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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 27-15 (62%) GOY All Sports
  • MLB Combined Run / 24-12
  • NHL 2016 / 3-0
  • NBA ML / 5-1 Run (+10.65) Units !!
  • NBA Sides / 14-8 Run (+15.60) Units
updated: October 27 at 8:34 AM PT

CFB 2** / "Friday Night Bomb" !!!

We got a easy blowout winner last night in CFB with VT/Pitt OVER...We get another CFB winner tonight..

NBA Package for today (Friday)  is up 3*** "MEGA BOMB" !!!

 CFB IS IN FULL SWING !!!!!......Those of you that have been on board in the past know we drop our CFB & NFL plays very early...Please be sure to look very early in the week...Beating the line moves in football is crucial...We won't change that and that has been a big key to our success..Last year we did good things in CFB and I look to do even better this year...For the newcomers..Welcome..Trust I will be handicapping and providing you with the best information possible...I wish you all the best of luck this year and thank you in advance for jumping on board and supporting me.

MLB Season is almost at the end...I'm on a great run right now in MLB...24-12 my last 36 plays at (65%).....It's been a very quiet run, but those that have been on board have been in touch daily...Free or Premium, we are knocking the man out in MLB right now..Playoffs are usually my strongest time in every sport, so I'm not surprised..I'll keep grinding until the World Series is over.

  NBA SEASON IS HERE !!!!!. Thanks to all those that jumped on for the positive season we had last year.....One of my best NBA seasons here at Pregame...I'm looking at having another great year with even more profits.....Keep an eye out daily for NBA plays...You guys know I do the work in baskets and we go on some killer runs..Nothing will change with that again this year...We will stack up some units for sure...I'm always locked into NBA & CBB.

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Fri, Oct 28 2016
5:22 AM
Morning sleepy your probably still crunching stats just wanted to stop by and say again great job you seem like you're in a RUN again ok kick ass this weekend and GET $$$$$$
Fri, Oct 28 2016
3:10 AM
nice job on piits over, game over by the 3rd qtr sweeeeeeeeeeet, GREAT PIC.
Thu, Oct 27 2016
7:07 PM
Keep them coming Nice call on the wash/Atl Over GETS$$$ Your on a roll,,,
Thu, Oct 27 2016
7:00 PM

[quote user="pro212"]Excellent call on The over Hits with the whole 4th Quarter to go GETS$$$$$

[/quote]Thanks Pro glad we got a winner tonight..BOL tomorrow my man.

Thu, Oct 27 2016
6:52 PM
Excellent call on The over Hits with the whole 4th Quarter to go GETS$$$$$

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Sat, 10/29/16 - 12:00 PM sleepyj | CFB Side
free pick 140 Purdue 11.5 (-110) Pinnacle vs 139 Penn St.
First off Penn St might be hung over like Johnny Manziel after New Year's.....PSU beating Ohio St in dramatic fashion was sweet....Now the Lions make the top 25....It's a trend that is very well known...Teams that crack the top 25 after a big key win struggle the next week...Expectations + letdown hangover....Not to mention Purdue now comes home after back to back losses....Purdue actually played very well last week in Nebraska....Cornhuskers trailed for a large part of that game and the Purdue defense actually played very well....Penn St now has to travel which won't help them on top of it...Purdue now has a chance to play a top 25 team two weeks in a row...Upset is possible, but the Boilermakers at home might be the way to go here....Purdue has faced, Iowa, Cinn & Nebraska...some pretty good tests along the way...PSU has had some very tough defensive games.i worry they are flat as a pancake in this one.
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Fri, 10/28/16 - 8:05 PM sleepyj | MLB Total
free pick 902 CHC / 901 CLE Under 8 Pinnacle
Analysis: Not feeling this one tonight going over the total...Cubs have struggled with taking days off and they get another gap in the schedule once again..Perhaps the bats come out cold after a day off..Also the cold weather tonight in Chicago, might help the flight of the ball staying in the park as well...Hendricks has been very good and the pressure here for both teams might mount, but the Indians might be the team who struggles most...Neither team knows these pitchers and that a big help for the under...Not sold that Scwarber now in PH roll can add the offense to keep the Cubs bats on the up and up....Something stinks about this game and I won't be shocked if this one turns out to be a very entertaining game, but a very low scoring pitchers duel...Under is the call.
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Add to CartCFB 2** / "Friday Night Bomb" !!!
Fresh Off 3* - WINNER
Nice card for us tonight to work with.....Stat wise we have a ton of things we can use that are night and day apart...I used the best stuff for this wager tonight..Pick it up and you will see..Missed a 3*** by a few ticks, but this one looks very, very STRONG !!...."We Roll" !!!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNBA 3*** / "MEGA BOMB" !!!
Line Is 100% Wrong / 6.5pts Off !!
Well we turned it around in the NBA splitting our plays last night....We should have no issue hammering home a big 3*** winner tonight...I broke this game down and everything says this line is very wrong...6.5pts wrong...I'm dropping a bomb on the man tonight heading into the weekend...We will go on a run guys with NBA...Watch Me !!!....."Bang-Bang" !!!
Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
Add to CartCFB 3*** / "Game Of The Week" !!!
$6.00 (for Saturday)
+ (3) CFB Bonus Plays / Go 4-0 !!!
I feel like I'm in a groove right now with everything...Usually that means jump on board...I really like the CFB card today as the wagers have piled up....You get the CFB 3*** GOW & (3) Bonus plays....We make profits today !!!...."See You At The Window" !!!!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
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10/27 NBA Total 204.0
10/27 NBA Total 203.0
10/26 NBA Sides 2.5
10/25 NHL ML -145 W
10/25 NBA Total 193.5
10/25 NBA Total 213.0
10/25 NBA Sides 9.5
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