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Brady Kannon
  • Won The Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest in 2011
  • Appears weekly with Ken Thomson on SportsXRadio
  • B2B Runner Up Gaming Today Brawl For It All 2013 & 2014
Brady Kannon Signature

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Brady Kannon Win Streaks

  • 2016 Golf Matchups 4-and-7
  • 2016 Free Golf Plays 3-0-and-1
  • 2015 Golf Matchups + 5.6 Units
  • Last 7-Golf Majors 53-30 (64%) Match Ups
  • NFL 2015 49-43-and-4 (53%)
updated: February 8 at 7:36 AM PT

NFL Football & Golf Specialist

Sports Radio veteran of 23-years, Golf business professional for 19-years, and Las Vegas resident for 20-years. 2011 Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest winner, Sans Souci, and record percentage holder of 72.5%. allows me to share my insights and passion with you. Follow me on Twitter @lasvegasgolfer and find us online at

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Thu, Feb 11 2016
11:48 PM
Brady, I don't have your email but I do follow your tweets. How do I get my email to you without copying the world? I mostly just read tweets and not that savvy.
Thu, Feb 11 2016
5:35 PM


Brady Kannon
Thu, Feb 11 2016
5:15 PM

Thanks, Johnny Numbers!  I have Wilcox to beat Luke Donald in a Head to Head this week.  Root 'em home!

Brady Kannon
Thu, Feb 11 2016
5:14 PM

I hear ya, Proeshwack. Are you able to reach out to me via email or twitter?

Thu, Feb 11 2016
10:12 AM
Email notification would help to minimize that impact

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01/24 NFL Side 3.0
01/24 NFL Total 47.5
01/17 NFL Side 3.0
01/16 NFL ML -235 $100
01/16 NFL Side -7.0
01/10 NFL Side 5.5
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