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  • Eight Of Nine Super Bowl Winners!
  • Overall Triples 420-298+285.51 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 269-149 62% +248.62 U
  • 2011-14 NFL Rabid Dogs 50-23,70% Winners
  • Won 19 of last 22 NFL P-Off Triples 89%
updated: July 31 at 9:19 PM PT

Not Like The Royals But That Is Why Its Gambling!

The Kansas City Royals have one of the best bull pens in the major leagues. That is beyond question. But the bottom line is its baseball and you just never know when those weird nights will pop up. Clearly one of those nights in Toronto friday night. Overall a tough night for us. It happens guys, happens to everyone. You take it for what it is and move on. I'm looking hard as always at our options for saturday and will make my decisions as soon as possible. You guys know the drill, if I see an opportunity for a featured release I will load it up. If not I will pass and wait. THAT is the major difference between a service looking out for you best interest and one that is only interested in making sales. Plain and simple. 

Football is just around the corner and I hope those who have not taken advantage of the offer from Pregame will take a hard look. I realize you guys are getting swamped this time of year with all kinds of offers and claims. Just tread lightly as there is a ton of bullshit floating around. Happens every time this time of year. As my dad taught me, sometimes you just have to speak plainly. 
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Sat, Aug 1 2015
8:48 AM

Good deal. Beautiful place. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Sat, Aug 1 2015
5:34 AM
Thanks! I purchased your football package last year and made decent coin-family vacation to Turks and Caicos!
Fri, Jul 31 2015
6:59 PM

NFL 15-9, College 12-7.

Fri, Jul 31 2015
6:39 PM

Sure. Have posted it before. Will do it once again when back in my office. Never a problem.

Fri, Jul 31 2015
6:34 PM
do you have a breakdown of your triple record from last year? Nfl and college football?

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