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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 9-2 GOY All Sports -80% - L/GOY= Winner
  • Free Play Run 19-12-- (61%) L/31
  • NHL 2014 Undefeated +4.46 Units
  • (Dirty-Dog) Plays = 3-0 !!
  • NBA Playoffs 2014 - 20-6 (77%)
updated: November 20 at 7:14 PM PT

CFB - "Total Of The Month" / 14-4 Run / +14.3 Units

We fall flat on our face last night with WV...We will bounce back tonight. Not a terrible loss only having it a one star. We go large tonight with a 3*** "Total Of The Month"..This game should be well in hand here and we cash this one with ease.

Thus - W.V. -2.5 = Loss                -1.1 Unit
Wed - Toledo -6.5 = WINNER       + 1 Unit
Tue - Ohio/No.Ill  = WINNER       + 1 Unit
MNF - Pit/Ten OV = WINNER       + 1 Unit
SUN - NFC GOY   = WINNER        +3 Units
Sat - AzSt/Ore St  = WINNER       + 2 Units
Fri - Tulsa +21 = Loss                  - 3.3 Unit
Thr - Cal Bears    = WINNER        + 1 Unit
Wed - UM/Ball = Loss                   -1.1 Unit
Tue -   Toledo +5   = WINNER      +1 Unit
Mon - Phil Eagles = WINNER       + 1 Unit
Sun - GB Packers = WINNER       + 3 Units
Sat - Oregon GOY = WINNER       + 3 Units

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Fri, Nov 21 2014
7:01 AM

Def LSU....We end up positive Units for the 3rd week in a row after Sunday is all said and done.

Fri, Nov 21 2014
6:38 AM
It happens from time to time. Big bounce back weekend ahead. Keep it up.
Thu, Nov 20 2014
8:10 PM
WV came up short tonight. Way to many mistakes and they had no answer for the KState passing game..On to tomorrow..We bounce back big with the 3***
Thu, Nov 20 2014
2:34 PM

Thanks Superman..Lets make it happen tonight bud.!!

Thu, Nov 20 2014
2:22 PM
Still sticking with you bro, you've been money 85% of the time. Not too shabby!! Thanks for actually doing your homework! Let's make it 15-3 tonight!

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Sun, 11/23/14 - 1:00 PM sleepyj | NFL Side
free pick 258 MIN 11.0 (-135) 5Dimes vs 257 GBP
Analysis: I like this line here at 5 dimes...This is a let down spot spot here with GB after a couple big wins. Jump on the road against a division dog in Minn. Minn off a loss..Give me the point here.. Minn will hang around and shock all the packer backers..i would be happy with 8.5 and this number went on the rise from the jump. I think the sharp money and public money came in on GB. I think the number +10 and above has value.
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Sat, 11/22/14 - 3:30 PM sleepyj | CFB Side
free pick 153 Boston College 20.0 (-110) SportsInterAction vs 154 Florida St.
Analysis: BC is a perfect 3-0 this year winning SU off a loss. They hold the nations #12 running offense behind QB Murphy. They also have the nations 23rd ranked defense. I expec BC to run the ball much like they did Vs an aggresive USC front. FSU has the nations 34th ranked defense. Maybe two different clubs but you can't ignore BC having a slightly better ranking on defense. FSU actually has been struggling to run the ball and has relied on the pass. Getting one dimensional in a ACC gam ecan also cause a few snags. FSU has had a few close games this year and with a look ahead Vs. in state rival Florida Gators i like this spot for BC. They would like nothing more than to knock off the Noles. I expect them to keep FSU on the ropes a few times here. This nimber was just high. I think this drops to -18. I can see FSU winning this in the 16-12 point range.
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Add to CartCFB - "Total Of The Month" !!
14-4 Premium Run / +14.3 Units
I ripped this game apart and the situations and stats line up for a big winner tonight. Jump on this one before the number moves on us. We have been red hot in football and i don't expect that to slow down tonight. We roll right into the weekend and we will take it to the books tonight !!..Let's Go !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartCFB - **4TD** "Blowout Special" !!
$6.00 (for Saturday)
"Game Of The Week' !!
This one looks like a blowout!..The line is wrong and we can gather extreme value if you get on board ASAP. I had this one eyed up as the matchups just favor our selection tonight. Situation is also a big help here as one team is being disrespected as well. We have a long list of positives Vs, a long list on negatives for the opposition. Jump on this one. The books will not like this wager when we drop it on em..Let's go !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNFL - SUNDAY / 3*** BLAST
$6.00 (for Sunday)
"Red Hot Bomb" NFL 4-0 Run !!
We drop the hammer with this one!...This play rated in very strong and a double digit cover. We have far to many situations and matchups to ignore this selection. Jump on board with this one. Plain and simple we take care of business with this 3** BLAST! We will open up the bookmakers again with another NFL Sunday Bomb !!..BOOM!!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
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11/20 CBB Total 146.5
11/20 CFB Side -2.0
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11/19 CFB Total 49.5
11/18 CFB Total 48.5
11/18 NHL Total 5.5
11/17 NFL Total 45.5
11/16 NFL Side -4.0
11/16 NFL Total 58.0
11/15 CFB Side -28.0
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