was 105-95 for the Cavs with the Cavaliers having the ball so the game is over right? (Right now the Wolves would have covered the spread and the Under was a winner play).

Answer: No! The Wolves committed 2 fouls that sent the Cavs to the FT line. After all the Wolves’ players thought that with 19 seconds to go and trailing by 10 in CLEVELAND they still had chances to win the contest…LOL

0:14   Ramon Sessions personal foul (Jamario Moon draws the foul)
0:11   Al Jefferson personal foul (Zydrunas Ilgauskas draws the foul)

Well, Ilgauskas converted both free throws and the score was 107-95 for the Cavaliers with 11 seconds to go. Unfortunately Kevin Love committed a turnover in the inbound play and so the Cavaliers had the ball back. With 9 seconds left, trailing by 12 points and with the Cavaliers having the ball, the game is now over right? Wait….the Wolves are still covering the 13-points spread!!! So what you do?

0:09   Kevin Love personal foul (Jawad Williams draws the foul) 
0:09  95-108  Jawad Williams makes free throw 1 of 2
0:09  95-109  Jawad Williams makes free throw 2 of 2

Finally with the Cavaliers winning by 14 points and covering the spread, the game can now come to an end and that was it. If you took the Cavaliers -13 in that game we can consider yourself a lucky guy, in my case it was another case of “NBA, when weird stuff happens”.

Injury report for today:

- Clippers Eric Gordon is still doubtful for tonight;
- Guard Ty Lawson is doubtful for tonight;
- Ronny Turiaf is also doubtful for tonight;

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