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Ken Thomson
  • 25 Years Announcing Sports
  • Announced for Multiple Colleges - Connections at Over 50!
  • Won Record 14 Straight in Las Vegas Review Journal
Ken Thomson Signature

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Ken Thomson Win Streaks

  • ( 27-17 ) 2014 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYS
  • ( 4-2 ) LAST SIX CBB PLAYS
updated: November 23 at 7:20 AM PT

Biggest Week of Big Games!!

Holiday Week with plenty of CBB and Football action!  We will make Good $$ in CBB this season!! at ( 27-17 ) CFB 2014.  Going to stick with CFB as I prepare for CBB Season which has been my bread & Butter the last two years with plus 81 UNITS on CBB last two years!  West Va. first win against a ranked team in last 17 games when they beat up a less than physical UConn team...Kentucky was an easy Free Play win at minus ( 37 1/2 ) rolling by 58 points.  Continuing a lot of scouting in CBB with wall to wall games over the Holidays....I will be off from the radio show several more days during Holiday season so I will be attending several CBB events here in Vegas!   Thank you to all who have bought season long package and those of you who bought individual will continue to get my best effort...I won't win them all but my goal is 60% and if I can hit that we all make good $$.  

  Don't forget to tune into Radio Show on www.yahoosportsradio/listen Show airs Monday through Friday from 7-10 PM PT.  Busy working on lots of things with Yahoo! Sports Radio...Great Show Tonight!.....covering everything from NBA & NHL PLAY-OFFS to baseball....UFC......NFL.....Major Emphasis all week long on the NFL Draft... WWW.SPORTSXRADIO.COM has FREE PLAYS UP everyday- I will start handicapping games again for College & NFL Football as well as College Hoops

Finished up College Hoops ( 8-1-2 ) last eleven games ( 29-13-2 ) my last 44 CBB plays.and ( 76-47-2 ) my last 125 CBB plays! Radio Show now on YAHOO! SPORTS RADIO Monday-Friday from 7-10 PM Pacific Time
 ......Listen to radio show out west on AM 720 KDWN LAS VEGAS & ALL SHOWS ARE ARCHIVED and there is a "listen live " link on homepage
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Mon, Nov 24 2014
2:28 PM
Oh to lose by 1....
Sun, Nov 23 2014
7:01 AM
Ken, After reading your brief biography below, I wanted to say I admire you for putting God first in your motto. Brothers in Christ.
Thu, Nov 20 2014
10:11 PM
Mel Blount already forgot. Onward to a profitabe weekend.
Ken Thomson
Thu, Nov 20 2014
6:24 AM
Sorry guys, the line kept going up in a hurry....was preparing for my nightly show...when it hit 5 points we took it was a tough loss...I will be putting up more plays in multiple packs at a discount to help recoup losses...I too lost 3-units on the play-
Wed, Nov 19 2014
9:22 AM
You should get a refund for that

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