Saturday (May 3, 2014) was the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The race was broadcast by NBC with a post time of 6:24 PM ET, with official Kentucky Derby results and payouts announced soon after. #4 California Chrome comes in 1st by beating out to capture #17 Commanding Curve the Derby and pays out $7.00 for every $2.00 wagered.

2014 Kentucky Derby Results:

5 California Chrome $7.00 $5.60 $4.20
17 Commanding Curve $31.80 $15.40
4 Danza $6.00

Also Ran:

  • 1 - Vicar's In Trouble, 
  • 2 - Harry's Holiday, 
  • 3 - Uncle Sigh, 
  • 6 - Samraat, 
  • 7 - We Miss Artie, 
  • 8 - General A Rod, 
  • 9 - Vinceremos, 
  • 10 - Wildcat Red, 
  • 12 - Dance With Fate, 
  • 13 - Chitu, 
  • 14 - Medal Count, 
  • 15 - Tapiture, 
  • 16 - Intense Holiday 
  • 18 - Candy Boy 
  • 19 - Ride On Curlin 
  • 20 - Wicked Strong
$1 Double 1/5 $4.50
$1 E5 5/17/4/20/6 $149,764.70
$2 Exacta 5/17 $340.00
$1 Pick-3 9/1/5 $90.30
$1 Pick-4 5/9/1/5,11,21 $788.90
$1 Pick-5 8/5/9/1/5,11,21 $1,389.90
$2 Pick-6 2/8/5/9/1/5,11,21 $22,296.40
$2 Pick-6 2/8/5/9/1/5,11,21 $189.60
$1 Superfecta 5/17/4/20 $7,691.90
$1 Trifecta 5/17/4 $1,712.30


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Many causal horse betters do not understand exactly how to read racing results. Basic information includes "win odds" for each horse. Typically payouts are quoted for every $2 bet. Even seconds before the race the payouts our estimates - official results that are actually paid out are only available once the race is complete. Payoffs are rounded down to the nearest dime or nickle (depending on the track). Rounding is called "breakage" - and is an advanced horse racing results topic.

To determine the precise win odds on a horse, you will require figures beyond those provided by the toteboard - specially, total win pool and amount bet on each horse. Before payout, the track takes it's "take" - typically 15%-20%. So, exact odds are calculated by subtracting the take from the pool minus amount bet horse in question divided by the amount bet by the player. (rounded off to the nearest dime or nickel).

Kentucky Derby Records:

Winning Jockey: Both Eddie Arcaro and Bill Hartack have recorded five wins each. For Arcaro you need to travel back to 1938 (final win was in 1952) for his first of five wins and for Hartack back to 1957 (final win was in 1969).

Winning Trainer: Ben A Jones worked together with jockey Eddie Arcaro spanning from 1938 to 1952 and collected a total of six wins at the Kentucky Derby.

Winning Owner: Over a course of 27 years, Calumet Farm had a total of eight Derby wins (1941, 1944, 1948, 1949, 1952, 1957, 1958).

Winning Length: There is a tie between two horses from the 1940s, Whirlaway and Assault. Both captured the Kentucky Derby with a margin of eight lengths (1941 for Whirlaway and 1946 for Assault).

Winning Time: Probably one of the most famous horses in history, Secretariat, is the holder of this record. In 1973 he ran the Derby in 1:59:40 and is the only horse to ever run the 11/4 mile race in under two minutes.

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