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Dave Essler
  • PG NFL Supercontest Winner - CBB Handicapping Champ
  • Deep analysis - elite expertise - extremely thorough
  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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  • 60% 3* Run 57-28 (66%) GOW Run
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updated: September 27 at 3:37 AM PT

A nice afternoon MLB sweep for us......

.............on Wednesday and the Mariners crushed the Astros, and of course it sailed over the total early. We've actually had some wins lately in MLB, just in time for the playoffs, where we've actually done well. Actually, we had done well in MLB PERIOD until....
        We've hit over 59% on all sports total plays for the last 41 months and over 600 plays.  We won over 110 units in 2015 which is even better when you factor in the limited number of 3* plays and the unusual number of 1* plays - but long term clients know that.

No excuses here - the tickets either cash or they don't. There are not right side losers or wrong side winners. It's that simple.
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Wed, Sep 28 2016
2:47 PM
we made so much money on same game side and overs last year. Great to see it back!
Wed, Sep 28 2016
11:45 AM
I don't think I've ever been this mad ... Literally the easiest 2 picks all year
Wed, Sep 28 2016
11:29 AM
Wow- the first 2 picks I've missed all year bc I didn't check my email ...Seattle And over...3-0 in1st....I'm so cursed it's crazy
Tue, Sep 27 2016
12:15 PM
Yea- I actually appreciate the effort... I bought shaker too and he just left us hanging a month ago... We have a few wins in a row ... A solid rest of sept and October would be a great way to go out on an up note......
Dave Essler
Tue, Sep 27 2016
10:33 AM

[quote user="spindoc932"]yea, it says i bought a MLB full season package and that im trying to stick with it to the end

[/quote]And I'm trying to get some wins til the end - I do thank you - and wish it were different. Something to look forward to (for me at least) when March Madness is over.

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