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10/06/15 Make Pick
931 Houston -123/+104 -1.5(150) -110 o 7.0 (-115) 21 54% 35%
8:05PM 932 New York Yankees 7 1.5(-170) 100 u 7.0 (-105) 46% 65%


10/07/15 Make Pick
933 Chicago Cubs -120/+100 -129 o 5.5 (-110) 21 67% 19%
8:05PM 934 Pittsburgh 119 u 5.5 (-110) 33% 81%


10/08/15 Make Pick
901 Texas o ()
3:00PM 902 Toronto u ()


10/09/15 Make Pick
907 New York Mets o ()
3:00PM 908 Los Angeles Dodgers u ()
10/09/15 Make Pick
909 Texas o ()
3:00PM 910 Toronto u ()
Telling you who's betting what!

Many handicappers closely follow how the public is betting. Many want to play against the public, believing the public loses more than it wins. Some like betting with the public, feeling comfort in not being alone with their bets.

In the past, the only way to follow the betting patterns of the public was to watch line moves: if the point spread moved up on the favorite, the assumption was the public was betting on the favorite; if the the line moved down, the assumption was the public was betting on the underdog. But now, with Sportsbook Spy, you are able to follow raw bet data straight from multiple sportsbooks showing exactly who is betting what!

Sportsbook Spy is the ONLY free product that combines:
* Real time data - no info held back on delay
* Data directly from multiple sportsbooks
* Not only sides, but also money lines, run lines, totals & exotics

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Big shot
Wed, Sep 30 2015
12:24 PM
The public is on a hot streak. Just follow the public thats the hottest trend this year!!!!
Thu, Aug 13 2015
9:53 AM
Hey guys where did the bet #'s go??
Wed, Jul 29 2015
4:11 PM
and the day has been saved THANKS Y'ALL
Wed, Jul 29 2015
5:49 AM
could be a bad day , the " spy " is down
Fri, Jun 19 2015
12:38 PM
Welcome to the new young hottttttttttttt chic, fresh blood never hurts, spice up the forum, welcome to the show.
Tue, Jun 16 2015
7:31 AM
How do you write opening LINEfor game 6 was PK? when its 3.5 or more like 4.5 with most??
Big shot
Sun, Jun 14 2015
1:33 PM
Reverse line on game 5. 67% of public betting on cavs and spread goes up.. GS should have no problem winning this game by more than 10
Fri, Jun 12 2015
9:55 AM
Forgot the cards royals?
Big shot
Tue, Jun 9 2015
6:08 PM
Line moves now GS gives 1.5 on the road I like GS this one. Curry wants to silence the crowd.
Big shot
Mon, Jun 8 2015
12:58 PM
Its all about the line movement. Finals game 2 spreads drops from 8.5 to 7.5 thats a lot of respect for a team missing 2 allstars going against GS who only lost 3 games all year at home.

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