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05/27/16 Make Pick
721 Cleveland -6.5 -320 o 198.0 (-110) 38876 51% 65% 73%
8:35PM 722 Toronto 197 6.5 255 u 198.0 (-110) 49% 35% 27%


05/28/16 Make Pick
723 Golden State 2.5(-105) 130 o 220.0 (-110) 4674 23% 28% 64%
9:00PM 724 Oklahoma 221 -2.5(-115) -150 u 220.0 (-110) 77% 72% 36%


05/29/16 Make Pick
725 Toronto o ( )
8:35PM 726 Cleveland u ( )


05/30/16 Make Pick
727 Oklahoma o ( )
9:00PM 728 Golden State u ( )
Telling you who's betting what!

Many handicappers closely follow how the public is betting. Many want to play against the public, believing the public loses more than it wins. Some like betting with the public, feeling comfort in not being alone with their bets.

In the past, the only way to follow the betting patterns of the public was to watch line moves: if the point spread moved up on the favorite, the assumption was the public was betting on the favorite; if the the line moved down, the assumption was the public was betting on the underdog. But now, with Sportsbook Spy, you are able to follow raw bet data straight from multiple sportsbooks showing exactly who is betting what!

Sportsbook Spy is the ONLY free product that combines:
* Real time data - no info held back on delay
* Data directly from multiple sportsbooks
* Not only sides, but also money lines, run lines, totals & exotics

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Sat, Feb 20 2016
7:10 AM
Can u post the exotics %?
Thu, Dec 31 2015
8:22 AM
yess 70 -1 is how i do it
Thu, Dec 31 2015
8:21 AM
looks good to me its 7
Wed, Dec 30 2015
7:14 PM
Wondering about the validity of these percentages, specifically the UH/Florida St spread numbers. Couple of other sites I use are saying something significantly different.
Tue, Dec 29 2015
2:08 PM
haha, how you feeling about that now you clown?
people premium picks
Tue, Dec 8 2015
4:29 AM

the numbers are 3 things.....offshore....internet based....and completely wrong.   It was sites like spy that inspired us to form a database of the TRUE public lean....we post the real numbers when time

Mon, Dec 7 2015
6:19 PM
this game hard to watch both offenses succcccccccck
Big shot
Fri, Nov 13 2015
1:48 PM
Detroit lions getting 10.5 looks to be a lock, Tennessee also looks to be a good team to lock in. Reverse lines against public favorites always a good play.
Fri, Nov 6 2015
1:36 PM
I find this website very useful. I notice people are asking where the info is coming from and the answer is right in front of them. Also if numbers include the people who live on the moon I don't care as long as it's accuate.
Wed, Nov 4 2015
10:41 AM
vikings have a good as shot as anyone to win the superbowl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,glad i had a future on them.

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