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Rocky Atkinson
  • A relentless, hard-working grinder
  • Compounded edges more like investing than betting
  • 10 straight documented winning CFB seasons
Rocky Atkinson Signature

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Rocky Atkinson Win Streaks

  • 97-67 59% MLB run!
  • 436-312 58.3% last 7 years in CBB!
  • 94-49 66% Football run!
  • 46-20 70% overall football run!
  • 56-28 67% overall in football 2014!
updated: November 25 at 7:52 AM PT

Rocky has Won 15 out of 17 overall years in his history!

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Rocky Atkinson
Wed, Nov 26 2014
2:21 AM

Thanks Rosie.  He is about to have surgery this morning.  Pablor, yes the triple went down with Arizona in NHL.  They blew a 3-0 lead and a 3-1 lead going into third period. The double hit with the nuggets. I would go somewhere else too with the record I have.  Good luck in the future.

Tue, Nov 25 2014
9:12 PM
Sun, Nov 23 2014
9:22 AM
Hope all is well with your Son!!!
Rocky Atkinson
Sun, Nov 23 2014
9:14 AM

Rosie, it is fixed.  Sorry, been a long night.  Was at the Emergency Room with my son all night.  Was up 22 hours straight.  Thanks and good luck today!

Sun, Nov 23 2014
9:00 AM
Just purchasesd your NFL package and your triple dime has the wrong write up hopefully it is the right play GL today

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11/22 CFB Side 7.5
11/21 CBB Sides 6.5
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11/21 CBB Sides 6.5
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