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Dave Essler
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updated: May 22 at 7:49 PM PT

Another huge 3* GOW winner......... the Rockies get it done once again. We have to enjoy those easy ones when we can. Clearly it's time to double-up on the Rays' total - that one was almost laughable after the two leadoff home runs. We move on, and we'll fire again Wednesday.

We've getting ready to unload again Wednesday and may not wait til the sun sets to get it done.

Our long term packages are discounted at the moment, so you get ALL the work and never miss a thing. A true "thank you" to all those that took advantage of it in spite of the last couple of weeks - 

We don't ever offer excuses for a loss and really don't like kudos for wins. They simply set up unrealistic expectations. There are no "right side losses" here - the tickets either cash or they don't.

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Tue, May 23 2017
10:13 PM

dave- still not following the triple dime bet for wednesday. The juice is totally off- is it a run line bet? just want to make sure it's listed properly before I bet it.

Tue, May 23 2017
10:12 PM ATL bet a loser if the game is called after 6 ?
Dave Essler
Tue, May 23 2017
7:53 PM

[quote user="NBAguy"]check that pick for wedn.
juice ?

[/quote]If it's off I'll get Tom to fix it, I can't........breathe, amigo. The bigger of the two is -110 everywhere (just about). I have no clue about the first one - whatever is was it was. I'm pretty careful about that and there's a reason I didn't unload on that one, too - because I know it's not going to last, which is why I bet it when I did.

Tue, May 23 2017
7:49 PM
check that pick for wedn. juice ?
Dave Essler
Tue, May 23 2017
7:22 PM

[quote user="gcoutu_9"]The Rockies are hogging it haha. I flat bet so 1-1. Nice call on Rockies

[/quote]And the White Sox/Covey are going to make a .40 line move look, well, wicked wrong.

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