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updated: May 28 at 8:43 PM PT

Props To Warriors & Backers!

Big differences between touts and pro cappers. We don't use excuses or ignore a loss. We offer up congratulations to the other side and go back to work. I loathe losing. Always have. But if you don't admit a wrong call and own it you're an idiot. I want to assure my clients I am already working on tomorrow.  Rest assured. 
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Sun, May 29 2016
6:24 AM

Could not possibly disagree with you more sir. I will just leave it at that. Enjoy your Sunday.

Sun, May 29 2016
4:10 AM
congratulating the winning team and people who backed them when you lose is laughable...just move on pal
Sat, May 28 2016
8:47 PM

Major props to the Warriors. Showed the heart of champions. If you are going to take credit for the wins it's just got to always work both ways. Congrats to those on them tonight. Great win for you. Nice call.

Sat, May 28 2016
12:26 PM

Lol. I have faith in ya Colgate. Can't be on you.

Sat, May 28 2016
12:00 PM
I cooled you off yesterday. We'll get it back today. GL

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