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Dave Essler
  • PG NFL Supercontest Winner - CBB Handicapping Champ
  • Deep analysis - elite expertise - extremely thorough
  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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Dave Essler Win Streaks

  • 46-25 (65%) GOM Winning Streak
  • 60% 3* Winning Run 53-25 GOW (66%)
  • +110.45 Units in 2015 NFL 51-38 +13.20
  • 46-27 NBA (62%) Season
  • 389-273 (59%) Totals Last Three+ Yrs
updated: July 24 at 5:45 AM PT

A nice sweep for us........

..........on Sunday and in a rather unconventional way. Kirk Nieuwenhuis hits what many thought was an insignificant two-out in the ninth HR - but it certainly wasn't to us. The one we thought was going to be drama-free was not, and the two we thought weren't going to be, were. A day in the life, and we move on.
       Pregame has made me doing the homework for you EVEN LESS EXPENSIVE. In fact - you can get the REST of MLB and FOOTBALL ALL ACCESS - from July 18th of last season til years' end we were, all-sports combined, UP. 

We've hit over 59%  on all sports total plays for the last 41 months and over 600 plays.   We won  over 110 units in 2015 which is even better when you factor in the limited number of 3* plays and the unusual number of 1* plays - but long term clients know that.

There are no excuses here - the ticket either cashes or it does not. There is you "we had the right side" when we lose nor is there a "we got lucky" when we win - those things happen and are part of the process. You win, or you don't.

From 1-1-2011 to 5-30-2016 +231.07 Documented by those that document - that's a bigger number than I had.
From 5-31-2016 to 7-20-2016 -17.85  (Not documented by anyone but me)

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Sun, Jul 24 2016
6:08 AM
I'd be curious to know what a guy's record would be if he just blindly bet the under on every Sunday night baseball game. It seems to me that it always stays under the number.
Sat, Jul 23 2016
5:49 PM
Nice call buddy
Sat, Jul 23 2016
3:13 PM
I have used Dave in past when I needed another opinion, I respect his opinion, stop the bashing, if you can do better, capp yourself and put your cash on your picks,
Sat, Jul 23 2016
3:13 PM
I see alot of "gamblers" and i put that in quotes because if you are truly a gambler like myself, you know how things go, you want 60%, I have hit 15 games in a row and lost 15 in a row, I do, nothing is a guarentee,
Dave Essler
Sat, Jul 23 2016
9:24 AM

[quote user="matt13089"]Do you still like the game with the pitching change?

[/quote]I'm working on it - I'll update the play soon.

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