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Rocky Atkinson
  • A relentless, hard-working grinder
  • Compounded edges more like investing than betting
  • 10 straight documented winning CFB seasons
Rocky Atkinson Signature

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Rocky Atkinson Win Streaks

  • 66-34 66% MLB run!
  • 436-312 58.3% last 7 years in CBB!
  • 80% in NBA and NHL playoffs LY!
  • 67-36 65% last 3 years with all bowls!
  • 29-18 62% all sports run!
updated: April 23 at 7:13 PM PT


Rocketman has a  MLB Double Dime Winner  for Thursday! Rocketman is  documented 66-34 66% last 100 MLB plays and has cashed 75% with all MLB picks this year !  Don't miss this easy winner!
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Rocky Atkinson
Wed, Apr 23 2014
3:08 PM

Thank you!!  Best of luck tonight!

Wed, Apr 23 2014
3:06 PM
Nice call last night on Washington!
Rocky Atkinson
Tue, Apr 22 2014
11:31 AM

Hey Pregameken!  Hope you are doing good and thanks for your interest.  I went 4-1 80% in NBA playoffs last year.  I don't release a lot of postseason picks in any sport so when I do its usually money most of the time.  Best of luck tonight whatever you decide!

Tue, Apr 22 2014
11:29 AM
thinking about buying a pick from you for the first time. saw you went 80% last year in nba playoffs. Do you mind teling me what your W/L record was during the nba playoffs? i could go find it myself but using pregame's record platform is very time consuming...
Rocky Atkinson
Sun, Apr 20 2014
9:03 AM

FREE MLB play Sunday 4-20-14

Cincinnati @ Chicago Cubs  2:20 PM EST

Play On:  Cincinnati -116 (Bailey/Villanueva) Listed

The Cincinnati Reds travel to Chicago to take on the Cubs on Sunday afternoon.  Cincinnati comes in with a 7-10 SU overall record this year while the Chicago Cubs are 5-11 SU overall this season.  Chicago Cubs are 89-159 last 3 years and 2-10 this year against right handed starters.  Cincinnati is scoring 5.4 runs per game their past 7 games overall.  Cincinnati is allowing only 3.1 runs per game in day games this year where opponents have been held to a combined .203 batting average.  Cubs are scoring only 3.1 runs per game in day games this year with a team batting average of only .207 and 3.3 runs per game their past seven games overall.  Carlos Villanueva is 1-3 with an 11.57 ERA in all games this year and 1-1 with an 11.25 ERA in all starts this season.  He has allowed 16 hits in 8 innings pitched as a starter.  Cincinnati is 18-4 when playing at the Chicago Cubs the past 3 years.  Homer Bailey is 7-2 in his 13 starts vs Chicago Cubs and his team has won 11 of those 13 games.  We'll recommend a small play on Cincinnati today!  Thanks and good luck, Rocky

Rocketman Sports was documented hitting 80% last year in the NHL playoffs!  Rocketman has a TOP RATED NHL TRIPLE DIME Winner for Sunday!  Get it now and WIN BIG!  Another winning regular season is in the books for the Rocketman!

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04/23 NHL ML -135
04/22 MLB ML -121 L
04/22 NBA Sides 5.0
04/21 NHL ML -120 $300
04/20 MLB ML -116 W
04/20 NHL ML 201 -$300
04/19 NBA Sides -2.5
04/19 MLB ML -145 $200
04/18 MLB ML -110 L
04/16 NBA Sides -4.5
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