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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 16-4 GOY All Sports (80%)
  • NBA Playoffs 2014 - 20-6 (77%)
  • NHL 2014 / +2.46 Units
  • Last 10 Props / 9-1 (90%)
  • MLB Premiums 3-0 / +4.61 Units
updated: April 18 at 8:58 AM PT

NBA 3*** "Sunday Bomb" !!

We start out the NBA Playoffs with a big 3*** winner w/ Chicago...Today we look to keep adding those units up for the week..let's clean sweep the weekend and keep the hot hand rolling here...I'm not a fan of Game 1, but Game 2 and ahead is when we start to roll...keep that in mind as i look to hammer the books in the weeks ahead.

Current Run - 3*** Premium Run Last 46 / +54.95 Units 
NBA is starting to heat up heading into the playoffs..Just like college the plays will get stronger as we move along in the playoffs. This is one of my strongest times of year. last year we went 20-6 in the playoffs and hit 77%,,,Let's keep that goal in mind for this year or even better.

Current NBA Free Play Run / 2-1

MLB Premium Run 3-0 / +4.61 Unita

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Sat, Apr 18 2015
11:03 PM

thanks Pro, Solid day today guys, glad we got this one out of the way..Let's sweep the weekend and focus on next week.

Sat, Apr 18 2015
6:27 PM
T Y Sleepy Box To Wire f it wasnt for the turn overs a blow out
Fri, Apr 17 2015
10:24 PM

nice 3-0 day today..MLB 2** cashes and the NHL Bonus gets it done as well...NBA tomorrow, looking to clean sweep the weekend.

Fri, Apr 17 2015
10:06 PM

send me a pm..ill take care of ya

Fri, Apr 17 2015
10:00 PM
Sleepy. I purchased you pick for tom Twice by mistake. Is there anything that could be done. T,hank you for your baseball picks hope we cash in basketball this weekend...

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Sun, 04/19/15 - 8:05 PM sleepyj | MLB Total
free pick 964 STL / 963 CIN Under 7 Hilton
Analysis: Power rated 6.5 (-120...Stting on the key of 7 and needing 8 to beat us seems very fair...Wainright looked pretty bad his last out and Leake has looked below average....Wainwright should bounceback here at home and Leake will understand he will need to be sharp in order to hang in this one Vs. one of the leagues top aces..This one stays under tonight.
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Add to CartNBA 3*** SUNDAY BOMB !!
3*** Run / Last 45 / +51.95 Units !
NBA Playoffs are here!!...We will pick up right on que from last year..We took care of business last year in a major way..We hit a outstanding (20-6) 77% last year..We have a long playoff season and this year will be even better..Join me tonight as we close out the weekend a winner!..."Time For Some Action" !!
Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
Last 10 Picks from sleepyj
04/18 NBA Sides -7.5
04/18 NBA Total 194.0
04/17 MLB RunLine 1.5
04/17 MLB Total 7
04/16 MLB ML 161 $161
04/16 MLB Total 7.5
04/15 MLB Total 7
04/15 MLB ML 107 W
04/14 NBA Sides 4.0
04/14 MLB RunLine -1.5
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