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Ben Burns
  • Long-Term Winner
  • Big Game Expert
  • Totals Specialist
Ben Burns Signature

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Ben Burns Win Streaks

  • 13-5 TOP RATED (CBB)
  • 52-33 TOP RATED (ALL)
  • 88-64 L147 (ALL)
  • 106-63 (+$29K) Last March
  • Five Game Monday!
updated: March 27 at 3:00 AM PT


Its a new week and Ben Burns is ready to make it a good one. He heads into Monday on a 52-33 ($14,580) run with top rated releases, an 88-64 streak overall. 

The only way to get all of Burns' selections is with an all-sports subscription. 

Note From Ben (Monday, Mar. 27th): Off a poor weekend, a new week will bring new opportunities. I'm determined to make it a good one. Final Four picks posted by Tuesday. More details to follow shortly ...

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Sat, Mar 25 2017
12:19 PM
Hey Ben how are your huge NHL Favs working out for you???
Fri, Mar 24 2017
9:12 PM
Baylor GOY ouch! Another GOY down in flames.
Thu, Mar 9 2017
9:54 PM
Ok nevermind, Great finish to the night Ben!! You truly are a beast at picking these games. Keep it up brother
Thu, Mar 9 2017
11:13 AM
Tough luck lately man. Weread not winning. Hope luck changes.
Wed, Mar 1 2017
12:49 AM
7 Plays= 5 Winners! Not too bad from where I am standing.

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Last 10 Picks from Ben Burns
03/27 NHL Total 5.5
03/27 NHL Total 5.5
03/27 NHL ML -121
03/27 NBA Sides 1.0
03/27 NBA Sides -6.5
03/26 NBA Sides -6.5
03/26 CBB Total 135.0
03/26 NBA Sides -8.5
03/26 NHL ML -210 -$210
03/26 NHL ML -160 $200
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