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Ken Thomson
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Ken Thomson Win Streaks

updated: March 30 at 11:35 AM PT


It was great seeing a lot of you at the Westgate Super Week Seminar Friday night, as I enjoyed moderating a solid CFB panel.  I enjoyed throwing questions to our four panelists, Dave Cokin of, Bruce Marshall from the Gold Sheet, Chris Fallica from ESPN Gameday & my boy Joe Lisi ( GOFORTHE2 ).  Outside of Chris, who has produced ESPN Gameday the past 20 years, I am good friends with the other three and all have their own styles.  I also have been talking to a lot of Big time people over the last two months in the College Football insight in CFB is strong...the NFL is a sport I usually roll stronger on after a week or two in to the season...By September 2nd you should be getting an average of 5 CFB plays a week ....If you listen to my show - SPORTSXRADIO on the YAHOO! SPORTS RADIO NETWORK you know how much I love CFB & the NFL.  I continue to do my homework and soak up info from top guests that I have known for years.  Looking forward to Big Seasons!!

........You can catch my CBB segment with "The Edge" host Matt Schick on ESPNU, Saturday mornings between 11:30 - 11:45 AM ET. Don't forget to tune into Radio Show on www.yahoosportsradio/listen Show airs Monday through Friday from 7-10 PM PT.  Busy working on lots of things with Yahoo! Sports Radio...Great Show Tonight!.....covering everything from NBA & NHL PLAY-OFFS to baseball....UFC......NFL.. WWW.SPORTSXRADIO.COM 

Last CBB Season I Finished up College Hoops ( 8-1-2 ) last eleven games ( 29-13-2 ) my last 44 CBB plays.and ( 76-47-2 ) my last 125 CBB plays! Radio Show now on YAHOO! SPORTS RADIO Monday-Friday from 7-10 PM Pacific Time
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Bama man
Wed, Aug 26 2015
2:11 PM
i love Auburn to smack Louisville. They should win big in the opener. I'm all over that one and I'll play the Utes to give Michigan all they want.
Bama man
Wed, Aug 26 2015
2:06 PM
I agree Kentucky is a sleeper in the east. They've also got a pretty good qb. The big game in the west is Auburn at Arkansas. Lot of folks picking the Razorbacks there. Bama is good on D not sure about the qb yet. It's between those 3 in the west though.
Ken Thomson
Thu, Aug 6 2015
9:21 AM
Right on Bama Man- I will see if I can get Eli Gold on the show next week
Bama man
Mon, Jul 13 2015
11:48 PM
I don't know if you've met Eli Gold but I'm sure he would love to talk to you about Snake. He may have a few good stories. I'm guessing you know Eli. Just a suggestion. I know you're plenty busy.
Bama man
Mon, Jul 13 2015
11:33 PM
its good to know how much you respected Kenny Stabler. Great interviews and I'm sure his family would love to hear if they haven't. Kenny was a natural athlete and a genuine good guy. Foley High School and the Bama nation will never forget him either. He loved Alabama football. God bless you Ken.

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Thu, 09/03/15 - 8:30 PM Ken Thomson | CFB Side
free pick 140 Utah -5.5 (-110) Westgate vs 139 Michigan
Analysis: I know Harbaugh will turn the Wolverines around..  I think Kyle Whittingham is one of the best coaches in CFB that no one outside of Utah talks about.  Best special teams in the country.  Two adequate QB's that have experience to make big plays in Wilson & Thompson..  Great returning RB in Devontae Booker.  One of best pass rushers in nation in Hunter Dimick.  Altitude won't even need to be a factor but it will be.  Utes rolled last year at Big House 26-10.  I see more of the same.  Utah 30-17
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