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Spartan Win Streaks

  • 2013-14 Football College & NFL +100 Unit
  • Overall Triples 353-252 +243.58 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 250-137 64% +223.71
  • 2011-13 NFL Rabid Dogs 45-19,70%
  • Won 16 of last 18 NFL P-Off Triples 88%
updated: July 20 at 2:08 PM PT

Some Straight Talk Regarding Football, NFL & College!

I know, it's the middle of summer and with most people football is still pretty much on the back burner while baseball plays itself out in the heat of the pennant races. Not for a professional handicapper like yours truly who has a passion for both the sport itself and in our case here, betting money on it. And what is most important is the ability to bet good money on it and do it with true confidence. That, my friends is where the rubber truly meets the road. Why am I coming out now on football? Because in a few weeks every scamster who has hung out his shingle and started peddling picks will come out of the woods like jackals. I have been involved in sports wagering for four decades guys, not four years. I could write a damn book and might. This is an unregulated business and scripted nonsense and fictional numbers and records are passed off to the public like running water. It's appalling to those of us in the industry that do indeed have integrity and do things the correct way. Here are some cold hard facts to consider as you consider a service for football this season. Bettors World referred to me once as the Number One NFL Handicapper in the nation. I want to stress, those were their words and not mine. I am proud of it. The highly respected Free Sports Monitor called me the best NFL handicapper to ever come through their doors. Once again with emphasis, their words and not mine. I've been betting football a long time guys, I was a bookie for several years. I've put my kids through good colleges mostly from betting sports and I have never made any secret of the fact football is my bread and butter. 
Now, how did things end up last year in cold, hard numbers? Fair and valid question and I have the "real" numbers to give you. No, I didn't hit 75% on the year. If anyone touts those numbers then run, don't walk away. The guy is full of bull shit. Sorry but sometimes you just have to speak plainly. Last season in college and NFL combined I ended up exactly 100 units to the good. Here is how it broke down. In the NFL I hit right at 60% winners. 92-61. That's a strong number for 153 games released. My clients know my NFL Triples are my pride and joy. Last year the big Triples ended up a stellar 20-4, 83% winners! My Rabid Dogs ended up a very solid 8-4, 66% winners. How do I perform in the clutch? The fact is my clients have now cashed on a sick 16 of the last 18 NFL Playoff Triple Star Releases. Now, how about college ball? I hit on 58% winners after a total of 171 games released. The College Triple Stars were also on fire cashing at a blistering 70% clip for the entire season. Now, Pregame offers season long football subscriptions at a small cost compared to most those joke of a boiler room operations that lure in naive sports bettors every damn year. If you are truly, honestly sick of reloading that account or paying your man on a consistent basis I can help you. I can tell you right now I don't do the lock thing. I don't have games of the year every weekend and I don't wager every single stand alone game just to pacify action junkies. I take this very, very seriously and my past results prove that. I implore my clients not to make money on my plays on saturday and then blow it all away on a drunken late saturday night game with Hawaii and San Jose State that I had not even touched. It happens. Remember, I booked for several years. I will work my ass off to find us our best opportunities for success, just don't sabotage our chances with purely action bets. Most of you know precisely what I am saying. I have clients who have been with me for football for many years. They know I don't screw around. I shoot straight and don't insult their intelligence. I can tell you right now we won't win them all, nobody does. But I've proven I win a helluva lot more in football than not. 
Okay, enough. I think you get my point. The packages will be posted soon. I hope you will consider Spartan Sports. If not, I do th
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Fri, Jul 25 2014
3:41 PM

Buying off key numbers is usually sound unless you're hooked up with a crooked local skinning you alive on out of control juice. As for the package options the individual clappers have control over pricing and posting daily featured release. Everything else originates straight from the home office. I do suspect to

Would be open to ideas.

Fri, Jul 25 2014
3:27 PM
would you consider putting together a package of only 3 star football plays?
Thu, Jul 24 2014
2:47 PM
While we are in the lull of the summer, one more question. you put out chi -4, for example, and my best site has it at -4.5, do you recommend buying the .5 point, or play -4.5. Thanks as always.
Tue, Jul 22 2014
8:42 AM

Hi mbrod, The honest answer is simply I don't know. All that is in the hands of the home office. I would suspect the early bird packages for football will be posted very soon. I do appreciate your interest. Thanks and best of luck regardless of your decisions. I can assure you I am more than ready for football. Baseball is plain and simple my weakest sport as a handicapper. No two ways about it. Take care.

Tue, Jul 22 2014
8:25 AM
Spartan When is your season football package going up? Thanks!

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