Boston Bruins Bar Tab After Winning Stanley Cup (Picture Inside)


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Boston Bruins Bar Tab After Winning Stanley Cup (Picture Inside)


The Vancouver Canucks joined three others teams in NHL history (1945 Detroit Red Wings, 1971 Chicago Blackhawks and 2009 Detroit Red Wings) to lose at home in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals after falling to the Boston Bruins 4-0 last Wednesday. The big winner in the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup was a waitress named "Danielle" at Shrine Nightclub located in Foxwoods Resort and Casino (Mashantucket, Connecticut). In their celebration bash the Bruins ran up a bar tab that included $9683.00 in liqour, $744.00 in beer, $113,654.00 in wine/champagne, $268.00 in water/Red Bull, $7460.94 in taxes and a hefty $24,869.80 service charge. How would you like to be the "bar-back" working that night and getting a percentage of all the tips?

How crazy was the party on Saturday? They actually trumped Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban when ordering a 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades Midas, which is twice the size Cuban ordered for their NBA Title win at a cost of (drum roll....) $100,000! Granted, there are only six in the entire world, but $100,000 for a bottle of bubbly? Either way, it would be hard to argue the Boston Bruins did not throw a party that would have a rapper and his entourage saying "wow". The bottle of Midas was signed by all the Boston Bruins players who were there and will be auctioned off to benefit the Bruins foundation at a later date. This was the Boston Bruins sixth Stanley Cup (1928–29, 1938–39, 1940–41, 1969–70, 1971–72, 2010–11).

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Maybe the riot was caused by angry bar owners and waitresses in Vancouver that did not get the Boston Bruins to come party after the Stanley Cup victory?

  • THATS IT. Providence.

  • I know the Lowell area very well. Used to date a girl that lived there. I am up in southern New Hampshire now. Job relocated. There used to be a good strip club the next town over, but they shut it down. Now you have to go to Providence for anything decent.

  • I will be in Boston in like 10 days. Old lady's family is from all over that area, with a bunch living in that area Ward is from. The movie was filmed a few blocks over from a relatives house. Usually hit some strip clubs with her cousin outside the state.

  • You got it JD..

  • Awesome read. Just tweeted it out. Thanks.

  • You can see a pic of the bottle on the right hand side of that article.  I heard it weighs close to 100 lbs when it is full.

  • They interviewed the club owner on a local radio show this morning. He knew the team was coming and sent a courier to New Jersey to pick it up from a distributor. They also comped rooms for them to discourage DUIs. Just found this article in the local paper too:

  • moneyman6974: where did u read that? wow if true. i read there are only 6 of those bottles in the whole world. well, 5 now.

  • That $100k bottle was comped by the owner of Shrine. Still an impressive tab.

  • service charge. $24,869.80.

  • Never even thought about the tip! Wonder what that panned out to be?

  • or a waitress.....

  • (sighing)  should of been a Hockey player........

  • Classic they paid $300 for a $30 bottle of Captain Morgan. Or like $300 on water.

  • this stuff....