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Dave Essler
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Dave Essler Win Streaks

  • 40-22 CFB Bowls L/3 Years 5-1 3* Run
  • 40-22 GOW Run (62%) 24-12 (66%) 2* Run
  • +49.70 MLB in 2014 Five Straight + Years
  • 7-2 Selective NBA (85%) 9-1 GOW Run
  • 177-117 (60%) Totals Run 62% L/100 Bets
updated: February 25 at 7:37 PM PT

And another winning day...........

........on Wednesday, so that's one losing day in about eleven days. Richmond got 'er done and gave us our money's worth and then some. That brings our GOW streak to 9-1. ECU faded and perhaps that should have been a H bet like South Carolina on Tuesday. Davidson and Northwestern cashed, as did Detroit that I know some of you added. I gave that out 24 hours early when BetOnline threw out a numberand several others including G-Mason. May have talked mayself out of a winner and into a loser on the Baylor game. Either way, it doesn't suck right now, as we're just getting it done. We usually do this time of year and during March Madness, and it's not likely that many bettors can match our Conference Play/Tournament record. On to Thursday.
Never an excuse here, as there are only two sides to every game. The one the that wins and the one that does not, regardless of the number, the ending, the officiating, or whatever. Those things even out over time.

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Wed, Feb 25 2015
10:45 PM
Could've also been 4-0 if East Carolina hadn't pissed away the 2nd half. Leans solid as well. Appreciate the hard work and info.
Dave Essler
Wed, Feb 25 2015
7:27 PM

[quote user="drmudcat5"]3-1, good job, Dave. Good to have you back.

[/quote]Could be 3-2 for me not counting some of the added ones. I did add the Baylor under, but a winning day is a winning day. Thanks for playing with us, Doc.

Dave Essler
Wed, Feb 25 2015
7:25 PM

[quote user="Hisurf"]If you had been in exile for one more day, I would have been very pissed! Great insight, again, and nice 3*! Let's do what you usually do in March, win! Thanks.

[/quote]Exile wasn't that bad, really. It probably worked out better in the long run. We'd been streaking since Christmas and I would admit to seeing the cracking coming, so all is right with the world, at least for one day. Thanks for being a client, a friend, and having reasonable expectations :)

Dave Essler
Wed, Feb 25 2015
7:23 PM

[quote user="bobby2173"]Wow! That should have been a lot easier... But I will take it!

[/quote]COULD have been a lot easier, but I hear ya. Got what we paid for there.

Wed, Feb 25 2015
6:56 PM
Oh yeah, welcome back.

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