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updated: August 30 at 8:37 PM PT

CFB EARLY BIRD, new play going up 8am PST today

Likely two totals on Wednesday also..... Good to start the CFB week off right win an EZ winner, Mia/LOU UNDER 55.5!
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Tue, Sep 2 2014
9:16 PM

Now this is getting laughable . . . BET LIKE A PRO IS GUARANTEED TO TURN A PROFIT OR YOU DON'T PAY . . . under the terms of the program, if Fezzik is up units there's no way for the client to be down (because fees are taken ONLY out of profit).

It's one things to be critical . . . it's another to make stuff up. PickNinja, the next instance of this type of harassment will result in a one month ban.

Tue, Sep 2 2014
7:47 PM

His service cost 3 Units per month


21-36= NEGATIVE 15 Units.......

Vinny Rombi
Tue, Sep 2 2014
3:20 PM

Lots of negativity as usual.  A 21 unit win is a fine year!  Sure not as good as Fezzik's best years but even ComptrBob, who is known to be a Fezzik hater, verifies that the record is accurate at 21 units.  18 months on Pregame and over 70 units of profit, so if you bet the recommended 1% of your bankroll as a unit like most experts say to do conservatively, you pretty much doubled your bankroll, because youd bet more when the bankroll went up.  Doubling your bankroll in 18 months is great!

But now if you bet more aggressive you did even better.  Expert Todd Furhman from Fox Sports suggested using 2.5% as your unit size.  If you use that unit size, you did even better!  I just texted my boy Jimmy the Geek from Columbia University and he said that using 2.5% of bankroll as your bet size you would have increased your bankroll almost 5 times!

So Fezzik has kicked ass since joining Pregame and all we get are accusations of shilling and negativity.  Seems like thats always the case here.  No one wants to congratulate the pros when they win they just want to complain when they lose.

Tue, Sep 2 2014
11:22 AM
AF - 2.5 pls advise.
Andy Fezzik
Tue, Sep 2 2014
10:50 AM

All the Bet Like a Pro picks are logged here:

Computer Bob scored 2013 BLP as -- Overall posted picks, 2013: W/L/T 622-536-20, 53.71%, +21.265u

Don't have an up-to-date summary for 2014 but last I checked Computer Bob had the total at over +50 units

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Sun, 09/07/14 - 1:00 PM Fezzik | NFL Side
free pick 472 NYJ -5.0 (-110) SportsInterAction vs 471 OAK
Analysis: EVERYONE is going to bet against Oakland here.....let's get on this ASAP
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09/01 CFL Side -110 L
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09/01 CFB Total 56.0
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08/30 CFB Side 0.0
08/30 CFB Total 57.5
08/30 CFB Side 11.0
08/30 CFB Total 56.0
08/30 CFB Total 55.5
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