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Stephen Nover
  • 13 Years at Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Taught college courses at UNLV on handicapping
  • Profited 18 of last 20 NFL seasons!
Stephen Nover Signature

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Stephen Nover Win Streaks

  • 20 of 22 Winning NFL Seasons
  • 31-21-1 CFB Run; 78% Bowl Winners
  • 123-103-3 (+38.8 Units) Last 104 Days
  • 241-179-9 (+46 Units) BB/NHL/FB
  • 10-4 Baseball Run
updated: October 22 at 8:49 PM PT

66% Hockey Over/Under Winners with Totals Play Today

I am 7-2-1 on my last 10 NFL Triple Stars and going for my 21st winning season in the NFL in the last 23 years. But I'm passing on Monday's Texans-Broncos game. Instead, I'm putting my Monday bankroll on a hockey total. I beat the NHL last season - and I'm beating it again this year aided by cashing 66 percent of my totals plays. 

I am 32-23-1 on my last 54 college football premium plays and 12-6 for 67 percent in the Canadian Football League this season. 

Long-term, my clients and I are up 48.6 units on my last 429 premium and free football, basketball and hockey plays at 241-179-9. 

I've been a professional handicapper for many years having begun as a sports journalist covering sports gaming for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You'll always know where I stand with comprehensive, in-depth analysis on every pick. 

So hop on board and start winning across the board as the timing is great with a special early bird basketball package now available for a limited time. 

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Sun, Oct 23 2016
6:43 PM
It's just amazing how your still on this site
Sun, Oct 23 2016
6:41 PM
Hey its the troll again writing you reminding you how long much you succk Hey a new job you loser
Sun, Oct 23 2016
6:34 PM
Killing this over Steve, great call!
Sun, Oct 16 2016
7:51 PM
The guys 2 of his last 10 nfl plays. I bet 100 each game and down to my last 300. Stop sticking up for this clown.
Sun, Oct 16 2016
7:12 PM

[quote user="fyahnuta"]Your a joke Nover had to put it all on Texans due to your shitty picks the last 2 weeks. I should just continue buying your picks and bet the opposite.


That's just really poor money management then. Have a plan, bet based off a reasonable unit size, and nover very likely will have you up in NFL at the end of the season. Money management is the most important thing in sports. Just my two cents 

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66% Hockey Over/Under Winners
It's a short Monday board, but there's a hockey total that stands out. Stephen Nover turned a tidy profit in the NHL last season and he's beating it again this season cashing 66 percent of his totals so far. Put the odds in your favor by taking advantage of another hockey over/under winner. 
Sports: NHL; number of picks: 1
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10/23 NFL ML -140 -$280
10/23 NFL Side 6.5
10/23 NFL Total 43.5
10/22 CFB Side 6.5
10/22 CFB Side -7.5
10/22 CFB Total 64.5
10/22 NHL ML -135 -$270
10/22 NHL Total 5.5
10/22 CFB Total 57.5
10/21 NHL ML -110 -$220
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