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updated: June 29 at 7:24 PM PT

We cashed yet another...... and this time in the third inning. We have simply destroyed totals over the last two years and over 400 bets to the tune of 60%. The Reds got it done without incident, although we did get our moneys' worth. Of course the Phillies just gave up one too many runs, but a winning night and if we did that every night, we'd be up about 280 units by years's end - so we're good, getting re-dialed in, and firing Tuesday.

If you're into a longer term thing, it's no secret we've done well this season (year) and  Pregame has launched a 45 day program for $249. That's about $5 a day, give or take - and it's a great way to get all the work - cheap. And through Thursday, discounted.

I do want to take a minute to thank all those that have signed up for baseball. I appreciate the trust - and hope to have another winning season - hopefully as much as least year - that second half was just a lot of fun. 

Never an excuse here, as there are only two sides to every game. The one the that wins and the one that does not, regardless of the number, the ending, the officiating, or whatever. Those things even out over time.
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Mon, Jun 29 2015
3:51 AM
Why does it show you lost on Nats game over 8? Let's roll this week
Sun, Jun 28 2015
7:02 PM
I don't see us winning that one either. Line is around 5.5 now. Believe I saw it at 7-8 on 5dimes a month or so ago. I'm thinking it closes lower. I think their only chance is for pharaoh to throw passes to himself and hand it off to himself... Maybe play a little corner back too
Dave Essler
Sun, Jun 28 2015
6:32 PM

[quote user="Gamecocks2013"]could start 2-0 and 3-1... 

[/quote]I don't see it. I do think North Carolina beats them, and UGA will (although strange things happen). New QB with zero experience. No WR's back. Three from the OL. And TOO MANY from a defense that is about as undisciplined as can be. If they score 21 against the Tar Heels I'll be surprised - hot as hell - 'Cocks wilt against the hurry-up/Fedora offense. Already going to 3* North Carolina for sure.

Sun, Jun 28 2015
6:11 PM
I say 6-6 at best (win). I just don't see us going 7-5 (push), and definitely see no chance at 8-4 (loss). my only hesitation is that we could start 2-0 and 3-1... Maybe that gives them more confidence going forward
Dave Essler
Sun, Jun 28 2015
5:38 PM

[quote user="Gamecocks2013"]Dave thoughts on game****s this year? Season win total at 7. I see 4-5 games we "should" win, and 6 we shouldn't win/if we did win one, it would be a surprise... Under 7 -120 looks like a easy bet. We'd have to win the 5 we should win and 3 of 6 we shouldn't win to beat 7...

[/quote]They may well lose outright to North Carolina, for starters. Week two home to Kentucky the week before the UGA game and Kentucky bring back a LOT from a team that always plays them tough. Loss at Athens. SHOULD beat Central Florida (not cover, though). Then they'll have injuries - I do not see 7 wins on their schedule - even with SEVEN game in Columbia. After the rough start - fans become apathetic - lose some HFA IMO. Don't shoot the messenger. They'll have a tough, tough time scoring. Best weapon - Eliot Fry.

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