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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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NBA Daily Message Xmas Card + Free Premium Play


NBA results:

NBA 2006-07: +94.62 units
NBA 2007-08: +144.07 units
NBA 2008-09: +22.77 units
NBA 2009-10: +98.36 units

NBA 2010/11 SEASON RECORD:  (+26.90 units)

NBA Yesterday’s recap:

3 units on OVER SAS/ORL 198  WIN

5 units on MILWAUKEE (-2)   WIN

Daily Message:

We swept the board last Thursday and our first Triple Dime Play of the season was a winning play. Today is a “special day” featured by some HUGE NBA games all day long. I’ve already released a top play – Double Dime Play in the most exciting game of the regular season so far: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers! I’m working on the rest of the card right now so we might have more plays for today. I remember that right now, we are +26.90 units for the season! Finally, I’ve decided to create a Full Access Daily Card, in which it will have all my plays for today and individual packages for every game that I’ll have a play except for the Free Play obviously, good luck.




NBA - 701 Chicago Bulls @ 702 New York Knicks


Projected line: 209 points

I’m taking the Over in this contest for several reasons, as according to my lines we should have dealing with a 208/209 points line, so we have the proper edge to make a Single Dime Play.

The matchup between these two teams features multiple positional mismatches that ultimately will favor the offensive players.

The New York Knicks is coming from a solid home win against the Oklahoma City Thunder that snapped a 3-game losing streak. After a tough span in which they played 3 games in 4 days and lost all the 3 games, they had time to rest and showed a terrific offensive showing against the Thunder by scoring 112 points while shooting 48.8% from the field, 10-21 3pts, scoring 52 points in the paint and more importantly dishing out 30 assists – for an impressive 71.43% a/rate%!

Into now the matchups on the Knicks offensive side…

Even though the Chicago Bulls are right now ranked as the #3 best defensive team in the league note that they are far from being an elite team defending the paint:

NBA Team Defensive Efficiency
1 Boston 0.970
2 Miami 0.974
3 Chicago 0.977
4 Milwaukee 0.992

NBA Team Opponent Points in Paint per Game
1 Orlando 34.8
2 Boston 35.1
3 Indiana   35.9
15 Chicago 39.6

I remember that Joakim Noah is out, so I expect the Bulls to have some problems today down low. Yes, they were terrific in shutting down both the 76ers and the Wizards in the last 2 games, but we are talking about two teams that are in the bottom 10 in this offensive stat. In fact, the last time the Bulls faced a dominant frontcourt player (which by the way is a rookie called Blake Griffin) they were completely dominated by him: 10-18 FG, 8-12 FT, 29 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists!

Plus, the Bulls is having some problems to stop the pick n roll plays and Noah's absence is likely to be felt in this game because of his ability to step out and defend against New York's bread-and-butter play.

Simply put, Carlos Boozer can’t defend this play against Stoudemire! Last season against the Jazz, Stoudemire averaged 27.5ppg while shooting 61.4% from the field! Put Kurt Thomas in front of Stat and he will drive to the rim every time just to explore his superior speed and explosiveness, so in my opinion the Knicks have a tremendous mismatch in here. The only way for the Bulls to slow him down is to send double team on him - this will open the floor and the Knicks are pretty damn good in the inside-outside game.

On the other end, the Bulls have a tremendous matchup advantage with…Carlos Boozer!

One of the biggest reasons for the recent Knicks improvement was the D’Antoni decision in playing small ball with Stoudemire along with 4 perimeter players (Felton, Chandler, Gallinari and Fields).

Offensively the team is really efficient, but on the defensive end they are flat terrible: They are the 3rd worst team in the league in allowing points in the paint with 47.2ppg!

I don’t think that Boozer will be guarded by Stoudemire today just because of the danger of foul trouble, so we will see either Fields or Gallo guarding him… and good luck for them! Boozer is just coming from his best game of the season against the Wizards: 11-18 FG for 30 points!

Even when the Knicks faced slow paced teams like the Celtics or the Heat, those games were basically run and gun games and for today I don’t expect anything else. In fact, I’m counting with the Bulls using a small lineup with Boozer as center and Deng as PF.

The last time these two teams met, the Knicks won the game in a shootout 120-114. I can guarantee that the Knicks won’t hit today 16-24 behind the arc, but I can also guarantee that Amare Stoudemire won’t finish the game w/5-21 FG and 14 points like he finished in that game! Plus, Carlos Boozer didn’t play that game and Noah was on the court – the Knicks scored only 36 points in the paint.

Take the Over in here as my Single Dime Play.

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on 701/702 Over 205.5 @ -110 / 1.91 on Bookmaker
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