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  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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Spartan Win Streaks

  • 2013-14 Football College & NFL +100 Unit
  • Overall Triples 371-261+268.08 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 256-141 64% +232.86
  • 2011-14 NFL Rabid Dogs 49-21,70%
  • Won 16 of last 18 NFL P-Off Triples 88%
updated: October 31 at 6:43 AM PT

That's Why You Have To Play Four Quarters!

I never dodge losses. We lost a very, very tough one with the featured release on Louisville thursday night. They built a 21-0 lead and confidence was high. But despite the perfect setting for the upset they could not hold on. Most the night it certainly felt like we were firmly on the right side but weird things happen in sports betting and this was just another prime example of that. Once again I must state, we cannot and will not win them all. It's just impossible. I shouldn't have to say that but some folks expectations are out of whack. Frankly this has been a losing week thus far. I have a feeling however this weekend we will shine. 

One other note. The NBA season long packages are now available. These packages are good right thru the finals. So if you are interested in playing pro hoops this is a steal. I always am very candid about things guys. This season is very, very young and I am off to a slow start. Am I frustrated? Not really, there is literally miles of games ahead and we've only taken a couple steps. I won two NBA handicapping titles at the Free Sports Monitor. That is where I first became familiar with out own Andre Gomes, one of the finest NBA handcappers of our era. I am very confident my clients and I will end up on the right side of the ledger and have some fun along the way. 
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Fri, Oct 31 2014
1:29 PM
Volto 24 is rt. On the number 7-4, and the sentiment. Let's all have a great weekend!
Fri, Oct 31 2014
8:15 AM
I'll be on your pick Sunday also. You have a GREAT weekend also !!!! And good luck.
Fri, Oct 31 2014
7:13 AM
For the record the Triples are 7-4 in October, anyone that doesn't like 57% is in the wrong business.
Fri, Oct 31 2014
7:13 AM

Thanks kiki69, I appreciate that. I feel I've proven long term that they are a solid play. Very solid. But it is just a fact that no matter what has occurred in the past you are basically only as good as your last play. Just the way it is. Long term matters to some, then there are those who live and die game to game. When a big play loses they want to vent. They do not want to accept any responsibility for lack of self discipline or money management. It's so much easier to blame all their woes on the scoundrel tout. It's been that way for years and sadly to continue to be I suspect. All I can do is move forward and keeping doing the best I can.

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

Fri, Oct 31 2014
6:51 AM
Triples are 6-5 in the month of October. So I think that would be plus 150.00 at 330.00 a game, and the way I see it we are on the plus side, Mr Spartan is the best handicapper on football, I also follow Mr. Nover.

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Sat, 11/01/14 - 8:00 PM spartan | CFB Side
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