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  • 2013-14 Football College & NFL +100 Unit
  • Overall Triples 369-259 +268.68 units!
  • Rabid Dog Releases 256-141 64% +232.86
  • 2011-14 NFL Rabid Dogs 49-21,70%
  • Won 16 of last 18 NFL P-Off Triples 88%
updated: October 19 at 1:23 PM PT

Yes Sir! Another NFL Triple Safely In The Books!

Thanks to everyone who tailed along. Nice easy cover as we had the Minnesota Vikings plus the points in Buffalo and they narrowly missed the outright. That makes a documented 27 of the last 33 NFL Triples cashing for the good guys over the last two seasons. That's 81% winners with the big ones. I appreciate those on board. I totally realize you have tons of options out there and I appreciate the trust. 

Back at it. 
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Sun, Oct 19 2014
7:33 PM
Sun, Oct 19 2014
6:32 PM
And did I say THANK YOU!!!! Thank You Spartan!!
Sun, Oct 19 2014
6:27 PM
Keep it going! Nice day today Steve!
Sun, Oct 19 2014
5:10 PM
You make pregame the top betting website. Thanks again
Sun, Oct 19 2014
2:06 PM

That's a sick record brother.  81%!

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