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updated: October 31 at 8:14 AM PT

Fri BestBet Package is UP, NFL 3* SHOCKER package is UP

3-1 NIGHT THURDAY! Get EVERY bet I make on the games played Fri.....ALL sports BONUS: I included my 3* CFB TOTAL in this package as a bonus (released Wed Night as my last Early Bird Play). NFL SUNDAY, RARE 3* BEST BET SIDE is UP in my NFL package
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Fri, Oct 31 2014
9:23 AM

Vinny needs to stay off this thread, you don't congratulate for a game that still is going on. Such a mush

Fri, Oct 31 2014
6:43 AM
If they pick up the first down and don't score on that play, it probably covers.
Fri, Oct 31 2014
2:50 AM
Let this guy bust Spartan who gave it out as triple play. It's gambling Grow up
Fri, Oct 31 2014
2:49 AM
Hey I bust your balls plenty but you are focused and picks have been solid. If the #s aren't right then it effects the units of the play . Good call no complaints
Thu, Oct 30 2014
9:30 PM

Jacob THE GREAT NEWS is that if you have a local dealing THIS game +7, (and I am being serious) STOP BUYING MY PICKS.   Simply get his lines on public games and if he deals them 3+ points off BET EVERY ONE OF THEM as a HUGE BET......

Remember me when you are putting in your new kitchen.........

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