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sleepyj Win Streaks

  • 5-0 MLB Premium Run / 2-0 Playoff Run
  • Free Play Run 11-6 -- L/17
  • NBA Playoffs 2014 - 20-6 (77%)
  • NHL Playoffs 2013 - 17-5
  • 7-2 GOY All Sports - (78%)
updated: October 22 at 5:20 AM PT

CFB 3*** "Total Of The Month" Play !!

Last night we fired a "3 score cover" play and we get a nice 25pt easy winning wager. Tonight we drop the 3*** "Total Of The Month". This has been a strong week as we are now on a 4-1 Premium run and looking to sweep the weekend. That all starts tonight!!..Jump on board and cash tonight's big play!!

Fri Premium - 2** - Boise St -7 = WINNER
Thurs Premium - 1* San Diego +8 = Loss
Wed Premium - 2** NHL Smackdown / = WINNER
Tue Premium - MLB - 1 *SF Giants = WINNER
Mon Premium - MNF - HOU/PITT / Over 44.5 = WINNER

Undefeated in the NHL for 2014 and dialed in the Pacific Division.

Premium Run 4-1

*****Free Play Run = 11-6 L/17

Opening night we cashed our 2** selection to open up the NHL season. SHARKS/KINGS Under 5 (+123) = Winner Years of handicapping the NHL one thing has always stuck out to me for opening games. We used that last night and cashed a nice 2** wager...NHL Record 1-0.

With the NHL season and NBA season upon us, it's never to early to start working overtime on all sports. We are givin the opportunity to find great line value with the lesser sports early on. Great money making opportunities are just ahead in the few short weeks with NBA and NHL. Stay in tune with what i release the next few weeks in regards to these two sports. 

We are full steam ahead right now with NFL & CFB. Don't expect anything less than max effort here as we roll along. October has always been a great month and this one will be another to add to the list.


Also, check  me out on Blog Talk Radio on Mondays 2pm EST. 

***I offer single day picks only. No long term or season packages will be offered. For the price of one pick a day it is very close to any other long term package
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Fri, Oct 24 2014
11:29 PM
Glad to see boise cover by an easy margin had this one rated at 16pts..They get it done by 25..Nice 2** winner. Back at it tomorrow.
Thu, Oct 23 2014
6:41 AM
Thanks for the easy winner last night! I've said it before but for the money, no one is better! Keep rolling...
Wed, Oct 22 2014
12:43 AM

Sat & Sun are up as well..i feel a very strong week !!

Tue, Oct 21 2014
10:28 PM

Wed, Thurs, Friday are up...working on sat & sun....2-0 to start the week....This is going to be a strong week!!!

Tue, Oct 21 2014
9:05 PM
Nice to pick up 3 unit the last 2 days..Made up some ground on that little rough patch..Glad to hit back to back days now...Thanks for the positive comments Brady and Matt !

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Sat, 10/25/14 - 7:00 PM sleepyj | CFB Side
free pick 170 Colorado St. -18.5 (-110) 5Dimes vs 169 Wyoming
Analysis: Colorado State is now 6-1 on the year and they can run the table all the way out. I think they finish with only 1 loss and they can make a real quality bowl. They have no look ahead games left on the schedule. They are ranked #17 in the pass and can run as well ranking #72. They avg around 500 ypg. The defense is really under rated here as well..QB Grayson is a beast throwing the ball and he already has 2k passing yards and 16td's...RB Hart can be a handful and really off sets the defense with his ability to run the ball..Colorado St lone loss comes to Boise St in Boise. They avg around 30ppg and give up around 18ppg...Now for Wyoming, this team is a disaster to be honest. They rank in the 100"s on offense and defense. The best win on the year for this club is Vs. Air force. Other two wins..barely..beat Montana and Fla Atl..They have lost the 4 games vs better opponents by 165 to 76. The defense gives up roughly 31ppg. but those numbers are miscued a little with the 3 wins they have against inept offensive teams. They can give 35 to 40+ in this one. Wyoming offense just lacks depth and talent. They pass the ball for less than 200ypg..they rank #100 and the run is ranked 99th...This is not a good team. They now go into a rowdy Rams home and will get blasted by a number of scores...Gets out of hand..Rams 45-17.
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Sun, 10/26/14 - 1:00 PM sleepyj | NFL Side
free pick 258 KAN -1.0 (-130) Hilton vs 257 STL
Analysis: This is a 6point tease play. Take KC & Miami..First off the Chiefs are well rested and posted a quality win last week against SD..Now they come back home after a good break. This crowd will be rockin and KC actually has a nice team..Idk about playoff caliber..but a nice team all around. Rams are struggling and i dont thik after that huge win Vs. Seattle this team will get up on the road for this one..KC win this one by 6 or 7 points....Miami is playing very well. I don't see how the Jags can score here against this defense. I like the fact that Miami is back in Florida and off a big win. i think Miami can def cover the spread but i will side on caution with the Dolphins and use them in a tease here...Best of Luck.!
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Available Picks

Add to Cart3*** CFB "Total Of The Month" !!
"This One Goes Wire To Wire"
Tonight we fire a very strong 3*** CFB selection. This one may be over by halftime!...This one rated in 16 points in our favor. Don't let this one go to waste this weekend. We get the job done tonight !! Plain and Simple...Drop The Hammer !!
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to CartNFL 3*** "Game Of The Week" !!
$6.00 (for Sunday)
4PM Start Time / #Strong
We are in midseason form and locked in right now with the NFL. We are Plus Units on the year and this one is worth the tag. I broke this game down and some glaring stats just pop out in this one. Let's close out the weekend with a big play winner...Let's Roll !!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to Cart**NBA** "Team Total GOY"
$7.00 (for Tuesday)
3*** Investment Opportunity !!
Season Win Total -- Releasing this play is for pure profit. Nothing more. This is a investment opportunity. I tore this team apart from the bottom up. Then tore them apart all over again. This play is rock solid. Dropping this right now gives us MAX VALUE at this current number. This package will not last long with the price on this team set at this number. This number is going to move and by opening day, those who jumped on this investment opportunity will have a huge edge. Don't wait on this one, these #'s don't come along often and this teams all around situation makes this play a 3*** Team Total "GOY"..Time To Drop The Hammer!!!
Last 10 Picks from sleepyj
10/24 CFB Side -7.0
10/23 NFL Side 8.0
10/22 NHL Puck -1.5
10/21 MLB ML -110 $100
10/20 NFL Total 44.5
10/19 NFL Side 7.0
10/19 NFL Side -3.0
10/18 CFB Side 21.0
10/18 CFB Side 11.5
10/18 CFB Side 11.0
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