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311 Green Bay 60½ 5.0 185 o 61.0 (-105) 25197 73% 71% 67%
3:05PM 312 Atlanta 5-102 -5.0 -215 u 61.0 (-115) 27% 29% 33%
01/22/17 Make Pick
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313 Pittsburgh 51 5.5(-105) 210 o 50.0 (-115) 28312 39% 52% 50%
6:40PM 314 New England -5.5(-115) -260 u 50.0 (-105) 61% 48% 50%
Telling you who's betting what!

Many handicappers closely follow how the public is betting. Many want to play against the public, believing the public loses more than it wins. Some like betting with the public, feeling comfort in not being alone with their bets.

In the past, the only way to follow the betting patterns of the public was to watch line moves: if the point spread moved up on the favorite, the assumption was the public was betting on the favorite; if the the line moved down, the assumption was the public was betting on the underdog. But now, with Sportsbook Spy, you are able to follow raw bet data straight from multiple sportsbooks showing exactly who is betting what!

Sportsbook Spy is the ONLY free product that combines:
* Real time data - no info held back on delay
* Data directly from multiple sportsbooks
* Not only sides, but also money lines, run lines, totals & exotics

New Free Version - Beta (Tell us what you think at:

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Sun, Jan 15 2017
12:56 PM
Sun, Jan 15 2017
7:01 AM
How do we see exotics
Fri, Jan 6 2017
11:24 AM
keep it up, I get on at least once a week and love what you have
Sun, Jan 1 2017
11:38 AM
How do we see the exotics
Mon, Dec 19 2016
1:33 AM
Where is this spreadsheet getting information for college basketball totals at 3:30am ET? Pinnacle has not even posted totals yet.
wilburs beard
Sat, Nov 12 2016
8:13 AM
BOL today everyone
wilburs beard
Sat, Nov 12 2016
12:35 AM
No sir I should have said but it's a loss lol wow
wilburs beard
Fri, Nov 11 2016
11:57 PM
Not a very good first half
wilburs beard
Fri, Nov 11 2016
10:48 PM
CBB late night ball Hawaii -10 yes sir
Mon, Nov 7 2016
3:46 PM
No way Buffalo plus the points. Im from Syracuse just outside Buffalo.

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