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Last night, the Wall Street Bankers Syndicate had their first big play in baseball.   Selections given to monthly and season subscribers at Pregame, and to my Crowne Club members, are rated from 1/2 unit to a very top of 2 Units.  The Syndicate play last night was big enough for us to rate it a very top 2 Units. It was an easy 5-1 win with the Dodgers. They came with it at 7:20 PM Eastern.  Subscribers and Crowne Club members has the  play by 7:25 PM.  It was much to late for me to post it in a package, announce it in the forum, and hope enough people saw the post and had not already purchased their quota for the night.  

The Syndicate had 3 plays in total last night and they swept 3-0.  The other two plays were normal and carried a 1 unit rating on Minnesota/Toronto over 7.5 (another easy win with a final totaling 11 runs}, and the 'white Sox at pick.  All three selections were made by the Syndicate too late to put them in a package.  The only selections I had early enough yesterday were two small half units from me.  I normally don't like to try to sell small plays individually.  I don't feel it's fair to charge for a small, lower probability play as the only selection in the package.    

On Monday and Tuesday, the Syndicate passed in baseball.  I had three plays in total -- all small.  Wednesday was a complete pass in baseball.  

As I told you in my post last week, I had some very important tax matters to take of before April 15, and I haven't had the time to do any informative posts here since Sunday.  I intended to continue to post packages, but as I pointed out above, there waswasn't able to post here since Sunday.  I was still handicapping, and of course the Wall Street Bankers were still betting.  Nevertheless, the only 3 selections big enough to put in a package were on Wednesday, and, as I said, the Syndicte decided on them too late for me to post in a package.  

Here's how subscribers have done since last Saturday, when we got started for the baseball season:

The money won and lost is based on a risk of the amount of our rating for the comeback win at the odd, assuming $100 units:
1 unit Florida -150        Lost        -100
3/4 unit Atlanta -160        Won        + 47
! unit Cubs -130                         Won        + 77
3/4 Unit Detroit -115        Won        + 65
1/2 unit SD +195        Won        + 98
1/2 Unit Texas over 11 -110    Won        + 50
1/2 unit Tampa Bay -120        Lost         - 50
2 Units Dodgers    -175        Won        +114
1 Unit White Sox -110        Won        +100
1 unit Toronto over 7.5 +120    Won        +120
1/2 unit Phils -135        Lost         -  50

TOTALS            8-3        +$471

Note 1:  Some people may have gotten the Toronto total on Thursday at 7 -125.  If so, they won $37 less for the week.  The 7.5 run line was the most common, however.
Note 2:  Since they lost their first baseball play of the season on Saturday, the Syndicate has swept the board 3-0!

Here's how individual package buyers did since last Saturday:
Saturday we put up the Wall Street crew's first play of the season on Florida -150 as a regular play.  Florida lost for -$100.
Sunday we put up the Syndicate play on the Cubs -130 as a regular play.  They won for a net of +$77.
Cost: $40.  Net Won/Lost -$23 -$40= -$63

Subscribers paid $195 for 30 days.  That's $6.50/day.  Cost since Saturday (no charge for pass day) $32.50.  Net Won/Lost $471 - $32.50 = +$438.50.
A $100 player made 13.5 times his cost for the 5 days, and easily recovered the full cost of his 30 days in just the first 5 days with a $243 profit and another 25 days still to go at $0 cost.

The long term monthly and season packages are priced to give a mere $25 player a reasonable return over cost.  A $25 player so far has made $110 for a cost of $32.50 -- a 300% return on the package cost.

Obviously, if you are not signing up for the package and buying selections for $15 to $25 instead, it will cost you the same $195 for between 8 and 13 selections.  In the package, we had 11 plays in just 5 days.  Betting the same amounts, assuming any threasonable win rate, you cannot possibly win as much for $195 of cost for individual plays as you will  for 30 days of subscription plays.  That is true even if you wait and only purchase the top 2 unit selections individually. 

For those who purchase individual selections because you don't bet everyday, you can skip half the month on your subscription, and still do better because you are paying just $12.50 per day for using your subscription only half the days, instead of $15-$25 per day for the same days.  Further to your advantage, instead of just one play per day for your money,  you will get all the plays we put out.  For example, last Sunday Instead of being 1-0 purchasing the daily package, you could have been 2-0 as a subscriber.  On Saturday, Instead of being 0-1 purchasing the daily package, you couuld have been 1-1 as a subscriber.  Had we been able to put up a play Thursday, you have been 1-0 in the package while subscribers were 3-1 with the loser being just a small half unit.

