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Tuesday from Las Vegas - NBA Opener 2* Best Bet!

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Free Pick:  Timberwolves at Grizzlies

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Fri, Oct 14 2016
7:51 PM
Dave. What are your thoughts on northern Illinois winning at home vs cent Michigan?
Sat, Sep 24 2016
9:24 PM
Dave Cokin
Mon, Aug 29 2016
12:30 PM

Late game, no prob there.

Mon, Aug 29 2016
11:47 AM
Looking to purchase your CFB 3* for Saturday. However, I won't be able to bet it until 11:00 AM Saturday the 3rd (I don't land in Vegas until 10:15 AM). Can you tell me if it will still be on the board to bet? Thanks
Sun, Jul 3 2016
5:23 PM
The Cardinals RL tonight is why I no longer bet baseball. There are no closers in MLB anymore. They need less teams. Such diluted pitching....a drunk blind person could hit these special olympians.

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Wed, 10/26/16 - 8:05 PM Dave Cokin | NBA Sides
free pick 709 MIN 2.0 (-110) Pinnacle vs 710 MEM
Analysis: I'm willing to admit I'm buying into the hype. The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the hot picks to rise in the standings this season. I'm normally somewhat contrarian when it comes to these things. But this is one time I'm prepared to go along for the ride.

There isn't much debate that Minnesota has a dynamic roster loaded with big league potential. Towns and Wiggins are true nucleus pieces. LaVine is a phenomenal athlete who has a chance to be a star. Dunn is a rookie with huge upside. It's a sky's the limit franchise at this point, and I have to think it's a matter of when rather than if in terms of the Wolves being a contender.

I'm not ready to put this team into the NBA Finals or anything quite that dramatic this soon. But I do expect this Minnesota entry to have a legitimate shot to be in action come playoff time. That's where the coaching comes into the picture.

Tom Thibodeau is the new coach of the Timberwolves, and he's also the new president of basketball operations. That means no one looking over his shoulder, and a chance to run the show exactly as he sees fit. I make this a major plus for the Wolves.

While a handful of exhibition games is hardly enough to go on as far as a longterm prediction goes, I really liked what I saw when viewing the Timberwolves on a couple of occasions these past couple of weeks. It's clear to me this team will be more fundamentally sound than previous editions, and there shouldn't be much doubt that with Thibodeau in charge, these guys are going to play defense.

This piece has been all about the Timberwolves, which probably isn't fair to a decent enough Memphis Grizzlies entry that should be very respectable this season. But at least for one night, I'm drinking the Minnesota Kool-Aid. Off my pre-season power rankings, I made Minnesota the small favorite here. Since they're small dogs on the betting line, I'm going to go ahead and take the available points with the Timberwolves.
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