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updated: September 29 at 8:58 AM PT


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Thu, Sep 29 2016
11:00 AM
Cincy -7.5 lean I lean against Wash -7.5 Play acccordingly. Agree with Bob, I only looked at THIS week for my post.
Thu, Sep 29 2016
9:59 AM

Per survivor question:

Bengals are the better choice only if you want to get to Week 7. Redskins are a better choice to survive past week 7 (play Bengals @ home vs Browns, Week 7). Answer does depend on which teams you have used so far.

Thu, Sep 29 2016
8:41 AM
RE: "MY Guys" I am referring to pro bettors I coordinate with.....
Thu, Sep 29 2016
7:02 AM
Bengals is a better survivor pick than Wash.
Thu, Sep 29 2016
4:23 AM
Hey Fezz, survivor question. I have over 50 picks in big money pots. Was thinking about putting most of my shares behind Cincy. Then I was leaning Washington at home vs Cleveland but think they may let down. Also how worried would you be about the Dolphins clicking?

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Fri, 09/30/16 - 10:15 PM Fezzik | CFB Side
free pick 107 Toledo 4.0 (-110) Southpoint vs 108 BYU
Analysis: Two pretty equal teams, give BYU 4 for HFA (and the extra travel) and the line looks right.

However, typically in these games the team like Toledo is looking ahead to conference games, and this becomes a throw away game, and we look towards the Home Team Independent.

HOWEVER, this is actually an off the chart good spot for TOLEDO.  Toledo played Maine and Fresno, and then had a bye.  Toledo is well rested, and has 8 days before their next game.

Contrast that with Byu who has gotten the HELL beat out of them, with four tough opponents, including Utah, UCLA, W Virg @Landover.   They have Michgan State next, along with many other tough games.

Toledo would LOVE to knock off a 'name' team like this, and I think that is exactly what is going to happen here! 

Note, my guys actually have Toledo rated a few points better, so this one is REALLY good.
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