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Mon, Jan 2 2017
10:22 AM
There was a play for the NFL yesterday , KC and SD ??? Releasing 2 sides on the same game?? hmmmm
Thu, Nov 24 2016
8:38 AM
If u read all the way to the bottom of the order page it says it's auto renew for $29.
Tue, Aug 16 2016
7:01 AM

Have we heard yet whether this is an auto-renew subscription?  

1$/day sounds like a great deal but flexibility to move around is key IMO.

Tue, Aug 16 2016
6:58 AM
Don't like to hear this can't get out of subscription I was gonna try it but don't like being locked into anything, fix this and I might try it.
Sat, Jul 30 2016
12:13 PM
LOL glad i read this first. i have only been a member for one day and i am 3-0 so no complaints but you guys are scaring me off ha ha.

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