Match Marco 2014: MLB -120 or less ($10,000)


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1 braustin1 21818915359.00 Live Picks
2 PickNinja 43347835237.00 Live Picks
3 tidalboy 254226134783.00 Archive Picks
4 Nickmoney12 905723477.00 Archive Picks
5 capperintuition 997123187.00 Live Picks
6 bobpm121 38235793055.00 Live Picks
7 SOUR 20418972539.00 Live Picks
8 qdantzler 694122537.00 Live Picks
9 csl1515 220221152535.00 Archive Picks
10 timmygsu848 56259982334.00 Live Picks
11 johnnywizard 21820652322.00 Live Picks
12 easycash 1069802239.00 Live Picks
13 gtinlaughlin 19817442211.00 Live Picks
14 hrwbell 23322832169.00 Live Picks
15 CarsonK 23325822085.00 Live Picks
16 KingP 19718282064.00 Live Picks
17 mason62 19416961928.00 Live Picks
18 Kaka123 241232111890.00 Live Picks
19 CASEYWARD420 320308141863.00 Live Picks
20 hotlanta25 745861791.00 Live Picks
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Match Marco 2014: MLB -120 or less ($10,000)

Participation Type: OPEN Entry Cutoff Date: 9/29/2014
Type of Picks: All Contest Has Stages? False
Lines Type: LIVE Stage Type:
Stage Time Period: Max Picks Per Stage: 0
Winning Criteria: Profit Max Picks Per Contest: 0
Start Date: 3/30/2014 Min Picks Per Stage 0
Entry Begins: 3/27/2014 Min Picks Per Contest: 162
End Date: 11/3/2014 Max Picks Per Day: 0
Min Picks Per Day: 0 Tie Break Start Date:
Tie Break End Date: 11/3/2014 Total Pick Elimination #:
Total Stage Elimination #: Total Race to Win #: 0
Prize 1: Prize 2:
Prize 3: Prize 4:
Sponsor: Sport Type: MLB
  • Get both sides at + money and guarantee profit.  Contest only lets you choose one side.

  • What do you mean Scalp?

  • Damn you guys disabled the ability to scalp for this contest, wise decision. :)

  • Just ran off 10 in a row, I wish there was a way to keep track, Anyone have that beat?

  • Well at least I'm not last, damnit.

  • Can the current longest streaks get posted?  Obviously there are a lot of us that are not vying for the net profit part of the contest any longer.  

  • Best strategy to this contest unfortunately; Is to just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks. If it was best win % I would have a chance. I'm not one for picking all the underdogs across the board every day, and/or just picking a lot of totals. Oh, well it's fun anyway. Remember to keep it QuaLity>Quantity in the real.

  • I agree.  They should post both the longest overall streak and the longest current streak.  How hard is that?  I think my longest was 8.

  • Do ties count against your streak?

  • Why dont we post are longest streak here to let people know. Obviously mine cant be the longest. Think it was 6 or so.

    What was yours so far?

  • I cant break the top 10. However my buddy Leon, the "Reticulator" is nearly there at 11th place and my sorry ass at 19th. Make it up one day to 12 and then always come back higher. Need some strong games guys. Whats the perfect play today!!

    GL to all!!

  • Miggy

    When you go to "Make Picks" on top of every page where the tabs are. Once you select that it will take you to the board and you pick MLB. Then pick your game. The next screen will leave you a contest box that will say Marcos -120 or less contest. You select the box and continue inputting your bet until complete. You will go through 3 screens.

  • How can we find who is on the current longest streak and what the longest streak to beat is currently in the season/contest? Yes we can go through players at the top 50 or so, but that would take forever. Has to be an easier way to find who is on a streak or whom had the longest streak.

    Thank you,


  • Where do you make your picks???  My on the record picks for today Friday April 25th are (1) Philadelphia +128

    (2)  Miami +110  (3)  ST Louis Cardinals -120.

    I have placed wagers overseas just know and these are exact lines I received.  Please advise where to place wagers if this is not the place.  Thanks.

  • Does it show anywhere the current longest streak?