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Dave Essler
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updated: January 17 at 8:21 PM PT

Another huge 3* GOW winner and a sweep......

........ for us as Arkansas gets it done outright for us, as does Ole Miss. We sweep our two NBA bets - an we move on. Nothing to recap when you win them all - that's when it's "boom".

I love Wednesday's CBB card and will be firing a Max Bet. 

Our 7/30 day packages have been discounted this week - it's hard to fathom that in 30 days we'll be thinking seriously about March Madness, and pitchers and catchers will have reported.

We end ANOTHER NFL season in the black - look forward to the playoffs, and continuing our assault that lasted most of December. With that in mind:

Our NFL Playoffs All-Access discounted subscription is available. Get every Playoff pick we release through the Super Bowl.

   No excuses here - the tickets either cash or they don't. There are not right side losers or wrong side winners. It's that simple.

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Wed, Jan 18 2017
1:04 AM
AND by the way I agree KUDOS to you Sir on not just 1 but 4 Big winners on A Tuesday night.
Wed, Jan 18 2017
1:01 AM
Dave- I sent Tom an e-mail on that issue.
Tue, Jan 17 2017
8:58 PM
No hanging on the rims Dave. Nice sweep.
Tue, Jan 17 2017
8:41 PM

Great job!! 4 dogs winning outright, would have been a sick ml parlay.

Dave Essler
Tue, Jan 17 2017
8:24 PM

[quote user="GoodFella"]Awesome day Dave. Congrats buddy.

[/quote]Just trying to keep up with the Jones' - clearly -600 was the play :) Next, as usual.

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