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updated: December 2 at 9:36 PM PT

Big Saturday, Bigger NFL Sunday Package Now On Deck!

Amazing game! Nice comeback Rabid Dog winner safely in the books as Penn State get's themselves up off the deck and storm back for the outright victory over a very, very strong Wisconsin team. I know it looked bleak early on but as I have said countless times over the years you simply have to let the games play out. Crazy ending happen and they happen all the time. I know how rough this one had to be for Badgers fans. Trust me, it could be worse. You could be Missouri Tiger fans. Think about that. Not sure how the committee can keep the Nittany Lions out of the playoff. We shall see. 

Now we move onto sunday and I can honestly say this sunday I have the biggest NFL package in my ten years at Pregame loaded up. My clients know I typically put out a featured release with my one top game. This sunday I had four games I love. I decided to go for it and loaded up a package with a Triple Star Rabid Dog and an additional three more double star Rabid Dogs. $100 dollars worth of releases in one package for only $35. Hard to be more reasonable than that. In my time with Pregame the record with all Rabid Dog releases stands at 330-141, +292 Units. I don't win them all, nobody does guys. But my clients have cashed the bet in 189 more of these games than not. That is one helluva lot more winning tickets than not. No, none of them are locks. I treat my clients with respect. I don't tout bullshit like locks. But over the long term I have shown they are solid bets, rock solid bets. 

It's always one day at a time guys. There will always be swings, peaks and valley's or however you want to put it. But the most important thing is to maintain your self discipline and money management. That is the whole deal guys. I've been involved in sports wagering since the 1970's. I speak from experience. I was a bookie for years. I know the traps and pitfalls so many, if not most fall into. I have seen it too many years. If you do not use money management you have zero chance to stay in the game. None, as in road kill. Please understand I only stress this because I am trying to help. If I did not care about clients and their bankrolls I would just post the plays and leave it alone. We're all in this together, one day at a time. 

Okay, back to work. It never ends. Take care and best of luck sunday. Let's get the dough. Thanks. 

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Sat, Dec 3 2016
8:50 PM

Thanks guys, man that was flat out crazy.

Sat, Dec 3 2016
8:46 PM
Great call steve!
Sat, Dec 3 2016
8:46 PM
What a great game best of the year Thank you Spartan you can be sure some penn backers were real worried in the 1st Half But WOW what a comeback GET$$$
Sat, Dec 3 2016
4:26 PM
GET$$$ Spartan
Sat, Dec 3 2016
1:10 PM
Looks like a Grand Slam of Winners BOL Sir

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Sun, 12/04/16 - 1:00 PM spartan | NFL Side
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