Obviously, a $25 player can't buy one pick for $15-$20 and expect to be a winner.  Even a $50 player is paying too much at $15-$25 for one game.  A mere $25 player can, however, purchase one pick for $6.50 per day and have a reasonable expectation of winning.  Getting an average of 3 picks per day gives that $25 player a cost of just $2.15 per pick, and a better expectation than a $100 player would have paying $25 per pick.  For A $50 - $100 player, a cost of only $2.15 per pick is a BONANZA.

Lowering your cost is as important to any business as making profits.  It's no different for sports wagering.  To get more winners for less money purchase a 30-day baseball package. CLICK HERE.

I'll also start offering today an NBA Playoff package.  Every game we put out in the NBA Playoffs all the way through the Championship  Series from me and the Wall Street Syndicate, is just $390, and I'll throw in baseball as a bonus.  If you are already subscribed for baseball, you can get on board for both sports to the end of the NBA in June by merely adding a $195 supplement.  You get almost 2 months of all picks in the NBA and baseball for the cost of 2 months of baseball only.  

If things keep going as they have a $50 to $100 player will get the full cost of the NBA/MLB subscription package back long before the credit card bill has to be paid.  To get the NBA Playoff package CLICK HERE To supplement your baseball package already purchased call 1-800-PREGAME.

For those who prefer Daily Packages. we'll have selections up about 12 Noon Eastern time on Saturday. 

  • Thanks Rob, I purchased the BBALL package and I am waiting for customer service to call me back about the credit.  I know the baseball picks have been great what about the basketball?

  • Whodamann--

    1.  The NBA Playoff Package includes, as a bonus, all the baseball to the end of the Playoffs.  As previously posted, if you already have the baseball, the $195 you paid for the monthly baseball package will be applied to the cost of the Playoff Package.  So all you will have to pay is $195 more to get the NBA and Baseball all the way into the end of the NBA Playoffs.  To get the credit you need to call 1 800 PREGAME directly.  There are so many handicappers here that it may difficult for the Customer Service people to keep up with all the different special situations.  You shouldn't have any difficulty getting the credit, but if you do, ask the Customer Service rep to call me on the phone to verify it.  

    It's a great deal.  If you were to renew the baseball instead, you would only get one month of baseball for $195.  If you call now and sign on for the NBA Playoff Package for the additional $195, you will get more baseball AND all the NBA for exactly the same money.  If you are thinking of renewing the baseball, then calling now for the NBA package is the only way should go.  

    2.  I see no reason that you can't keep your same PIN, but since I don't make the rules on that stuff, I simply don't know.  You MUST call the office to get a PIN each time you purchase a new package.  Just tell them you already have a PIN and would like to keep it.   Be sure to always call after you buy one of my long term packages.  They will not automatically update you in the phone system unless you call them and point out your purchase.  Sorry about that inconvenience, but at least it's an 800 #.

    I wish this whole thing weren't so complicated.  I will be speaking to RJ this weekend about posting an orientation to my phone lines somewhere with the url in the package info after purchase, and also posting clearer instructions in the package itself.  As for promotions like the credit to purchase the NBA package if you have the baseball, I will be talking to RJ about a better way to let people know.  Simply posting it in the forum usually means that, by the next day, the post is several pages back and those who missed it when it was posted will never see it.    

  • post this weekends picks ..  or atleast fridays and  saturdays or somthing to show us that  arent familiar with you how your doing and how good you are.  i could be intrested in grabbing a package ....  post in the PREGAME . COM forum and if you couldsend me over an email.   gutchekka777@aim.com

  • I was able to get through as you stated there is a max per update, which I did not know about until I called PREGAME.  A few questions, I purchased the monthly baseball package, when my month ends and I purchase another month, am I able to keep the same pincode?  Next, what is the price of the playoff baseball package, I only see the one with the baseball, but I already have the baseball.  Lastly, does the Syndicate have plays for all sports?

  • Whodamann--

    Sorry you're having problems.  I am not sure what the parameters of the phone line are.  I'll contact RJ about it.  It could be that the phones are limiting you to just 1 or 2 calls per update.  If so, when you get that message it means the new update isn't up yet and therefore the system call count hasn't renewed.  When you get that message try waiting 5-7 minutes and calling back.  Sometimes the update may be as much as 10 minutes late as I explained in a prior post.  Whenever you have any problem, you should contact Pregame right away at 1 800 PREGAME.  As always, I'll make sure you credited for a day for your missed update, if you wound up missing it.  Let me know.

