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Dave Essler
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Dave Essler Win Streaks

  • 13-4 (75%) MLB Post Season +5.5 CFB
  • 29-15 GOW Run (62%) -4.1 NFL
  • 18-11 FB 3* Run +53.80u MLB 2014 YTD
  • 17-10 (66%) "Big Bet" Run +61.85u TY
  • 153-103 (59%) Totals +164.00 MLB L/5 Yrs
updated: October 22 at 7:35 PM PT

Winning IS everything, but.....

....... I am not of the mind to tout things, but what I do know is that if you are considering long term packages, then find someone that's typically above average that's been off. They won't be forever. Most people to the reverse, and the regression to the mean either way is a human inevitability. We're still almost 57% of 500+ plays  this year, basically all against the -110, and are up over 60 units, give or take, in 2013. Just something to consider if you're not buying about 12 months worth and using good sense. Most people just want to watch sports, have action, and keep most if not all of their bankroll. Expectations beyond that are simply not something most can meet.

When I first came here I was more concerned with my bankroll than anything else. That hasn't changed, and my focus is, was, and always will be on making sure at the end of any given time frame we have more than we started with no matter how we get there. Most recreational bettors simply want to watch games and not go broke. No claims of early retirement, just some fun, learning, and making new friends. 


January 79-48 (59.6%) +24.75
February 57-45 (55.8%) +6.90
March 72-42 (63.1%) +32.05
April 55-52 (51.4%) -2.45 Baseball 53-47 (+5.45)
MLB Through 5/16 71-69 +.60
May Not Good

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Dave Essler
Wed, Oct 22 2014
3:14 PM

[quote user="Bama man"]-.5 F5 a play u would consider? If Ventura has a good start, I think KC jumps out early.
I team to the over in this game. Let mexknow on the F5 when u have a moment. Thanks again.

[/quote]Actually, a great idea, IMO.

Bama man
Wed, Oct 22 2014
3:12 PM
-.5 F5 a play u would consider? If Ventura has a good start, I think KC jumps out early. I team to the over in this game. Let mexknow on the F5 when u have a moment. Thanks again.
Bama man
Wed, Oct 22 2014
2:22 PM
Thanks. It is a tough game. What happened last night really has put pressure on KC but they have played PDG under pressure. I like that idea -1. Good luck
Dave Essler
Wed, Oct 22 2014
1:55 PM

[quote user="Bama man"]R u waiting on info or passing

[/quote]Thinking......initially I liked the Giants, what KC has done to Peavy not withstanding. This is the playoffs and there's a short leash. Far less pressure on SF, and we've made a living on the experienced teams. Ventura with too much rest, maybe, but obviously SF hasn't seen him. I keep going back to his implosion against Oakland, and he DID leave the last game w/shoulder problems. I know plenty of people I trust on either side. Not sure I can call it. The $ is clearly on the under at this point in the betting cycle, as well as the Royals. Maybe, just maybe, I will play KC -1 +125 or whatever it is.

Bama man
Wed, Oct 22 2014
1:48 PM
R u waiting on info or passing

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