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Dollar-A-Day Premium Picks!

* Morning Moves from Vegas Runner (the only place to get his actual morning bets)
* Buried Treasures from Mike Hook (the last best bet he uncovers)
* Dorky Winners from Gill Alexander (his most advanced-stats-driven bet)
* 5-Pros (5 premium picks daily).

Get any of the four for less than a dollar a day! Sample one week for only $1 (no risk, no obligation)! Best of all, there's NO CATCH!

5-Pros is FREE every Tuesday
Dorky Winners is FREE every Wednesday
Buried Treasures is FREE every Thursday.
Morning Moves is FREE every Friday.
One premium pick is FREE every other day.


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Buried Treasures archive (all $300 picks)

Dorky Winners archive (all $300 picks)
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Wed, Feb 12 2014
2:25 PM
me 2 I want 2 give me a free week then I will pay 1$ a week for Friday sat and sun picks only
Mon, Dec 30 2013
8:00 AM
U get what u pay for offers a different insight about 50% winners
Sat, Aug 31 2013
9:49 AM

E mail Johny Detriot he will cancel for you

Sat, Aug 31 2013
8:57 AM
they have always been very good at canceling...just send an email and its done....I've done it a few times
Fri, Apr 5 2013
12:47 PM
I purchased morning moves for the 1 dollar special and the day before I emailed support to let them know I wanted to cancel. They got back to me within 2 hours to let me know it was done. There has been no further charges to my credit card. I have also in the past purchased multiple picks and sometimes it is the same game. I just email support and they refund you the last pick that was similar.

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Premium picks from 5 different Pros daily. Members get the chance to sample single & double dime picks from each & every Pregame Pro! Obviously the biggest best bets are not included, though 5-Pros will provide many of the same premium picks that fill out top selling packages. One day's worth of these picks purchased at retail price would cost more than your entire month of access! Amazingly only $29 a month as part of our Dollar A Day Program. Sample your first week for only $1 - no obligation!
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With MORNING MOVES you can follow exactly what Vegas Runner is doing each morning. Types of information: a) early Personal Play; b) early Bookie Bets from his wide range of sportsbook sources; c) early True Steam bet; d) early line move prediction on a marquee game; e) exclusive daily comments from a genuine Wiseguy. This information has never been available before, and will only be available through Morning Moves.  Each day members receive games VR's actually betting, early enough to get the best possible line. Other than long-term VR subscribers, these picks are available only through Morning Moves membership (not included in any daily package) - amazingly only $29 a month as part of our Dollar-A-Day program. We are so confident that these picks will help you win you get the first week to sample for only $1 - No Obligation!
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