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updated: February 20 at 8:29 PM PT

Tuesday Triple Star Blowout Loaded & Ready!

Cashed another Triple Star featured release last night with Iowa State getting an impressive road win down in Lubbock. Have now cashed on four of the last five Triples. Long term we have won 160 more of them than not. Lot's to do, back at it. 

Good luck tonight guys. 
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Tue, Feb 21 2017
12:58 PM
wishing the best for your child prayers to u pal
Tue, Feb 21 2017
10:45 AM

Agreed Norton   What an A Hole  that other Guy is.

Tue, Feb 21 2017
9:28 AM
Family First!!!!!!!! No matter what!!!!!....Thank you for even putting out a Triple today....
Tue, Feb 21 2017
8:58 AM

Yeah we have won four of the last five triples and I am certain will finish strong as you also are hoping as I know you are always in my corner.

Now, for a little real talk. I am in no mood for it. My kid is in the hospital having a terrible time with this birth and the last thing I need to deal with is a bumpkin like you. Another time dude.

Tue, Feb 21 2017
8:41 AM

Spartan. Congrats on the win last night. It's really been a very tough hoops season for you. Hopefully you can go on a big run and peck away at your big losing season.

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