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Greg Shaker
  • Strong NFL, NBA, CFB, CBB Contacts
  • Considered Top Totals Player by Many
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Greg Shaker Win Streaks

  • 51-20 GOM WIN STREAK
updated: February 25 at 8:10 PM PT


1 Tick away from 4-0 Saturday. Sunday features a 3* CBB Total + More..



The Betting Market is so much explored buy 99% of Bettors using traditional betting methods that it is virtually impossible to beat it unless one uses Non-Traditional Methods that have not been discovered by books or the betting public.. Along with getting the Best number or near best vs the close with anything one bets. That's what we do and that's why we win..

Please remember that we don't play a game unless we know we have Clear Edge verses the Market. Win or lose we do have that edge and that edge is very important to us and that's why we win. It's time to bet what we bet when we bet it and not be bogged down with Fancy write-ups on why. Betting has changed a lot and market watching along with info before it's well known is the best way to win at sports investing.

Follow me on Twitter for Free Plays and Info: @GregShaker

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Greg Shaker
Sat, Feb 25 2017
8:08 PM
Thanks ITC. It's gonna be OK! Just one of them things you gotta do and we are on it..
Inside The Curl
Thu, Feb 23 2017
3:21 PM

Shake-man, hang in there and I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you smooth sailing with the knee replacements and rehab.

Wed, Feb 22 2017
5:46 AM

I got both lines.  Now I did bet them within a few minutes of him releasing the plays.  But to call them bogus is not fair.

Greg Shaker
Wed, Feb 22 2017
5:37 AM

Hey buckle1981.  I saw your Tweet just now. I was in bed when I got that. I would have told you to play to 153. Just the wrong call on this one. Sorry bout that

Tue, Feb 21 2017
8:06 PM
Every time I bet Shaker it's bye bye money

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