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Mon, May 23 2016
4:22 PM
On it
mobig wins
Tue, Apr 26 2016
11:08 AM
Were you in the plus for 2015?
Tue, Apr 26 2016
1:58 AM
I have to agree with the other guys, this my first time using you as a capper and I won't be using u again. Horrible weekend and a lot of money lost
Mon, Apr 25 2016
5:26 AM
I agree Deljr terrible weekend plus the first 2 days not much action I think I've learned my lesson
Mon, Apr 25 2016
12:38 AM
Dave- Again with all due respect! Like I had said except one game that you bet on three times;Seattle which I clearly saw was gonna win. You make good picks. It's just as a customer buying a weekend pack I Lost $$$ with all losing picks but one. BOL

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Thu, 05/26/16 - 8:15 PM Dave Cokin | MLB RunLine
free pick 962 KAN -1.5 (+130) Westgate vs 961 CWS

This is what is known as a square bet. Laying the runs line in baseball looks like easy money, as it's basically always the better team with the better pitcher and all they have to do is win by two or more runs to produce a healthy profit.

Obviously, it's not easy money, and if it really was, you wouldn't be able to get those sometimes juicy dogs prices with the supposedly cinch winner.

Let's just say I rarely take the bait on these types of wagers. But I'm going to take the plunge tonight as the White Sox and Royals open a weekend series in Kansas City.

The basis for my play here is the starting pitchers and what I'm pretty sure is the setup for the Royals as far as the game plan is concerned. Danny Duffy will be on the mound for KC, and while the White Sox have a pretty impressive stat line against lefties, I really like the way Duffy is throwing the baseball. Duffy will not go deep in this game, but he already knows that. He was lifted after 63 pitches in his most recent outing, and I would figure he's on a roughly 75-80 max count here.

That's not a bad thing. Duffy can let 'er rip for perhaps five innings and then turn things over to the power arms in the Kansas City bullpen. Of course, I've got to bank on Duffy doing his thing for however long he's in there. But again, I do like what I'm seeing from the southpaw and feel he has a good chance to limit the Pale Hose.

Miguel Gonzalez is off a terrific effort, and it was against these very same Royals. But if I'm bullish on Duffy, I'm pretty much just the opposite on Gonzalez. He's a gritty guy who has maxed out on his marginal stuff over the past few years. But it's my opinion that shutting down the same team in back to back starts is a bit much to ask from the limited Gonzalez.

I also like the way the Royals are swinging the bats. They're actually a little shorthanded right now, but the bottom line is that the healthy KC hitters are mashing and I feel confident they can maintain the recent surge tonight.

The safer option here would be to create a -1 line, which can be accomplished by splitting the wager, half on the money line and half on the runs line. But I'm going to go ahead and push the envelope this one time, and I'll go for the price with the Royals -1.5 this evening.

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