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Brady Kannon
  • Won The Las Vegas Hilton NFL SuperContest in 2011
  • Appears weekly with Ken Thomson on SportsXRadio
  • Semi-finalist in The EOG 10K Handicapping Challenge in 2012
Brady Kannon Signature

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Brady Kannon Win Streaks

  • MLB 5-and-0 Post Season Run
  • MLB 21-and-11 (66%) Since September
  • NFL Monday Night 6-and-4 Last 10-Plays
  • 2013 NFL Up 23+ Units Overall
  • 2014 Golf Majors Matchups 29-and-9 (76%)
updated: October 16 at 9:18 PM PT


We just polished off our 5th straight win in Post Season Baseball along with our recommended play on The Giants to win the series with St. Louis. We are 8-and-6 overall now in the post season and 21-and-11 going back to September 1st on the diamonds.

We have been up and down and down overall in NFL Football through the first 6-weeks but the good news is my math model went 9-5-and-1 last week and we're feeling this is a sign of things to come as the league and the teams begin to settle into form statistically.

We have 5-NFL Plays for Sunday and expect to be ready to go with more baseball come Tuesday for Game One of The World Series.

Have fun,

Brady Kannon


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Brady Kannon
Wed, Oct 15 2014
10:52 AM

Hi KP101, sorry for the delayed response here. I started wearing a bracelet about 15-years ago when I switched over from working at the golf course to the tee time business and began sitting in front of a computer all day. All of the work on the keyboard began to really hurt my wrist. My Dad gave me a bracelet he won at a golf event or something and it friggin' worked! I have no idea why but I am not going to question it. That one was a Sabona, I believe is the brand - but I lost that one about 3-years ago and I got the new one that I currently wear from Q-Ray. Q-Ray is a bit more expensive but they offer a wider range of styles as far a I can tell. If you are experiencing any sort of nagging pain, carpal tunnel, elbow, wrist.. from your job or from golf, tennis, etc.. I highly recommend it. It works for me anyway! I never take the darn thing off.

Thanks for reaching out. Hope you enjoyed this weeks videos - and have a great week with the games!

Brady Kannon


Wed, Oct 15 2014
5:40 AM
Quick ? In your videos I noticed you always wear a bracelet. Is it the kind that golfers wear? (Magnetic) To keep your arm, hand steady.If so what brand do you wear and where can I buy one.Thank -you.K.P.
Brady Kannon
Sun, Sep 28 2014
9:32 AM

Nice way to start out a Sunday. On the golf course with a few winners!  3-and-1 in our Sunday Singles at The Ryder Cup and that wraps up a 6-2-and-2 event.  Hope you all enjoyed it and cashed a few tickets.

On to the rest of Sunday and that involves Week Four NFL Football and what will soon be Post Season Baseball.  Both of these opportunities are up here now..

Have a great day, Pregame Forum Community.  It has been run rolling with you the past few days.

Thank you,

Brady Kannon


Brady Kannon
Sat, Sep 27 2014
6:54 PM

1-1-and-1 with my recommended plays for Saturday morning and now 3-1-and-2 overall.  So now it's on to the Singles Matches and the final day of The Ryder Cup.  I have four matches that I feel are worth a play..

Stephen Gallacher (+130) over Phil Mickelson

Mickelson struggles on this course because of his inaccurate driver and the very penal rough. There was a reason he sat out all of Saturday and my guess is this is a big reason why.  The Europeans intentionally set the course up this way to hamper the American bombers.  I am hearing a lot of chatter about how Phil is going to rebound and put together a big effort here after being benched but like I just the opposite as when Phil presses, he often becomes even more erratic.  He already plays a bit reckless and takes gambles, which is why we often love him but from a betting perspective, I will take slow and steady to beat a possibly emotionally driven round by Lefty.

Sergio Garcia (-115) over Jim Furyk

Furyk came through for us on Saturday with Hunter Mahan but I like Jimmy in a pairing better than I do individually.  Sergio will out drive him all day and possibly out putt him.  Furyk is an excellent scrambler but I'd rather have my guy on the green than having to get up an down all day in a match play format.  Sergio has been a top 5-player in the world this season and lives for The Ryder Cup.  I will gladly take him at a short price against a guy who has often wilted under the pressure of a few big putts.

Jimmy Walker (-110) over Lee Westwood

Westwood is another guy I like a lot better in a pairing rather than as a single.  Walker will out drive him and should easily out putt him.  Jimmy has been through some grinding matches with Fowler all weekend and the freedom of Singles may open him up a bit and relax him.  If Walker has a relaxed and care free putting stroke, he should be able to frustrate Westwood with his ability to continue to hole tough putts and never allow Westwood to gain an advantage.

Jamie Donaldson (-110) over Keegan Bradley

Bradley has built a reputation for being a very competitive and clutch player but I am going with the same angle here as we did with Mickelson, in terms of not being able to handle the thick rough - and the theory that this was a big reason why he sat out on Saturday.  Donaldson is one of the best players in the world that not a lot of people know about.  He was tremendous in team play and I think he has such confidence now in his first ever Ryder, that he will prevail over another American who may be pressing.

My NFL Week Four package is up here now along with my Post Season Baseball Package at a price that will never be lower.. and we roll into the post season on a 13-and-5 run on the diamonds for September.

Enjoy an action packed Sunday with Baseball, Football, and The Ryder Cup!

Thank you,

Brady Kannon


Brady Kannon
Fri, Sep 26 2014
3:24 PM

For Saturday at The Ryder Cup, I really think Bubba-Kuchar over Rosey-Stenson is worth a shot at +150 or better. Kuchar's steadiness ought to keep Bubba settled and focused. I also believe Bubba will be hard pressed to bounce back after his debacle with The Webber on Friday. It is a great combination of length and short game between these two.  Rose and Stenson had a fairly easy Friday with two victories out of the gate, and could be riding a little high right now and ripe for a let down. I think this is a competitive match and the price is too nice to pass up.

I really want no part of the Spieth-Reed vs. Bjorn-Kaymer match. That ought to be a brawl.  I do lean slightly with Furyk and Mahan over Donaldson-Westy at around -107. The Americans here are not only veteran Ryder's but very grind it out, consistent, straight hitting, extremely competitive players who buy into the whole fierce competition aspect 100%, which all plays into the hands of this course. Westwood can be inconsistent and Donaldson, in his debut cup, may be a bit caught up in the pomp, circumstance, and thrill of his first ever victory on Friday.. over Furyk by the way, who could have a little revenge on his mind.

Finally, I will lay the price of roughly -130 with Rory and Poults over The Butch Harmon duo of Rickie and Jimmy. Rory got his shaky stuff out of the way on Friday and loves beating Fowler as he did in two straight Majors earlier this year. Poulter is a cold blooded Ryder Cup killer and I think this pairing comes out swinging over an opponent who had a tough run on Friday with two exhausting halves.

My NFL Week Four package is up here now along with my Post Season Baseball Package, currently being offered at its lowest price...

Thank you as always and have a great weekend!

Brady Kannon


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