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André Gomes
  • True NBA Expert
  • Certified winner in MLB, NFL & Soccer
  • Enthusiast of advanced stats & insightful write ups
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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • NBA TY: 58% ATS in 322 Plays
  • NBA TY: 186-136 ATS | +40.15un 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 2013-2014:+65.3un (55% ATS) 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 2006-2014:+301.9un (55% ATS) 1-2-3MM
updated: January 25 at 8:21 AM PT

NBA Sunday Card

Daily Message:

We went 0-1 on the NBA yesterday, for a rare losing day. We're having our best NBA Season ever and I look forward to continuing our winning ways during the rest of the year as well. For today, we have a 11-games card and I'm currently focusing all my attention on it, so we can win big time today!


NBA 2014-15 RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 186-136-4 ATS | +126.86 units
NBA 2014-15 RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 186-136-4 ATS | +40.15 units

NBA 2014-15 Regular Season Records Spreadsheet (click here)
NBA 2006-2014 Regular Season Records Spreadsheet (click here)

Yesterday's Recap:

Detroit -2.5 LOSS

For more information:

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Sun, Jan 25 2015
3:11 PM
Brick city USA-OK CITY.
Sun, Jan 25 2015
3:03 PM
man I thought we had that over. what the hell happen.there was 173 points with 9 minutes left
Sun, Jan 25 2015
2:49 PM
Oak City out-of-sync. MIAMI : 11-straight unders. WOW.
andre gomes
Sun, Jan 25 2015
12:03 PM
NOTE: Early Play added for the OKC x CLE game (3:30PM EST) ***SUBSCRIBERS ONLY PLAY***
Sun, Jan 25 2015
9:45 AM
Will Cashmen buy $300 to get $500 bulk dollars and then his package goes from $699 to $499

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NBA 2006-2014: +301.9un (55%ATS)
NBA 2006-2014: +301.9un (55%ATS)
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01/25 NBA Total 211.0
01/25 NBA Sides -3.0
01/25 NBA Sides -3.0
01/24 NBA Sides -2.5
01/23 NBA Sides -9.5
01/22 NBA Total 197.0
01/22 NBA Sides -13.0
01/21 NBA Sides -2.0
01/21 NBA Sides -2.0
01/21 NBA Sides -5.5
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