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Dave Cokin
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  • 34 Years of Las Vegas Lessons Learned
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Sun, Jul 3 2016
5:23 PM
The Cardinals RL tonight is why I no longer bet baseball. There are no closers in MLB anymore. They need less teams. Such diluted pitching....a drunk blind person could hit these special olympians.
Fri, Jun 17 2016
7:04 PM
0-3 between you and essler the last 2 days. I never learn. Some sharps.
Sun, Jun 12 2016
5:27 AM
fade material!ha-ha, keep your hour day job!
Fri, May 27 2016
10:57 PM
That dodgers lost cost me a 2 team parlay man...Ulias got hammered buddy
Mon, May 23 2016
4:22 PM
On it

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07/23 MLB ML 130 $260
07/23 MLB ML -107 $200
07/22 MLB ML -115 L
07/21 CFL Side -110 $200
07/21 MLB ML 110 W
07/20 MLB ML -103 L
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