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Spartan Win Streaks

  • NFL 2012 Season To Present, +69.27 Units
  • 2011-15 NFL Rabid Dogs 67-32, 67% Wins
  • NFL Triple Stars 2012-Present 67-37 66%
  • Won 20 last 25 NFL Playoff Triples!
  • Overall Triple Star Record 536-386 +291
updated: October 24 at 8:32 PM PT

Rare Weekend Football Triple Package Combo Offer Up!

We cashed another football featured release monday night as the Denver Broncos took care of business at Mile High against the Texans. We have been steamrolling the books with our football big releases for a month now. What exactly am I referring to? Well here are the results going back the past month with the big football selections we have been clubbing the books with. 

September 25th Vikings vs Panthers WINNER, October 1st Georgia vs Tennessee WINNER, October 2nd Rams vs Cardinals WINNER, October 3rd Vikings vs Giants WINNER, October 8th Miami vs Florida State LOSS (missed extra point) October 9th Chargers vs Raiders WINNER, October 12th Appalachian State vs La. LaFayette WINNER, October 15th North Carolina vs Miami WINNER, October 16th Cowboys vs Packers WINNER, October 22nd Alabama vs Texas A&M WINNER, October 23rd Chargers vs Falcons WINNER, October 24th Broncos vs Texans WINNER. 

There it is. At Pregame we actually keep count. Any prospective new client can easily access our home page and see out last 100 client releases. My top selections are my featured releases and as you can plainly see we have been rolling with them. 

Hot runs are fun, for everyone involved with the exception of the books. But what I put much more stock in is long term results. I have been involved with sports wagering literally since the 1970's. Both from the bettors perspective and the books. I've worked both sides of the business and know how both sides minds work. I know how to spot the square moves from the sharp ones while others are tossing darts. My long term winning results with my big plays bears that out. I have managed to cash on a sick 70% of my famous Rabid Dogs in my time with Pregame. Over the course of 461 games released. On those selections the unit count is 282 units to the good. Real talk about real numbers. 

I've loaded up my College football Triple Star Rabid Dog for saturday. To me it is without any question the best play on the college board for the entire day. I am presently still working on sunday and the NFL. As my clients know I will tweet out any releases as soon as I get them loaded. Many clients only play the big releases. Some want more action so I try to oblige with the singles. I do my best to accommodate everyone. 

Thanks as always guys. Best of luck with your action. Remember that it is the guys with self discipline and money management skills that own the day long term. 
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Thu, Oct 27 2016
8:31 AM

I stated on the page update it is still a triple. I assure you if it was not I would have pulled the package as I have done several times in the past. Including one package just last week. You're good to go.

Thu, Oct 27 2016
7:50 AM
On the triple with the line move is 6.5 ok still as a triple? Or should we buy up to 7-115?
Wed, Oct 26 2016
3:12 PM

Thanks bud. You've been rolling yourself.

Okay, I have loaded a Weekend Triple Star Football Combo Package. Been on a good run and thought I would post a package that could save some guys some dough. Purchased individually the triples would cost $75 total. I have just loaded a package for a total of $40. One reasonable price secures all three Triples.

Many thanks as always and best of luck guys.

Tue, Oct 25 2016
4:11 PM

Keep up the monster season my friend. Knew it was coming.

Tue, Oct 25 2016
2:24 PM

NFL Triple Star is loaded for sunday. The record this season for the NFL Triples stands at 8-2.

Good luck guys.

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Sun, 10/30/16 - 4:25 PM spartan | NFL Side
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10/26 NBA Sides 7.5
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10/26 NBA Sides 9.5
10/26 NBA Sides 7.0
10/25 NBA Total 205.0
10/25 MLB Total 6.5
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