  • I tried calling in for the 130 update and the message said I exceeded my call limit so I am unable to get the remainder of the picks today.  What is that about?

  • To The Birds & Whodamann--

    Birds, if you have the number be sure to call it.  You definitely will NOT get all the plays if you wait for them to be posted on your page.  The system only posts on your page the selections I put up in daily packages.  There are more and much more information.  All plays including the plays in the packages for MLB and NBA plus the plays that don't get into packages are up on the phone lines.  

    The first update on the phones is normally 20-30 minutes before the first game of the day, and if there is going to be a second update I tell you inside when to call back.  Please give the times I give you a 10 minute leeway.  The Syndicate doesn't play on my schedule, they play on theirs.  I wait with some of my selections until I hear from them so I don't wind up with opposite sides.  

    If for example, I tell you to call back at 7:30 and I haven't heard from them, I will wait all the way to 7:30.  Then I will start to update, and I need to update my Crowne Club members as well as Pregame subscribers.  I alternate who get updated first.  It can up to 5 minutes to get an update up, so the delay could be as long as 10 minutes from the time I gave you.  You will always have at least 20-25 minutes to get a game bet.  

    The reason for the late phone updates is, as I said, the nature of getting Syndicate plays to you.  Obviously if they call me with a 7:05 EST start at 6:25, I have all I can do get the game up on both phone lines and get the game bet myself.  I cannot possibly start typing the play into the internet.  

    If you have any troubles with phone system you can call 1 800 PREGAME or, if you can't reach them, post your question here.

    Put your pass word into the system, then once inside, press BUTTON 5 for baseball and BUTTON 6 for NBA.  This weekend only the MLB and NBA will be both on BUTTON 5 because I promised to give the MLB the first weekend of the NBA Playoffs on a complimentary basis.

    WHODAMANN -- Good you're on board.  I will be sure they give you a full 30-days from today.  The selections you got earlier in the week are with my compliments.  It really upsets me that you missed the rest of the plays this week, it was a fantastic week.  

    I discovered somebody had not called in because even though they notify me as to who purchases the packages, I get notice of the number of sales, and I can get the number of people actually calling into my buttons in their line.  When those numbers don't match for several days, I know something may be wrong, and the office hunted down who was missing and contacted  you.  

  • Rob is a different breed of handicapper. We are tying to find the right way to present his stuff. Give us a few days to work it out - you have my word you'll get more than a fair shake on any down time.

  • I bought the package through NBA playoffs and when I checked today around 130 in ths fternoon, only one game was listed.  Then I checked again at 4, and 4 games were there.  How often are they updated?? And do I need to call in for the final update on top of checking for plays online??

  • i googled theseguys and could not find them anywhere

  • Thanks!  I rec'd an email with a passcode this morning.  I had no idea this is what we were supposed to do, but at least I am back in the game.  Good Luck

  • If you are purchasing picks individually, then only two were posted.  The reason is that the Syndicate often puts plays out too late for me to get them into daily packages.

    For that reason, the subscription packages have the plays given out on a Pregame Late Phone line.  That line got 11 plays through Thursday.

    It should instruct you in your package to call the office for the phone number and pass word.  I became aware that two people had not called in for a pass code.  I requested Customer Service to correct the situation by sending email notification to those people and to start their 30-days from today.  

    If you are one of the two monthly package subscribers who did not get the phone number and pass word, check your email.  If you don't have the email, call Customer Service at 1-800 PREGAME.

    I'm sorry about any screw up, I had nothing to do with it except I happened to discover it by accident.  I am not even clear why the two people involved didn't call the office for a pass code and phone number.  

    I don't get to see the inside instructions on the packages you buy.  Please post and let me know what the problem was.  Also if you haven't started yet, then call Customer Service on Monday and have them start your 30 days running from there.  Any plays you got on your page from my posts are my gift to you.  There will be several posted in packages today.  The phone lines give all those plays + more + my personal money management and rating advice + occasional informational reports.

    Address any complaints you may have to RJ or Marco, I am sure they will do everything in their power to make up to you for any problem you may have had.  Since I don't actually know who buys the packages, I don't know if you are one of the people who did not get the phone number.  I discovered the problem from anonymous reporting of numbers that didn't jive.    

  • Can you check to see what the problem is because the FLA and CHC picks are the only I have had posted on my members page...

  • He released a total of 11 plays since last Saturday.

  • So in your 30 day MLB package you have only posted (2) plays correct FLA (loss) and CHC (win).  I hope we can start getting these syndicate plays posted so we can really start cashing in; they seem to be the real deal