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Dave Essler
  • PG NFL Supercontest Winner - CBB Hanidicapping Champion
  • Deep analysis - elite expertise - extremely thorough
  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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  • 40-22 CFB Bowls L/3 Years 5-1 3* Run
  • 22-9 GOW (71%) 13-3 (81%) GOM Winners
  • 24-10 (72%) Free Winners +100.35 in 2015
  • 62-36 Triple (3*) Dime Run (63.5%)
  • 258-181 (58.7%) Totals L/2.5 Years
updated: July 29 at 6:24 PM PT

Off another Triple Dime winner.........

.......and we can send a personal thank you card to Bryce Harper. That was a tough one to watch as there were several others we didn't fire that were easy winners. And we had some good added ones if anyone would have played, Reds RL, Padres, perhaps Rangers RL. Boston, not so much. I ride the same trains you guys do - and that train has us back to where we want to be and full steam ahead. 

If you're not a baseball bettor, you'll see the the Early Bird Football Packages are up. It's as cheap as they're going to get - and we do work well beyond the premium plays for our long term clients.

Never an excuse here, as there are only two sides to every game. The one the that wins and the one that does not, regardless of the number, the ending, the officiating, or whatever. Those things even out over time.
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Wed, Jul 29 2015
6:46 PM
Dave Essler
Wed, Jul 29 2015
6:43 PM

[quote user="brady2sakic"]Dave no reply for me?

[/quote]Let's try it again -

Dave you continue to use the phrase " I gotta play them all or nothing" and I have no idea what that means. I've never seen you do either, play them all or nothing. Please help me understand.

Gladly. There's two ways I find winners. Doing the handicapping and firing on what I am fairly certain is going to happen, and then later in the betting markets' cycle there are often games with what appears to be "sharp" money on them. Sometimes there are none (we may be already on them, as we were with Houston early last night) and sometimes several. IMO you can't discriminate and pick one, maybe two, that you like the best. You've (I've) got to bet them all, or ignore them and move on. They aren't always right - if they were we'd never need to actually handicap games. But, if used correctly over a period of time they can add to the bankroll. I am not too proud to share that I am just following something - rather than just throw it out there with some made up bullsh*t as to why I like it.

Wed, Jul 29 2015
6:39 PM
Dave no reply for me?
Wed, Jul 29 2015
6:37 PM
I knew when I seen that triple dime...better throw in a tad more
Wed, Jul 29 2015
6:33 PM
You said I said cinco...:)

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