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Dave Cokin
  • Two-time Nevada Sportscaster of the Year
  • ESPN Radio Host
  • 34 Years of Las Vegas Lessons Learned
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Dave Cokin Win Streaks

  • 11-4 NHL Run!
  • 32-22 NHL 2015-16 +18.74 Units (59%)
updated: February 23 at 10:27 AM PT

Thursdayfrom Las Vegas - Three Best Bets (NHL + CBB)!

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Sun, Jan 15 2017
7:31 AM
Sun, Jan 8 2017
12:45 PM
Sorry i like gb and eli wont be able to keep up with mr Rodgers in his neighborhood
Mon, Jan 2 2017
9:19 PM
Not going top jump on the "bash Dave" bandwagon, although it's not exactly unwarranted. Out of curiosity, has anyone tracked his W/L's and/or overall earning over 2016, or perhaps the last six months? Is there a minimum ratio a pro must maintain or exceed annually?
Sun, Jan 1 2017
3:25 PM
First and last pick I ever get from Dave that's for sure
Sun, Jan 1 2017
2:57 PM
Blowout of the year. Lol

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Thu, 02/23/17 - 10:00 PM Dave Cokin | CBB Sides
free pick 561 Cal Poly 8.0 (-110) Southpoint vs 562 Long Beach
Analysis: I watch nearly every Long Beach game, and this 49ers team has simply had focus problems all season. That might be or might not be a carryover from their overly ambitious pre-conference schedule. But whatever the reason, this has been a problem for Monson's team. I absolutely think that issue could come up here. Long Beach still has a chance to win the Big West. But Saturday's game at UC-Davis is a much bigger game. If you look at what has taken place in league play this season, Beach has consistency performed poorly in look ahead scenarios. As for Cal Poly, they obviously aren't much good. But they've actually played a little better the last few weeks. There's also a big revenge motive here. The Mustangs blew a huge lead in the earlier hookup and lost in overtime. I don't know if an outright win is in the cards here, but I don't have a problem taking this many with Cal Poly.
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