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Vegas-Runner Win Streaks

  • 2014 = $100 Bettor is UP +$2580
  • NBA Premiums = 60% on L/80..UP +$2160
  • MLB Premiums = 73% on L/26..UP +3190
  • $100 Bettor = UP +$2,200 this Week
  • 3*s = 12-2 (86%) on L/14 Biggest Bets
updated: April 18 at 10:19 AM PT


We just keep Doing Damage..

And after a PERFECT 5-0 SWEEP on Premiums, including 4-0 on 3*s..we're now 12-2 (86%) on our L/14 Biggest Bets..

Just this week a $100 Bettor is UP +$2,200..and that same $100 Bettor is UP +$3,190 on our L/26 MLB Premiums (73%)..

And more importantly, we head into the NBA Playoffs on FIRE in Hoops..

NBA Subscribers are now over 60% ATS on their L/ "80" Premiums, earning a $100 Bettor more than +$2,100..and we'll be Increasing Bet Size when the Post-Season tips off on Saturday like we always do to take advantage of the Increase in Edge..

I've been waiting since winter for the MLB Season knowing for years it's the #NFAC crew's best sport and this season I'm able to get their moves straight from the source which is something I was never able to do..and it's already paying off..

For Friday we're NOT slowing down one bit..Just the opposite as we fire "2" BIG BETS (3* MLB + 3* NHL) to get the weekend party started tonight..

Now Let's Do Some DAMAGE..#NFAC Style !!

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Fri, Apr 18 2014
4:37 PM
Awesome night and rock it in MLB. Remember your days from when you were before a pro. You R good stuff and short term haters do just that.
Thu, Apr 17 2014
7:28 PM
VR you catch a lot of shit as you are as indicated a roller coaster capper but your insight is invaluable. Nice to see you once in a while in the forums like old days. Twitter is the future but forums are still good place to stop by. All the luck.
Thu, Apr 17 2014
6:40 PM
VR - nice hits tonight. Glad I jumped on board. Keep going!!!
Tue, Apr 15 2014
10:57 AM
My man VR is on fire!! My boy starts the week " 4-2 on premiums" on only 5 picks. That would be hard for a average guy but not for my man. And my boy cashes " 2 of 3 big 3 unit bets" . See this is what really sets VR apart able to cash on losing bets.
Sat, Apr 12 2014
6:20 AM

Great job on that Yankee's 3 star play yesterday brother!

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