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Greg Shaker
  • Over 25 years of sports betting experience
  • Sports radio talk show host for many years
  • Masters degree in Psychology
Greg Shaker Signature

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Greg Shaker Win Streaks

  • 24-15 NBA 3* TOTALS STREAK
updated: July 4 at 8:50 PM PT


We don't do Game of Year Plays because we don't understand the concept and rarely Game of Month Plays because that's just silly. But we do have Game of the Week Plays and Sunday we have one.  That + More in the works..

The Betting Market is so much explored buy 99% of Bettors using traditional betting methods that it is virtually impossible to beat it unless one uses Non-Traditional Methods that have not been discovered by books or the betting public.. Along with getting the Best number or near best vs the close with anything one bets. That's what we do and that's why we win..

Please remember that we don't play a game unless we know we have Clear Edge verses the Market. Win or lose we do have that edge and that edge is very important to us and that's why we win. It's time to bet what we bet when we bet it and not be bogged down with Fancy write-ups on why. Betting has changed a lot and market watching along with info before it's well known is the best way to win at sports investing.

Our plays come with a number of variables and some of them that frankly are not to be discussed here or in any thoughts that we have on a play released to Clients. It has to be this way because by doing anything else we are pretty much helping Sportsbooks beat us. We don't want that now or ever..

Make sure to Follow Me on Twitter with a  lot of Alternative Betting and More. Twitter Plays are 313-166 since keeping score. @GregShaker

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Sun, Jun 21 2015
7:33 PM
way to go Greg.I knew you was not going to go 0-6 in MLB totals. I hammered the shit out of it.
Sat, May 30 2015
7:18 PM
Mr. D
Fri, May 22 2015
5:59 PM
Glad Leake is gone. That guy can't get out of his own way right now. Hopefully the Reds have some fire in their bellies and the pen can lock down
Sun, May 17 2015
4:14 PM
Shakes- you on fire!
Sat, May 16 2015
9:21 PM
0-4 and it wasn't close. Good times

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07/04 MLB ML -120 $300
07/03 MLB ML -105 $200
07/03 MLB ML -127 -$254
07/03 MLB Total 9
07/03 MLB Total 9
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