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2* Elite 8 Best Bet ready for Sunday!


And I have a Best Bet loaded for Monday CBI Finals action!

Pregame is the only place to get my picks.

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Wed, Mar 15 2017
6:27 PM

Winner in the NIT with Central Florida tonight. Let's try to cash a few more tickets tomorrow.

Wed, Mar 15 2017
6:21 PM
7-3 last ten. 14-9 current run going into the start of the Big Dance tomorrow. Looking forward to that! Three picks for opening day are already up. As is my M.O. I will also continue to cap games in the NIT and CIT in search of "off lines". Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the month!
Wed, Mar 15 2017
6:12 PM
Much obliged, JR. Great work you are doing now, too, bro! Best of luck for the NCAA Tournament starting tomorrow. And keep on cashing 'em, buddy.
JR ODonnell
Sun, Mar 5 2017
5:36 AM
Solid 4-1 day Simon...Props Boss ...keep it up!!!
Wed, Mar 1 2017
6:46 PM
If you look at the bottom right at his paid plays, I have no idea how ANYONE would buy his picks. Its really bad, his 3* record is 1-6 ouch

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