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$995 Gets You $2,250!

OVER 126% Bonus Spend How You Want!

From Bulk Dollars

RARE to get more than 100% Bonus! Over 126% more Buying Power! For $995 get your choice of a Best Bet EVERY DAY through the World Series! Or save them for football (football subscriptions coming soon!). Purchase this package and you'll get $2250 Bulk Dollars to spend any way you want whenever you want for only $995 (excluding Dollar-a-Day and Flex memberships)! After purchase, your $2250 dollars becomes available within minutes, and they NEVER expire. Your Bulk Dollars spend just like cash - waiting in your shopping cart to be applied to any and all future purchases. Buy Bulk Dollars, and never pay full price again!

$2,250 $995.00

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