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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 19-6 GOY All Sports (76%)
  • NFL 3*** Premium 6-2 Run
  • NBA Free Play (8-4)
  • NBA Reg Season YTD (3-2) +3.60 Units
  • 3*** Premium Run (16-6)
updated: November 24 at 9:54 PM PT

NBA 3*** / "Wednesday Bomb" - GOW

We swept the board last night and we go 3-0..Tonight we hit the man again with a big 3*** winner..No reason to hold back now..Tonight we roll !!

If you have followed my plays for football, you know to get with me early...My plays go up early to beat the line moves..Beating the line moves in NFL and CFB are crucial..It will make or break your season success.

 MLB YTD / +8.33 Units

NBA Free Play Run (8-4)

NBA season is here !!!!..Be on the lookout for daily free plays on my propage and in the forums. NBA has been one of my strongest sports. I volume wager, becuase i feel more comfortable with it in NBA. I will offer premium plays as well..Last year we did very good in the reason we don't hammer the books this year.

College Basketball is back !!.

NHL Hockey is here !!...Keep any eye out for my NHL releases..last year we finished in the black again...I release only 2 or 3 *** wagers in the NHL...I will be posting free plays as well...Best of luck this NHL season !!
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Wed, Nov 25 2015
12:51 PM
Wow niu sucked at home u called it congrads
Wed, Nov 25 2015
11:46 AM

MNF GOY is up !!

Wed, Nov 25 2015
8:50 AM

Thanks guys, much appreciated...Today's NBA 3*** selection is up !!

Wed, Nov 25 2015
7:28 AM
Great MAC selection OHIO never in doubt. Lets hit another.
Wed, Nov 25 2015
6:29 AM
Great call on the under clev st game thank you love the toledo play !

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Wed, 11/25/15 - 11:30 PM sleepyj | CBB Sides
free pick 782 Toledo -15.5 (-110) vs 781 San Jose St.
Analysis: This is an absolute mismatch here in this game..To be very clear my line on this game was -25.5....That line is well off from the opening line as we can see..My numbers have been rather good this year to start off..So i feel very strong about this game..Without being redundant with this write-up with San Jose St, i will keep it to a minimum here...This Spartans teams is horrible and that's being nice..i could go on a long rant of just how bad this team really is..We have so many stats and teams to average them against..When a team shows up in about 30/40 different stat categories at bottom 80% , you know it's bad..Well i won't go through specifics in what the Spartans are bad at..It would be easier to say what they are good at being the list is short..They are good at decreasing the amount of minutes the starters from the other team has to play..Toledo will win the rebounds, assists, free throws, fouls, turnovers, steals, blocks, 3pt % and about 15 other useful stats here.,,San Jose may get overlooked and Toledo may rest the starters after the game is well in hand creating a backdoor for the Spartans..If Toledo goes a full game here and they just play Toledo basketball and the bench does it's part..I can see a very ugly outcome here..If you put money on San Jose St this year, just be careful and find the right spots and correct line value...This is not one of them IMO.
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Add to CartNBA 3*** / "Wednesday Bomb" !!
NBA / "Game Of The Week" !!
NBA has been solid as we are +3.60 Units on the year..Tonight i have my strongest NBA play of the week..Two teams i have followed rather close..I feel STRONG about this one tonight..jump on board..we hammer the man again!!.."BOOM" !!
Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
Add to CartCFB 3*** / "Thursday Thump" !!
$6.00 (for Thursday)
CFB "Game Of The Week"
Jump on board for this one tonight..We have been rather solid for the last three weeks and cfb is coming down the stretch..We need to make a strong run for the next month before we close out the season..hard work has been getting the results the last month...Tonight we roll again..."BOOM" !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNFL 3*** / "Game Of The Week" !!
$6.00 (for Sunday)
NFL Premium Run 6-2
We go large today with a big 3*** selection..We get some line value and situation wise is in our favor..I watched these two teams over the course of the last few weeks very closely..We got the better team here and we will win this game!!...."Drop The Hammer" !!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to CartMonday Night Football - GOY !!
$7.00 (for Monday)
GOY Lifetime / (19-6) 76%
Big bet MNF game of the year...Jump on board for this one tonight..GOY record is rock solid at 19-6 (76%)...I broke this game down and a few things really stick out for one selection tonight...We hit this one tonight..See you at the window!!..."Hammer Time" !!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
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11/24 CFB Side 13.5
11/24 CBB Total 130.5
11/23 NFL Side 7.0
11/23 NBA Sides 9.5
11/23 CBB Total 157.5
11/22 NFL Side -4.5
11/22 NFL Side 7.5
11/21 CFB Side -15.0
11/21 NBA Sides -4.5
11/20 CBB Sides -14.5
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