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Rocky Atkinson
  • A relentless, hard-working grinder
  • Compounded edges more like investing than betting
  • 10 straight documented winning CFB seasons
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Rocky Atkinson Win Streaks

  • 28-15 65% last 43 MLB plays!
  • 88-54 62% last 4 years all bowls!
  • 164-114 59% Football run!
  • 116-85 58% overall football run!
  • 23-15 61% last 38 NHL plays!
updated: June 30 at 7:54 PM PT

Rocky has Won 16 out of 18 overall years in his history!

Rocky Atkinson has a TOP RATED MLB TRIPLE DIME MONSTER for Thursday. One of the BEST HANDICAPPERS in the world is on an impressive 27-15 64% MLB run over his last 44 picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $11,050 since May 05, 2016 with his total on Reds v. Nationals!  10-3 77% last 13 MLB Totals!
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Wed, Jan 13 2016
7:12 PM
Was the play still 3* strong with leading scorer injured?
Thu, Jan 7 2016
3:50 PM
Sorry for the misunderstanding. You had'nt passed on you're plays on any day since I've been with you then two days in a row. Must be the PTSD kicking in again.
Rocky Atkinson
Thu, Jan 7 2016
1:35 PM


Every day I look at the NBA injury report. I start off with the first team and see who is listed on the report. These are the average number of points these teams will be without tonight.


OUT: Take players average points per game and multiply by 1 DOUBTFUL: Take players average points per game and multiply by .75 QUESTIONABLE: Take players average points per game and multiply by .50 PROBABLE: Take players average points per game and multiply by .25

Here are the results for today’s NBA matchups for Thursday 1-7-16!  Beside the team you will find the calculated Rocketman Injury Rating.  The Higher the Injury rating means the more points per game they will be without.

Atlanta (1.4)

Philadelphia (0)

Boston (14.7)

Chicago (4.5)

Utah (35.7)

Houston (21.7)

LA Lakers (7.2)

Sacramento (18.7)

Hope this helps out some. This system hits big percentages when we have a differential of 20 or more and the trends add up to leaning to that same team. It takes a little time to do this every day but it pays off in the end!   No plays for Thursday fit the 20 point differential and the trend analysis I use.



Thanks and good luck today!

Rocky Atkinson

Rocketman Sports

Rocketman Sports has a TOP NBA TRIPLE DIME BEST BET and a NBA Double Dime play for Thursday!  Rocketman is 29-16 64% last 45 overall NBA plays and 32-16 67% last 48 TOP NBA plays!  Get on board now and WIN BIG again!  Perfect so far this week all plays!

Join me on the page or at

Rocky Atkinson
Thu, Jan 7 2016
1:34 PM

I passed Tuesday and Wednesday as nothing added up to a play.  I don't force plays that are not there.  Best of luck tonight!  

Wed, Jan 6 2016
2:40 PM
Bought 30 day access and now you're MIA the past 2 days? Hope you did'nt go AWOL.

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