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Thu, Oct 27 2016
9:46 PM
Fezz what do you think about Hou/Det over 46? Jones Riddick likely back to full, Houston off short week from altitude likely to have trouble playing D, fall behind, have Pickweiler throwing mistakes. Biggest concern is Detroit playing conservative with a lead..
Thu, Oct 27 2016
6:46 PM
Any idea why the drop in the Pitt/vt total over the course of the week? Moved toward under quite a bit but soaring over tonight. Thanks.
Wed, Oct 26 2016
6:54 AM
CFB 3* Total of the month goes up in 35 minutes!
Wed, Oct 26 2016
6:54 AM
Titans is the best survival play. Customer appreciation NBA play has been included with my NFL early releases, get it in the Write up to the last NFL play.
Tue, Oct 25 2016
9:20 PM
Steve, Survivor pool this week. 78 people left. Pot is about 20,000 Tennesee Houston Tampa bay Which one you feel strongest about? Thanks

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