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Brady Kannon
  • Won The Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest in 2011
  • Appears weekly with Ken Thomson on SportsXRadio
  • Semi-finalist in The EOG 10K Handicapping Challenge in 2012
Brady Kannon Signature

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Brady Kannon Win Streaks

  • NFL 18-12-and-1 (60%) Last 31-Plays
  • NFL Monday Night 9-and-5 Last 14-Plays
  • 3-and-1 (75%) Last 4-Thursday NFL Plays
  • 2013 NFL Up 23+ Units Overall
  • 29-and-9 Last 3-Golf Majors Matchups
updated: December 15 at 8:47 PM PT

Fire The Kannon!

I must pay respects to my colleague and fellow Hilton SuperContest Champion, Steve Fezzik, for coining the phrase, "Fire The Kannon," as this blast play truly has been a champ for us. We went a perfect 3-and-0 when Firing The Kannon last season, concluding with The Eagles 54-11 thrashing of The Chicago Bears in Week 16 - and while I have not found many spots to do so this season, we are releasing our first of the year this Saturday. We trust that Week 16 will be so kind to us again this year. Jump on in and have a blast!
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Brady Kannon
Sat, Dec 13 2014
1:49 PM

If you are somebody that purchased my NFL Premium Package for this Sunday, "And Then There Were Three," I have included two more plays in the package. You should receive notification but wanted to try to get the word out here in the forum as well. Six Plays in all now for NFL Sunday Week 15..

Brady Kannon


Brady Kannon
Mon, Nov 17 2014
8:32 AM

Thanks, Sleepy!  Way to go 49'ers!

Have a great week, my friend.

Brady Kannon


Sun, Nov 16 2014
11:17 PM
Great job today Brady !
Brady Kannon
Wed, Oct 15 2014
10:52 AM

Hi KP101, sorry for the delayed response here. I started wearing a bracelet about 15-years ago when I switched over from working at the golf course to the tee time business and began sitting in front of a computer all day. All of the work on the keyboard began to really hurt my wrist. My Dad gave me a bracelet he won at a golf event or something and it friggin' worked! I have no idea why but I am not going to question it. That one was a Sabona, I believe is the brand - but I lost that one about 3-years ago and I got the new one that I currently wear from Q-Ray. Q-Ray is a bit more expensive but they offer a wider range of styles as far a I can tell. If you are experiencing any sort of nagging pain, carpal tunnel, elbow, wrist.. from your job or from golf, tennis, etc.. I highly recommend it. It works for me anyway! I never take the darn thing off.

Thanks for reaching out. Hope you enjoyed this weeks videos - and have a great week with the games!

Brady Kannon


Wed, Oct 15 2014
5:40 AM
Quick ? In your videos I noticed you always wear a bracelet. Is it the kind that golfers wear? (Magnetic) To keep your arm, hand steady.If so what brand do you wear and where can I buy one.Thank -you.K.P.

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