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Stephen Nover
  • 13 Years at Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Taught college courses at UNLV on handicapping
  • Profited 18 of last 20 NFL seasons!
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Stephen Nover Win Streaks

  • 29-17-1 (63%) Last 47 Triple Stars
  • 81-50 (62%) Last 131 NBA Plays
  • 167-105-6 (61%) L278 Basketball/NHL
  • 15-8-2 (65%) NHL Premium Run
  • 41-24-7 (63%) NHL Run
updated: May 4 at 11:43 PM PT

81-50 Last 131 NBA Plays with Heat-Raptors Play Today

Stephen Nover is back in NBA action with a Double Star sides play in today's Heat-Raptors game. Stephen is enjoying another huge NBA season going 81-50 on his past 131 premium and free NBA plays, including cashing seven of his past 10. 

The long-time pro is 29-17-1 (63%) on his last 46 Triple Stars after losing in overtime with the Capitals on his Triple Star Stanley Cup Playoff Game of the Year on Wednesday. Still, Stephen is having a big hockey season going 41-24-7 on his last 72 premium and free NHL plays, including 15-8-2 on his past 25. 

Stephen is now 168-105-7 on his past 280 premium and free football, basketball and hockey plays and 250-211-9 on his last 460 Triple Stars.

The Vegas wise guy finished his college basketball season on a 46-30 (61 percent) run on his last 76 premium and free college plays and concluded his 20th winning NFL season in the last 22 years by cashing 11 of his last 15 NFL plays. Stephen also concluded his college football season in a blaze going 13-3 on his last 16 premium plays, including 7-2 in the bowls. 

So get on board and starting turning major profits in every sport. The proof is in the winning and high percentages. The best way to get all of Stephen's winners is with a subscription so not to miss a single winning play. 

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Paypurr Tiger
Thu, May 5 2016
6:39 AM

The Caps was a good 'cap situationally, I saw another tout make them a top play so I was all in on them.  But franchise quality matters: The Caps haven't been in the playoffs much, and when they did make it they are SU: 39-43 (0.02, 47.6%) despite being faves by an avg line of -126.3.  As playoff faves they are only SU: 11-11 (0.27, 50.0%) with an  avg line of -186.4.  In retrospect, not a gang you want to put a GOY tag on.

Stephen Nover
Thu, May 5 2016
12:06 AM

The marketplace would strongly disagree with you Deijr. I put out the Capitals on Tuesday afternoon shortly after word came out that Kris Letang, arguably the Penguins' most important player, was suspended for this game. At that time I could get the Capitals at even money and even at plus money at a few shops. The Capitals closed as high as minus $1.40.

It's disheartening to see a Triple Star play - especially a Game of the Year type play - fall in the mix when you expect it to be an easy winner. The Capitals lost in overtime. Credit to the Penguins for excellent coaching and sucking it up.

I hope you have more Triple Star winners than losers. I had a five-goal Triple Star winner on Tuesday with the Blues on my Game of the Week. Did you play that? I am 29-17-1 (63 percent) on my last 47 Triple Stars. So you should be on the plus side if you were tailing.

Wed, May 4 2016
8:26 PM
Steven I bought your hockey play tonight and I watch the game even after reading your ****ysis it's beyond me how the Washington Capitals were going to win this game it's just unbelievable!-$$$ Lost. Another triple dime bet of my money down the tubes.
Wed, May 4 2016
8:21 PM
Nope :(
Wed, May 4 2016
4:44 PM
I'm on board with the GOY guarantee let's get this $$$

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