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Ben Burns
  • Long-Term Winner
  • Big Game Expert
  • Totals Specialist
Ben Burns Signature

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Ben Burns Win Streaks

  • 7-2 L9 MLB
  • 5-2 L7 NBA
  • 16-7 L23 ALL
  • Playoff Grandmaster
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updated: April 23 at 4:38 AM PT


A long-term winner, Ben Burns endured an uncharacteristic cold spell recently. Not his first, by any means. But rare, all the same. Entering Sunday's action, Ben is 16-7-1 ($5,978) the L4 days: 7-2 at the ballpark, 5-2 on the hardwood & 4-3-1 on the ice. HUGE SUNDAY ON TAP & IT STARTS SOON!

While he's still got a lot of work to do, Burns appears to have officially turned the corner. The only way to get ALL of Ben's plays is with an all-sports subscription. Invest today & expect your ROI to soar!

Personal Message From Ben: There's still a lot of work to be done obviously after a rare rough patch. But we're now heading in the correct direction for sure. Three Sunday picks loaded so far, possible additions to come. Stay tuned ...

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Tue, Apr 18 2017
10:13 PM
Easy fellas, this guy is a playoff Grandmaster...lmao I would love to see the nba season record posted.
Tue, Apr 18 2017
7:24 PM
Omg gonna go 0-4 -13 units tonight! Yet you have 7 packages tomorrow?! Insane. Used car salesman
Tue, Apr 18 2017
6:42 PM
just wondering why the Pregame still keep you.thats it for me buying your picks even though its for a penny.You're really a joker.
Mon, Apr 17 2017
7:42 PM
This is an absolute joke. Are u going to refund your customers for this nonsense?
Mon, Apr 17 2017
6:56 PM

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A long-term winner, Ben Burns endured an uncharacteristic cold spell recently. Not his first, by any means. But rare, all the same. Entering Sunday's action, Ben is 16-7-1 the L4 days & that includes a modest 5-2 mark on the hardwood. Expect him to continue his "comeback" in a H-U-G-E way here, as his latest "PERSONAL FAVORITE" is an  ABSOLUTE GEM!
Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
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Entering Sunday's action, Ben Burns is 16-7 the past four days. That includes a 7-2 (+$3616) mark at the ballpark. Saturday's lone MLB selection ("PERSONAL FAVORITE") resulted in a WIRE-TO-WIRE WINNER with the Angels. Here's his latest. Lay the wood. Expect a  BEATDOWN!
Sports: MLB; number of picks: 1
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Last 10 Picks from Ben Burns
04/23 MLB ML -120
04/23 NBA Sides -1.0
04/22 NHL ML -178 -$356
04/22 NBA Sides -2.5
04/22 MLB ML -144 $300
04/22 NBA Total 217.0
04/21 MLB ML -123 $300
04/21 NBA Total 207.5
04/21 NHL ML -202 $100
04/21 MLB ML -136 -$272
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