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  • 29-16 (64.4%) GOY All Sports
  • NFL Premium Run / 6-0
  • NHL 2016 / 6-1
  • NBA 15" Sides / 14-8 Run (+15.60) Units
updated: December 6 at 10:57 PM PT

NBA 3*** / "Game Of The Month" !!

We cashed out 10th NFL winner in a row last night....We go LARGE in the NBA tonight....We got a blowout winner for us !!!

 Bowl Season is going up !!!.....Guys that know me know I don't wait to attack these lines....We jump on the good numbers before they move on us...Last year we did ok during bowl season, but this year i'm going all out to smash the books !!!

  NBA SEASON IS HERE !!!!!. Thanks to all those that jumped on for the positive season we had last year.....One of my best NBA seasons here at Pregame...I'm looking at having another great year with even more profits.....Keep an eye out daily for NBA plays...You guys know I do the work in baskets and we go on some killer runs..Nothing will change with that again this year...We will stack up some units for sure...I'm always locked into NBA & CBB.

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Mon, Dec 5 2016
10:27 AM

Early CBB Total added for tonight...2** wager

Mon, Dec 5 2016
9:17 AM
Congrats on your teaser of the year nice job.
Sun, Dec 4 2016
8:42 PM

Teaser of the year hits for us and we now push our NFL Combined run to 9-0 !!....Thanks to all those that jumped on board for today...Nice 3 days for us overall this weekend....Bowl games will be going up once all the lines get dropped..Keep an eye out for that...MNF 3*** is now up..We make it 10 in a row tomorrow night with our posted NFL plays !!

Sun, Dec 4 2016
12:12 PM
Nice little run you got going Bro GET$$$$
Sun, Dec 4 2016
5:33 AM
like it sleepy see u are on a bit of a hotttttt streak hitting your last 3 , keep up the good work

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Sun, 12/11/16 - 1:00 PM sleepyj | NFL Side
free pick 113 PIT -2.0 (-115) Greek vs 114 BUF
Analysis: I think this a great indicator of just how good Pitt is coming down the stretch....The Pitt team that most expected to be a contender needs to show up here....Buffalo might have lost the season last week with a road loss to the Raiders, but the Steelers really opened up a good chance now to surge in the playoff race....Dropping this game for the Steelers would be a killer for them in the playoff race...Steelers defense has played rather well and the offense is getting back into shape now with the offense playing together for an extended period....Buffalo with a long travel back home and the season now sits at 6-6 with three games after this one that are very winnable. Perhaps the Bills look to close out the season winners of three in a row and finish 9-7 on the season....Bills offense is good but I trust Big Ben Vs. Taylor any day of the week...Pitt has won 3 in a row and the defense has been the key to the recent success...Buffalo on the other hand hasn't been very strong on defense...They got lit up for 38 points last week...When the Bills play a team that is actually good, they tend to give up big point totals...I'll grab Pitt to keep it going here laying under a FG...1* play.
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Add to CartNFL 3*** / "NFC GOM" !!!
$6.00 (for Sunday)
NFL 10-0 Run !!!
I really like a game today that it deserved a 3*** GOM tag....NFL has been scorching hot as we have now won 10 NFL plays in a row...The bookies are getting tired of our act already, but we got another bomb for them today !!...."We Roll Big" !!!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNFL 3*** / "ULTRA" !!
$5.00 (for Monday)
NFL Run 10-0 !!
We come right back at the books with another NFL BOMB !!!....We got the right selection for this game tonight...We'll just keep doing what we are doing and they will keep getting what they get...We lay it down again tonight !!!...."Let's Get Em" !!!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
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12/06 NBA Sides 1.0
12/06 NHL ML -110 0
12/05 NFL ML -130 $300
12/05 CBB Total 161.5
12/05 NBA Sides -5.5
12/04 NFL Side 4.0
12/04 NFL Side 1.0
12/03 CFB Side 24.0
12/02 CFB Side 19.0
12/01 NFL Side 3.5
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