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05/24/15 Make Pick
511 Atlanta 190 9.0(-115) 365 o 190.0 (-110) 27600 35% 12% 44%
8:30PM 512 Cleveland 8 -9.0(-105) -460 u 190.0 (-110) 65% 88% 56%


05/25/15 Make Pick
513 Golden State 5 -4.5 -190 o 213.5 (-110) 2219 79% 34% 44%
9:00PM 514 Houston 214½ 4.5 161 u 213.5 (-110) 21% 66% 56%


05/26/15 Make Pick
515 Atlanta o ( )
8:30PM 516 Cleveland u ( )


05/27/15 Make Pick
517 Houston o ( )
9:00PM 518 Golden State u ( )
Telling you who's betting what!

Many handicappers closely follow how the public is betting. Many want to play against the public, believing the public loses more than it wins. Some like betting with the public, feeling comfort in not being alone with their bets.

In the past, the only way to follow the betting patterns of the public was to watch line moves: if the point spread moved up on the favorite, the assumption was the public was betting on the favorite; if the the line moved down, the assumption was the public was betting on the underdog. But now, with Sportsbook Spy, you are able to follow raw bet data straight from multiple sportsbooks showing exactly who is betting what!

Sportsbook Spy is the ONLY free product that combines:
* Real time data - no info held back on delay
* Data directly from multiple sportsbooks
* Not only sides, but also money lines, run lines, totals & exotics

New Free Version - Beta (Tell us what you think at:

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Sun, May 17 2015
11:38 AM
Sun, Apr 19 2015
7:53 PM
Where are the bets for Sunday, April 19th....Nothing up all day?????
Mon, Apr 6 2015
11:16 AM
Thanks fellas
Mon, Apr 6 2015
4:10 AM
Stilllllllllllll no numbers for bases ......come on fellas
Sun, Apr 5 2015
2:00 AM
Opening " night " for MLB and NOOOO #'s for MLB ??????
Thu, Mar 19 2015
7:40 AM
tourney time lets get rolling winners all day today
Tue, Mar 17 2015
3:35 PM
Again no bet #s,whats up?was good for a week or two ,now again??
Fri, Mar 6 2015
7:03 AM
Im new here. Can somebody tell me why the exotics percentage doesn't show?
Sat, Feb 28 2015
3:09 PM
Still no bet #s? Looks to me like you need new tech people. Are you hiring? How much do you pay?
Wed, Feb 25 2015
2:57 PM
See bet #s are back on in NBA for tonight,hopefully back on track since NHL and tomorrow games NBA NHLgot no bet #s yet.

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