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  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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  • 2014 Year To Date Record 259-231=+22.75
  • Overall Triples 341-242 +239.99 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 245-134 64% +219.19 U
  • 2011-13 NFL Rabid Dogs 45-19,70%
  • Won 16 of last 18 NFL P-Off Triples 88%
updated: April 24 at 6:57 AM PT

Nothing Sales Related, Just Some Straight Talk!

Sometimes you just have to speak plainly. One of the pieces of advice passed on from my late father Leon O'Brian to me. The fact is in this business sometimes fiction and fact get too mixed together. Let's face it, it's a totally unregulated industry. As I have stated on many occasions, any Joe Blow can hang out his shingle and peddle picks. Just make up some gaudy stats and go for it. And trust me, many do. Well, I've worn that subject slick. What I want to say today is simply this. I have losing streaks. I know that's not cool for a paid service to say but it is what it is. BUT, and this is important. I DO understand when someone purchases a week or 30 day package and it does not meet expectations. Do I win long term, yes. I do. That is the truth. BUT, that means nothing to someone who invested in a 7 day or 30 day package and did not make money or even lost some. Honestly guys, I do get that. It's kind of like taking your wife out to a five star restaurant and seeing all these awards posted on the wall and then proceeding to eat a tough Ribeye. Those awards don't really mean squat when you are chewing on a steak that is tough as shoe leather does it? Probably kind of a lame analogy but I'm a handicapper, not a writer. Here's the deal. I work very hard at doing what I do, that's the truth. I do win long term. Being a handicapper at a place like Pregame isn't exactly like going to Wal Mart and applying for a job. You have to be asked. And RJ does not just bring on anyone. I do have a winning background and track record. BUT, with that said, expectations are all too often out of whack in this business. Losing streaks simply are not tolerated by most customers. To be candid, that is because 95% of the bettors don't treat this as they should. They bet too much, mismanage their bankrolls, chase money, have little self discipline and never hold themselves accountable. Sound harsh? Well, I am sure it does. But does it sound accurate? I suspect many, if they look themselves in the mirror will grudgingly acknowledge the truth in most of that. I've been involved in sports wagering for four decades guys, not four years. I was a bookie for many years. I could write a book. The plain truth is this, without self discipline and money management you have zero chance for success. Not 1%, zero. None. You will be road kill. I cannot make it any more clear than that. I do feel bad when a dry run hits. But, it's like apologizing for catching the flu, hey, it happens. And it happens to everyone. Trouble is that in this business most services at other sites simply ignore it and move on. To even discuss it is bad for sales. And lord forbid anything get in the way of sales. 

Okay. Just wanted to get that out there. Sometimes you just have to speak up again. Most of my guys have heard all this. Some newer clients have not. My vow is to always work my ass off to keep us ahead of the man. I don't make stupid, outlandish promises or promote locks. I keep accurate, long term records and update them daily. You have countless options out there. Hopefully I will be a good fit. If not, I sincerely wish you the best in your search for the ideal service to fit your needs.

Take care guys. Back to work!
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Wed, Apr 23 2014
9:43 PM
USMC believes in living with honor and dieing with courage.Sports betting can be viewed in the same context.Be humble in winning and have dignity in defeat. I trust Spartans integrity with his methods and his efforts. There are many of us that will continue to make money with him and never complain.
Wed, Apr 23 2014
8:36 PM
Well said Spartan.
Wed, Apr 23 2014
6:47 PM
Can't catch any breaks in MLB .. Extra Inning Grand Slams, etc. I feel your frustration Spartan.
Wed, Apr 23 2014
4:58 PM
If you're not sure what I mean, go to Spartans picks page and click on "top picks only ". There you will see what is almost an obnoxious amount of green 300s. If that doesn't impress you, you should find something else to do with your money.
Wed, Apr 23 2014
4:56 PM
I've been an active member of this site for about 18 months; I have not seen results that are more consistent than Spartan's, and it's mind blowing to me that anyone would consider complaining about the numbers this guy produces.

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