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Tony George
  • 22 Years Experience - Respected Brand Name
  • 48 time Top 10 Award Winner
  • National Radio Personality- Yahoo Sports Radio in 2014
Tony George Signature

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Tony George Win Streaks

  • All Sport Last 137 - 83-54-1
  • NFL Bonus Teasers now 11-4 ATS!
  • 12-3 ALL PLAY RUN
  • 8-0 All FB Weekend Sweep last weekend
  • National Radio Host -Yahoo Sports Radio
updated: November 11 at 9:25 AM PT

Pre- Weekend Update

Thursday NFL 2-Pack Total and Tease

Saturday NCAA 4 Pack with Hidden Gem 2 Dime Top Play - 5 Unit Card, plays $8 each on this Book Killing 4 Pack

NFL 4 Pack with 2 Dime Totals Play, 2 Sides and another Killer Teaser. 

Look for Hoops action by Noon CST daily.  Very selective early in the season both in the NBA and NCAA Hoops - No NCAA Hoops till late next week.  Just assessing the stats and teams as they play early on.  .  


7 and 30 Day packages always  available


#1 March Madness Capper at Sportswatch 71% ATS over 46 Plays

NBA - #4 Sportswatch - 64% ATS NBA Post Season.

63% NFLX!  

Currently #9 in the NFL (10/14 ) 

TWITTER IS @tgeorgesports

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Ken Thomson
Sun, Nov 9 2014
7:18 PM
Tony Kid...BIG WEEKEND my brother...In this industry you need to have thick skin...most people who bash have not been playing for a long time or they don't have bankroll to take a tough run....every Capper has them...but you're on a GREAT ONE now...keep it rolling!
Sun, Nov 9 2014
2:01 PM
Break out the broomsticks - Tony George SWEEPS THE BOARD in the NFL and cashes in College Pigskin going 4-1 (his only loser a free pick on K-State). I may be from Gladstone but I know a Liberty winner when I see one!
Tony George
Mon, Nov 3 2014
12:29 PM

Just watch.....I love a challenge the interim I hope you find a capper to your liking that wins every play he puts out.  Good luck......I am just sure no one ever had a tough 2 weeks stretch...

Mon, Nov 3 2014
11:28 AM
Oh, sorry, I got this right now, you are a horrible CAPPER!!! Hope u do bounce back like u said two weeks ago!
Tony George
Mon, Nov 3 2014
9:15 AM

Pathetic capper two weeks in a row.  Full transparency - It WILL improve....   2-2 in NFL, teaser cashed again.  1-3 in college is unacceptable (Thursday won)  - Good news is for hater who never buy plays, Free Plays went 2-0.  

You have options here, use another capper buddy.  Plain and Simple.  Its like a TV remote, do not like the channel, switch it pal.   I will bounce back, I always do.  

If you are going to call me horrible at least spell "Capper" correctly.  

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Last 10 Picks from Tony George
11/20 CFB Side 2.5
11/20 NFL Total 42.5
11/17 NBA Sides -3.5
11/17 NFL Total 46.0
11/16 NFL Side -3.0
11/16 NFL Total 42.0
11/16 NFL Side -7.0
11/16 NFL Side -4.0
11/16 NFL Side 3.0
11/15 CFB Side 7.0
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