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updated: March 23 at 8:41 PM PT

Kansas Murders Purdue, GAME YEAR TIPS FRIDAY!

Wild night in the march madness. I won the big Triple Star release as Kansas literally beat the hell out of Purdue. No guys, I did not expect that kind of ass kicking. Lost a ball buster with Michigan as they had a look at the end but the ball did not fall. That game frankly could have gone either way. The fan in me was happy as I've known Dana Altman since his days coaching Jr College ball in my hometown. I pushed with Gonzaga. 

The Triple Stars in the college march tourney action have now cashed at a documented 70% pace. I have won seven of them and dropped three. To be honest the lesser graded releases have not fared as well, they never seem to. That is why they are not triples I suppose. Sometimes it is just that fundamental. But the Triples in march tourney action have done very well now over a very extended period of time. Over the past five seasons I have had my clients cashing the ticket on 45 out of 67 with them. I would say that qualifies as long term results. Now some folks don't give a damn about past results so if you don't just disregard this part. Thing is some folks do. The last couple of years I have nailed my one & only March Madness game of the year. Two years ago it cashed with ease with Oregon over Oklahoma State. Last year it was even easier when Virginia waxed Iowa State. Friday night I am firing my 2017 March Madness Game of the Year. You have two options. You can get the Pregame guaranteed offer where you get full credit for the purchase should it go sideways on us. Or for a lesser cost you can just play it the normal way. Your choice. I am confident obviously in the release or I would not have authorized Pregame to offer it up with the guarantee. No, it is not a lock or any garbage like that. I don't deal in that nonsense. I never have and never will. But I win many more of these upper tier releases than not, that has been proven over the test of time. 

Nice night also in league play. Have cashed on 13 of the last 19 with the always crazy NBA. Not many things in sports wagering more hairy than league action. 

Okay, that is it for now. Onward into friday and the new weekend. Best of luck as always guys. Enjoy the games!
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Thu, Mar 23 2017
9:00 PM

Thanks buddy. Never can quite get used to rooting for Kansas. But we do what we must. Lol.

Thu, Mar 23 2017
8:47 PM
Nice winner Ku old buddy.
Mon, Mar 20 2017
7:09 PM

Been on a great run with NBA but Warriors making statement tonight to league and Thunder. I was on wrong side of this freight train.

Mon, Mar 20 2017
5:35 AM

Huge NBA release now loaded for tonight. Have now cashed on 11 of my last 13 NBA releases overall.

Have a great monday and a great week guys, Good Luck!

Sun, Mar 19 2017
9:13 PM

Thank you, much appreciated. Lonzo Ball is a freak on the offensive end.

Good luck this week.

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