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updated: January 15 at 5:24 PM PT

Working Hard On The Upcoming NFL Card!

But first of all let me review monday night. We had a play on Iowa State at home plus 3. Kansas beat them 76-72, yeah. Cyclones had their chances. One more lousy bucket and we cash the play. Props to Kansas for going into one of the toughest places to play in the league and getting a very quality win over a solid ball club. Iowa State is a hand full on the home floor as Kansas has experienced in the past. Bill Self had his club ready and they played a good game. I also had one NBA release and we did cash that one with the Suns getting the money for us at home against the Jazz. The play was incorrectly entered into the system at plus 3. But obviously that was not the number. We had the Jazz plus 6. So that will show up as a loss on the screen here but who cares, important thing is we won the bet and we know it. That is the bottom line. So, in the end a juice out for subscribers and a loss for the daily buyers. 

Okay, looking hard at our options in the NFL playoffs for this upcoming weekend. I do not make rash, impulse decisions. Nor do I over analyze things. There is a process I adhere to and I stick to it. People will be all over the place with these two games. Paralysis of analysis will be rampant. I will trust my own work and judgement as always. We have won both our playoffs triples this go around and I plan on hitting again this weekend. I have now cashed on 22 of my last 27 NFL Playoff Triple Star releases, 81% winners for us. No, I will not have a game of the year this weekend. I only do one of those per playoff year. THAT is the way those things were intended to be used. We hit on ours sunday with the Packers over the Cowboys. But no more, that ships sailed. Frankly if I look at these two games and cannot grade either high enough to be a triple then so be it. I will not take a single or double and try and dress it up as a triple. I will publish what I consider our best opportunity to cash the bet. Plain and simple. 

I apologize to the daily buyers on Iowa State monday night. That was a tough, close game to have slip away on us. Sometimes you just have to give props to the other team. Like I mentioned, impressive road win the the Jayhawks. Back to work. Take care guys. 
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Tue, Jan 17 2017
4:35 PM

Send me a pm bud.

Tue, Jan 17 2017
4:34 PM
Is your game the NFC or AFC? I am already on the AFC.
Tue, Jan 17 2017
2:44 PM

Okay, just loaded up my NFL Playoff Triple Star Game of the Week. 2-0 this post season with the Triples and have cashed on 22 of the last 27 on them, 81% winners.

Thanks and best of luck guys.

Mon, Jan 16 2017
10:23 AM
Your a hell of a salesman. Lol thanks
Mon, Jan 16 2017
10:00 AM

Yes. Both accounts.

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