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  • 75-52 CFB ALL PLAYS 2014
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  • +75 UNITS YTD all sports
updated: October 19 at 9:47 PM PT

The Advantage Gambler Never Sleeps

Betting with an edge is a 24/7 job..........whenever you are 'offline' either not working or sleeping, you are losing some of your edge.

Part of the reason we have been able to do so well with the Bet Like a  Pro
Program is that we can spot great bets 24/7, and get at it/text it out whether it is 10pm PST, 7AM PST, or during the day. 

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but I'm 100% convinced that this approach gives the bettor THE very best chance to win.

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Wed, Oct 22 2014
8:06 PM

Nobody cares about your stories Andy, try contributing instead of mindlessly shilling.

Wed, Oct 22 2014
5:38 PM
Denver has a HUGE SOSchedule edge
Wed, Oct 22 2014
5:38 PM
I made a video picking SD 7.5 vs. Denver due to the great spot. My latest numbers have it power rated at Den -9.5, so obviously I've lost my desire to bet SD.
Wed, Oct 22 2014
4:18 PM
Focus on winning folks. Lots of games to make money on.......
Andy Fezzik
Wed, Oct 22 2014
3:40 PM

I think the only thing we have learned is that you are a F'ing troll. 23 posts. Join date September 2014. Not your community, pal. The embarrassing thing is the handful of A-holes who came over here from another forum solely to harass Fezzik. Those clowns need to get a life.

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10/19 NFL Side 3.5
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10/18 CFB Total 59.5
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10/17 CFB Side -6.5
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