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Vegas-Runner - conversation thread with the Pro

Vegas-Runner - conversation thread with the Pro
mobig wins
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Beat me to it GSJ2 where is YTD?
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YTD gone?

Breaking news:

VR's Client $100 bettor is winning $115 in 2013 in all sports. But Client paid $900 in fees to VR so he technically lost $800 in past three months.

Here is the breakdown for YTD for a $100 bettor: total up $115 but paid $900 if fees.

College Basketball Via NFAC crew (LMAO) -$3485

NBA +$2070

CFB +$760

NFL +$1090

NHL via Canadian  +$220

Other sports (UFC/Nascar) -$540

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VR is the great equalizer. VR has never been better. VR sprinkles. VR is a bookie buster. VR does damage. VR gets revenge. It's SIMPLE man VR is the true steam.
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Wow didn't realize the total price of the picks.
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Money talks calling you out, things getting greasy up in here

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For the record VR's just said that... BIGGEST BETS (3*s) = $100 Bettor is UP $2,790 in 2014..
NBA 3*s = $100 Bettor is UP $2,100 in 2014..
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Once his 3* bets and NBA 3* bets regress (as anyone who knows math will tell you will happen, except VR himself) he will start putting up short hot streaks, seen it all before. Good luck to those who are still riding the 2014 record
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Go figure VR gave himself the worst line in Wisconsin game. That's a step up. Mr fezzick should be so honorable.
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Spreads/odds a Pro releases at has nothing to do with honor -- every Pro is obligated by rule to release at a number reasonably available AT THE TIME the pick is released.

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if VR's Wisconsin bet was a first half bet why is it graded a loser?
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