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Stephen Nover
  • 13 Years at Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Taught college courses at UNLV on handicapping
  • Profited 18 of last 20 NFL seasons!
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Stephen Nover Win Streaks

  • 53-23-2 (68%) Last 78 Plays
  • 30-13-(70%) Last 43 NBA Plays
  • 11-5 (69%) Last 16 College Basketball
  • 212-178-8 Last 397 Triple Stars
  • 20 of 22 Winning NFL Seasons
updated: February 11 at 11:25 PM PT

5-0 Thursday Pushes Streak to 53-23-2 (68%) Last 78 Plays!

Stephen Nover continued his sizzling ways going 5-0 on his NBA, CBB and NHL on Thursday pushing his hot streak to 53-23-2 on his last 78 premium and free plays for 68 percent! Stephen won his Triple Star NBA Game of the Week by 26 points with the Thunder last night and has his Triple Star NHL Game of the Week going today following a 3-0 NHL Thursday. 

Stephen's NBA run is up to 30-13 (70 percent) on his last 43 premium and free NBA plays and his long-term Triple Star record is 212-178-8. 

The long-time pro is 11-5 on his past 16 college basketball plays and  he's cashing 68 percent of his hockey plays since the middle of January. Stephen finished his 20th winning NFL season in the last 22 years by cashing 11 of his last 15 plays. Stephen also finished his college football season in a blaze going 13-3 on his last 16 premium plays, including 7-2 in the bowls. 

So get on board and starting turning major profits in every sport. The best way to get all of Stephen's winners is with a subscription so not to miss a single play. 
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Thu, Feb 11 2016
1:28 PM

That Celtic team is never out of it, seen them come from way down and what look like impossible situations many a time, almost did it 3x in a week, that team is going to be a tough out for Cleveland in the playoffs, might be worth a future bet to win the East.

Stephen Nover
Thu, Feb 11 2016
12:24 PM

Thanks Levi. I really like Brad Stevens and I give the Celtics major props for a gutty effort last night.

Thu, Feb 11 2016
12:11 PM

Nice first half NBA Stephen.

Stayed away from the Clips last night myself as that game really looked like a coin flip to me. As I was reading your write up about the Clips having Boston's number I remember saying to myself "but Boston has their best team since Doc left" anyhow, good job and g/l in the 2h.

Stephen Nover
Thu, Feb 11 2016
7:00 AM

Sorry to hear Haterrzn. I went 2-1 on my NBA last night, but the Clippers were my big play. Too bad they choked it away. I like to ride a hot hand when I have it and am seeing the board well. I usually play just 1 or 2 games per sport per night, but last night's was a huge NBA card and I happen to like three sides. Thanks for the feedback and best of luck.

Wed, Feb 10 2016
8:29 PM
i think theres too many picks too choose from steph I had all my money riding on the clippers game because that was your 3* pick but the others won so it confuses me on which ones to do I mean I want make profit but I cant put 100 on each of those games like that so now im out 330 :(

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Stephen Nover is on a monster hot streak going 5-0 last night to push his run to 53-23-2 on his last 78 premium and free plays! Stephen won his Triple Star NBA Game of the Week by 26 points with the Thunder last night and has his Triple Star NHL Game of the Week going today. The long-time pro is 13-6-3 on his last 22 premium and free hockey plays for 68 percent after a 3-0 hockey Thursday card. So put the winning odds on your side with Stephen's top hockey play of the week. 
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