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Dave Cokin
  • Two-time Nevada Sportscaster of the Year
  • ESPN Radio Host
  • 33 Years of Las Vegas Lessons Learned
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Dave Cokin Win Streaks

  • 38-25-1 CFB Win Streak
  • Last 5 seasons MLB: +117 units (+32 LY)
updated: November 22 at 8:38 AM PT

2 NFL Best Bets for only $12!

Sunday from Las Vegas -- It was a tough football Saturday. Offering a special discount on my NFL card as a bounce back special.

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How I pick Late Season CFB

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Bench Cam Newton?

Best Running Back Performance I've Ever Seen!

Open Letter to NFL: Your Officials

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Claiming 70% means you are lying


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Sun, Nov 23 2014
7:20 AM
If I ever become president, the first thing that I am going to do is outlaw the phrase, "Game of the Year." It's a guaranteed money loser.
Sun, Nov 23 2014
5:09 AM
What no bounce back vouchers? Your pathetic.
Mario Lopreore
Sat, Nov 22 2014
8:36 PM
My book had Baylor up to -33 Had me believing your GOY would cover easy! Fooled me.
Sat, Nov 22 2014
8:13 PM
Wow oh wow that was a tough pill to swallow . Keep grinding dave that Baylor game fooled a tone of people
Sat, Nov 22 2014
8:03 PM
nice call on Baylor. absolute bankroll burner.

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11/23 NFL Side 9.0
11/22 CFB Side -35.0
11/22 CFB Side 16.0
11/22 CFB Side 4.5
11/22 CBB Sides -2.0
11/22 CFB Side -28.0
11/22 CFB Side 4.0
11/20 CBB Sides -2.5
11/20 CBB Sides -14.5
11/19 CBB Sides 3.5
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