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Brady Kannon
  • Won The Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest in 2011
  • Appears weekly with Ken Thomson on SportsXRadio
  • Semi-finalist in The EOG 10K Handicapping Challenge in 2012
Brady Kannon Signature

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Brady Kannon Win Streaks

  • 2014 NFL PreSeason 4-and-2 (67%)
  • 2013 NFL PostSeason 8-and-2 (80%)
  • 2013 NFL Monday Night 6-and-2 (75%)
  • 2013 NFL Up 23+ Units Overall
  • 2014 Golf Majors Matchups 29-and-9 (76%)
updated: August 24 at 2:33 PM PT

NFL Football

The work has been done and the time has been spent. It is Week Three in The NFL and we are ready to go big. Seven plays in total are available all in one - as well as the Sunday Night and Monday Night as individual prime time pieces. Take your pick, we've taken ours.
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Brady Kannon
Mon, Aug 11 2014
2:06 PM

Thank you very much, Toma888. I am glad we all enjoyed it so. It was a great week - and a super tournament to watch which the previous Majors were lacking.

On to Football indeed!  If you have liked our golf picks, you will love my NFL which is being offered at a huge discount currently..

Thank you again, Sir. I really appreciate the support and you checking in to comment. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Have a great week, my friend.

Brady Kannon


Mon, Aug 11 2014
1:53 PM
Great PGA Championship. You earned your $$$. Many More! Onto Football.
Brady Kannon
Sun, Aug 10 2014
8:42 PM

No doubt, my friend. I just knew Rickie was going to miss that putt on 18 that would have given us the push. But hey, we're not complaining after another excellent final result.  29-and-9 in the Head To Heads; US Open through The PGA. It has been one fun Summer for Major Championship golf.

Thank you for the support and for the comments. I appreciate it.

On to Football!

Brady Kannon


Sun, Aug 10 2014
8:33 PM
Would have been another monster if Phil doesnt birdie 18 but again a great tourney. Thanks Brady!!
Brady Kannon
Thu, Aug 7 2014
12:12 PM

Absolutely.  You are also welcome to call if you like - the phone number is listed on our website..

Thank you,

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Add to CartNFL Week Three
$29.00 (for Sunday)
Seven plays is a BIG card for us as we have been conservative in the first two weeks, getting a feel for all that is involved.. but this begins the push as our math models develop more merit and the situations better present themselves. It's Go Time.
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 7
Add to CartSunday Night Prime Time
$12.00 (for Sunday)
A Specialty For Us Last Season
Prime Time games present opportunities unlike the standard Sunday slate and we made plenty of hay in this arena last season. This is our first singular release of the season and we're ready to pick up where we left off - waitin' all day for Sunday Night!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to CartMonday Night Football
$19.00 (for Monday)
6-and-2 MNF Last Season
We began the Monday Night campaign last season 5-and-0 and finished 6-and-2 (75%). Here we go again!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
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