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André Gomes
  • True NBA Expert
  • Graduate in Economics
  • Based in Portugal - avoids same-old-thinking
André Gomes Signature

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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • MLB 2nd Half: 102-76 ATS [+24.8 units]
  • MLB 2014: 137-115 ATS | +54.9un 3-4-5MM
  • L2 NBA Reg. Seasons = +142.5 units!
  • NBA 2006-2013: +231.1 un 1-2-3 MM
  • NFL 2013: 69-53-3 ATS +14.00un 1-2-3MM
updated: August 31 at 3:50 AM PT

Sunday MLB + Soccer EPL Round 3

MLB 2014 Reg. Season RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 137-115 ATS | +54.9 units
MLB 2014 Reg. Season RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 137-115 ATS | +18.6 units

Soccer 2014-15 Season RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 11-12 ATS | -14.7 units
Soccer 2014-15 Season RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 11-12 ATS | -5.7 units

Yesterday's MLB Recap Plays:

Colorado ML WIN
Minnesota ML LOSS
Over CWS/DET 9.5 WIN
Houston ML WIN
Washington ML WIN

Yesterday's Soccer Recap Plays:

Stoke City (+2) WIN
Over QPR/Sunderland 2  LOSS
Swansea City (-0.5) WIN
Newcastle (-0.5) LOSS
Chelsea (-0.25) WIN

Daily Message: 


After three consecutive subpar days in the MLB to start the week, we bounced back pretty strong in this last 2 days to recover our losses and even add some units to our season record. We set a new season high of profits for the season in the MLB and I'm looking forward to end the month in a high note.

We are now 102-76 ATS in the second half of season for a nice +24.8 units to show using a 1-2-3MM system or +68.7 units using my recommended 3-4-5MM system. Please note that the average odds of my MLB plays are @ +100 / 2.00, so we are not talking about laying huge odds in favorites teams, instead, we have been aggressive in our approach w/ nice success.

In Soccer, we are coming from a profitable card as well by going 3-2 ATS in our plays. It could have been a spectacular day but we lost our play w/ Newcastle in the last minute of the game (95th). For today I have released 2 Soccer plays (both start @8:30 AM EST / 2:30PM CET). 

As usual stay tuned especially on my twitter @gomescapper for news about the release of content throughout the day!

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Sun, Aug 17 2014
5:26 AM
I still haven't gotten my Sunday soccer pick. Game starts in 5 minutes. When I log in it doesn't list the pick
Sat, Aug 16 2014
9:21 AM
I bought the soccer picks...and didn't get them. This is not the first time this has happen with Andre's soccer picks. WTF!! I emailed pregame already, any suggestions?
Thu, Aug 14 2014
2:57 PM
when are they shutting down... lol
Thu, Aug 14 2014
12:40 PM
Have to ask, how can u possibly take an under in a game being pitched by Edwin jackson
Thu, Jul 17 2014
9:33 PM

very true betsoon

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08/31 MLB ML 110 -$100
08/31 MLB ML 110 L
08/31 MLB ML -128 -$128
08/31 MLB Total 7.5
08/31 MLB ML -108 $100
08/31 MLB ML 110 -$100
08/31 MLB ML -142 $100
08/30 MLB ML 155 -$100
08/30 MLB Total 9.5
08/30 MLB ML -117 $100
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