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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 10-2 GOY All Sports (83.3%) - L/GOY= Win
  • 8-1 Run Current NFL Sides Only !
  • NHL 2014 / +2.46 Units
  • CFB **4TD** "Blowout Special" ' 5-2 Run
  • NBA Playoffs 2014 - 20-6 (77%)
updated: December 19 at 7:25 AM PT

CFB "Bowl Game OF The Week " !!

BOWL SEASON IS HERE!!!...We kick of the bowl season with a STRONG play today. This is 100% my favorite time of the time year. We have had a great CFB season and i look to close it out with bang !!

**NFL Saturday Slammer for today is a strong play !!

***CFB "Game Of The Year" is up !

Bowl Games are going up and we are beating the line moves wy in advance. Take the opportunity to get on these before the games are being bet. i don't wait for opinions to be formed, i do the work and we cash the tickets.

GOY RUN 4-0 !

NHL 2014 / +2.46 Units

I look to have the best NBA & CBB season ever this year. Once the bowl season wraps up, we will go head first into the NBA & CBB.

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Sat, Dec 20 2014
11:10 AM

I'm glad we had a good two week run now keller..I think we sweep the card the next three days. I feel very good about it...Thanks for the of luck.

Sat, Dec 20 2014
11:06 AM
You weren?t kidding. A bad week is usually followed by a rally. Let?s crush it this football weekend! p.s. You have the best business model on Pregame. The vast majority of us here are $50-200 bettors. $29 picks are not feasible. I?m guessing you?re waxing the other guys 20-1.
Sat, Dec 20 2014
6:51 AM

Swept the board last night, looking for another sweep tonight. Two Premiums for today CFB & NFL. / NFL Side now on a 8-1 Run !

Wed, Dec 17 2014
8:37 PM
Hey sleepj I can't find GOY? Help please
Wed, Dec 17 2014
2:06 PM

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Sun, 12/21/14 - 1:00 PM sleepyj | NFL Side
free pick 107 MIN 7.0 (-110) Bodog vs 108 MIA
Analysis: The Vikings are playing great football the last few weeks. This team hasn't gave up yet on the season. The defense is playing very well. Miami after a big loss Vs. New England should understand the post season is history. I expect this Miami team to come home an eye the end of the year. I really like what Minnesota has done. That team knows they have no playoffs in sight, but they continue to battle week in and week out. I think this number goes down and i would not be shocked if the Vikings won this game outright.
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Sun, 12/21/14 - 1:00 PM sleepyj | NFL Total
free pick 122 HOU / 121 BAL Under 42.0 SportsInterAction
Analysis: I really think the Houston will have major issues here with a new Qb in this system. Houston will have to keep themselves int his game on the defensive end. I expect the Houston defense to come to play in this one. Baltimore is looking a the playoffs here. Baltimore on defense will need a big effort here on the road and i fully expect that as well. Baltimore on offense won;t do anything special to blow a team out. I think the combination of the new QB for Houston..a strong defensive effort from those guys will really limit the scoring in this one.
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Available Picks

Add to CartCFB "Bowl Game Of The Year" !!
4-0 GOY RUN ! / 3***STAR !!
This one i love. The line came out and i said no way!!...Setting a line is fine but digging into this game, i'm sure i have a clear cut winner. I used a ton of my handicapping methods for this one. When i cap a GOY play..I'll do it twice maybe even three times. All three times handicapping it different ways. Still the same lopsided outcome. No way do i not fire the big 3*** GOY here...Let's Go !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNFL "Sunday Big Cover" !!
$6.00 (for Sunday)
10-30 Pt Win / "GOW" !!
We don't take these games lightly. We will crush the book this weekend once again. This one rates in very "STRONG". Jump on this ASAP. This line will move. I don;t think the line will matter, but the goal long term is to beat the line moves. That's how we have made profit over the year. beating the moves. We will beat the move again, and this team will beat the brakes off the opposition. "Time To Crush The Man" !!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to CartMNF "Season Statement Game" !!
$5.00 (for Monday)
"This One Get The Money Tonight"
I really like this one. Stats and factors come into play in this one. Jump on this one and let's cash the last MNF game of the year !!...We have been solid in the Prime-Time games and this one is worth a 2** tag..Jump on it guys.."Time For Some Action" !!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to CartDec 23rd / 2** "Blowout Special" !!
$5.00 (for Tuesday)
"This One Goes Wire To Wire"
I really like this one here. The line value is great. Everything points to a big win for us tonight. Jump on this asap as we get some extra value in this one. I don't wait for opinions to be formed. I do the work and we cash the tickets...Jump on this one..I smell a blowout!!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to Cart"Christmas Eve Bowl" +BONUS
$5.00 (for Wednesday)
"Tis The Season To Win Bowl Games"
I liked digging into this one. Today's card posed a real challenge because two games came out with almost the same grade. I included a BONUS selection for the holiday. I think we hit them both today. I really dug into both games but one favored the other slightly. I tore this one apart for a few days and im confident we have ourselves a premium winner today. Join me as we ring in the holiday with another Premium Winner!!...Let's Get Em !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartDec 26th --2** "RedHot Bowl Bomb" !
$6.00 (for Friday)
**Bowl Game Of The Month**
I worked this game and the amount of stats to back this play is just enormous. Most will fall into the wrong side on this one but we will not. Jump on this one as we have just one more gift after the holiday. Let's Get The Money !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartDec 27th / 2** Bowl Bomb !!
"Bowl Rout Special" *GOW*
This game says blowout all over it. I tore this one apart and have a large variance in this game. Jump on this one early this line is going up, up, up !!...Don't hesitate on this game!!...The stats are so miscued in this one the oddsmakers got this game all wrong...We will profit off this "BOWL GOW"..."Time To Drop The Hammer" !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartThe 101st "Rose Bowl Game"
Showdown In Pasadena !!!
This was a fun one to handicap. As soon as it was announced i jumped all over this one looking to attack the numbers. Let's face it, this one may be one for the ages and one we remember for a long time. Fact is i looked this game over and over. I believe i have the right selection for this game. Join me as we ring in the New Year with a CFB Playoff Winner!....Here We Go !!!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
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12/20 CFB Total 63.0
12/20 CFB Side -1.0
12/20 NFL Side 3.0
12/19 NBA Total 210.0
12/19 NHL Total 5.5
12/18 NFL Side -3.0
12/16 NBA Sides 2.5
12/15 NFL Side -3.0
12/14 NFL Side -1.0
12/14 NFL Total 50.5
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