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updated: January 17 at 12:33 AM PT

CBB 3*** / "Game Of The Week" !!!

Today's Slate - CBB 3*** "GOW" !!!...No NBA / Lean Lakers at pk or +1 only.
CBB season is now in full swing...Last year we did well in CBB hoops and I'm expecting a very good season this year...My favorite sport to handicap and we attack the lines early to get the best numbers possible...Be on the lookout daily for CBB plays.

  NBA SEASON 2017 !!!. Thanks to all those that jumped on for the positive season we had last year.....One of my best NBA seasons here at Pregame...I'm looking at having another great year with even more profits.....Keep an eye out daily for NBA plays...You guys know I do the work in baskets and we go on some killer runs..Nothing will change with that again this year...We will stack up some units for sure...I'm always locked into NBA & CBB.

NFL PLAYOFFS ARE HERE......I am enjoying my best season in the NFL here at Pregame...We will attack the books all the way to the Superbowl !!

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Sun, Jan 15 2017
3:27 AM

[quote user="Beerfootball"]SleepJ - Are you not having any CBB plays today or tonight?

[/quote]not today, but in my thread for today I have (6) basketball free plays...i just couldn't decide which want I wanted to use as a premium as they all seemed to line up with the same same strength...So i decided to give out all the games i handicapped for basketball today for free....Premiums will be back Monday though for sure..I have my eye on one game in specific in CBB & NBA

Sat, Jan 14 2017
12:23 PM
SleepJ - Are you not having any CBB plays today or tonight?
Sat, Jan 14 2017
3:28 AM

[quote user="slock14"]Tough one. Led the whole way and blew it with 2 min left.

[/quote]I put it in the throws killed us.

Fri, Jan 13 2017
8:28 PM
Tough one. Led the whole way and blew it with 2 min left.
wilburs beard
Fri, Jan 13 2017
1:34 PM

Nice work sleepyj, Bol tonight my friend

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Tue, 01/17/17 - 8:35 PM sleepyj | NBA Sides
free pick 708 SAN -11.0 (-110) Pinnacle vs 707 MIN
Analysis: Spurs have been solid all year long and they have been cashing tickets as of late for the bettors...Spurs are coming off a loss and they would like to rebound here against a T-Wolves team that can't get it together...Spurs at home are very strong and Minnesota on the road has the 2nd worst road record in the league..They are actually tied with a few teams with that road record...Minnesota will get Lavine back in the lineup, but I'm not sure it helps them much here on the road.....T-Wolves took on the Spurs in Minnesota and it resulted in a 14 point loss...Now only laying -11, the Spurs get the call tonight to hammer the T-Wolves.
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Add to CartCBB 3*** / "Game Of The Week" !!!
Line Is 100% Wrong
Our situation and stat lines make this line very wrong..Once you see what we broke down it will make perfect sense..Nothing points in the direction of the other team...Nothing...We cash in with this one tonight..."BOOM" !!!
Sports: CBB; number of picks: 1
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01/16 NBA Total 224.5
01/16 CBB Sides 8.5
01/16 NBA ML -170 W
01/15 NFL ML -120 -$360
01/13 CBB Sides 0.0
01/13 NBA ML -140 $100
01/13 NBA Sides -8.5
01/12 CBB Sides 5.0
01/12 CBB Sides 4.0
01/11 CBB Sides 6.5
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