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updated: May 23 at 6:56 AM PT

No Featured Release For Today Guys!

As I mentioned on the forum I spent the weekend in Indianapolis for the big race. It was my seventh trip and I very, very strongly encourage anyone who has not scratched that off their bucket list to do so. The start of the Indy 500 is the single coolest thing I have ever witnessed at a sporting event. That about sums it up. 

Now, I want to address something that occurred yesterday, I did have a featured baseball release and it was on the Royals. We were driving back from Indy and I found the game on ESPN radio. I thought great, it will help pass the time. She was sleeping and I figured this was perfect. The Royals had just taken 2 of 3 from the Cardinals and Jeremy Guthrie had been pitching well. Add in the fact the Yankees had been a dumpster fire of late and I liked the Royals chances. Then of course I sat and listened as the Yankees opened up a sick 11-0 lead right off. Good grief. It was an epic bad performance by the veteran Guthrie. Guys, that is either the beauty of baseball or the curse depending on your position with that game. Anything can happen, literally. Even with the best of pitchers, if their location is off or they are a foot short on their normal number one then it can be game over, and quick. Yesterday was a prime example. Anyway, I have looked at the board hard for today and frankly I am passing on a featured release. I simply refuse to over tag some selection and release it as a featured release. I have never once done that, and I never will. I want my clients to know that if I publish a featured release I am sold on it. I feel it is our best legitimate chance to cash the ticket. On days I pass it obviously results in zero sales. I know many folks perceive handicappers as greedy sob's with their hands constantly out. Not a thing I can do about that except take care of my own business in my own manner. The sites that do that crap are the true touts, not handicappers. Okay, enough on that. Thanks as always guys and best of luck tonight with your action. 
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Sat, May 23 2015
11:58 PM
Fri, May 22 2015
12:04 AM
Thank you very much for your answer, Spartan. Best of luck!
Thu, May 21 2015
9:43 PM

Thanks. Appreciate it. Nothing like rubbing salt in the wound. If it makes you feel better okay. Goes with the territory. I do get it.  What goes around comes around. I liked the Warriors tonight. Clearly they could not close strong when given the chance. I was wrong. If you feel it was a dumb call that's your prerogative. No hard feelings. Sorry.  

Thu, May 21 2015
8:36 PM
Another double dime or triple loses in nba. 7 in a row great job spartan. Total mush in nba
Thu, May 21 2015
1:06 PM

Okay, I had an opportunity to get it for you. As most my clients would testify I generally encourage folks to bet the NFL Triples and Rabid Dogs primarily. Many do exactly that. But as we all know there are those who want action and the more the better, thus the single stars. I make every effort to please everyone. It is not easy. To accurately address your question I concluded last season with all releases when all the dust settled at -1.5 units. Yes, I had the Seahwaks in the Super Bowl and like many am still aggravated over that conclusion. But I always tell it like it is. Now with that being said I also think it is noteworthy that I was 15-9 with the NFL Triples. In fact I have now cashed in on 36 of the last 48 NFL Triple Star releases, 75% on those selections. I have also cashed on 19 of the last 22 NFL Playoff Triples. The Rabid Dog underdogs selections have cashed on 50 of the last 73, 70%. I did not hit with the Seahawks in the Super Bowl but have in fact cashed on 8 of the last 9 Super Bowl selections.

So there it is. Frankly I have not decided yet how I will approach this fall. I may only release Triple Star and Rabid Dogs and just not do the singles. Football has historically been my strongest sport. The year prior between college and pro I ended up a hundred units. As I stated at the outset, last year was not near that level.

Like I said earlier, it is very rare to get these questions in may. Hope this helps. This site has a lot of first rate football handicappers. I wish you all the best this upcoming season regardless of your decisions. I am certain as always there will be no shortage of sites out there as we get closer to football season that will be touting all kinds of amazing numbers. Problem is of course the vast majority are bull shit artists. Nothing we can do about that. Once more, good luck with your action this fall.

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