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Stephen Nover
  • Genuine sports betting journalist
  • Has Won 17 of 18 Yrs in NFL
  • Taught college courses at UNLV on handicapping
Stephen Nover Signature

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Stephen Nover Win Streaks

  • 31-16 (66%) Last 47 Triple Stars
  • 36-20-2 (64%) NBA Triple Stars
  • 11-4 (73%) Last 15 CBB Triple Stars
  • 192-150-8 Last 350 NBA Plays
  • 90-72-3 Last 165 Basketball Plays
updated: April 17 at 11:57 PM PT

31-16 Last 47 Triple Stars; 3-0 MLB Package Goes Today

Vegas pro Stephen Nover is 31-16 on his last 47 Triple Stars for 66 percent after losing with the Brewers against the Pirates on Thursday. Stephen has three plays going today, including his Run Line Game of the Week and a free play that is included with his side play. The long-time wise guy is 36-20-2 lifetime on his NBA Triple Stars for 64 percent and finished 11-4 (73%) on his last 15 Triple Star college basketball plays.

Stephen is 89-72-3 on his last 164 paid/free basketball plays and is 192-150-8 (56%) on his last 350 NBA plays.

Whether it's short term or long term, Stephen wins. Now's the perfect time to jump in and start sharing in the profits with Stephen's discounted NBA playoff package.
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Stephen Nover
Fri, Apr 18 2014
3:32 PM

There's a free play inside my sides play. Also my run line game of the week is included so there are a total of three plays in the package. BOL.

Fri, Apr 18 2014
12:56 PM
Fri, Apr 18 2014
12:55 PM
Los the RL added ? Confused it says ML in the play and only 2 picks when card says 3
Thu, Apr 17 2014
9:32 PM
oh nevermind i see it was milwaukee...i actually bet the bucco's tonight...i'd bet milwaukee 2mar though
Thu, Apr 17 2014
9:32 PM
what was the pick?

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Last 10 Picks from Stephen Nover
04/18 MLB Total 7
04/18 MLB ML -116
04/18 MLB ML -115
04/17 MLB ML -105 -$315
04/16 MLB Total 8
04/16 NBA Total 212.5
04/16 NBA Sides -13.5
04/15 MLB Total 8
04/15 MLB ML -110 -$220
04/14 NBA ML -130 -$260
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