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Dave Essler
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updated: July 3 at 4:13 AM PT

Another winning day.......... Miami gets it done in spite of the mammoth line move to the contrary, and some client may well have played the over, too. Some may have played the Twins as well, just more that don't show up in the box score. The Tigers game went over so we cash another total there, and the Padres finally get 'er done for a winning day - again. We push our late play - and a tidy 3-1-1 Thursday.

For a limited time - you can spend $99 and get MORE than a week - in fact, right through the All-Star Break. Don't hesitate - a ton of work the money.

I do want to take a minute to thank all those that have signed up for baseball. I appreciate the trust - and hope to have another winning season - hopefully as much as least year - that second half was just a lot of fun. 

Never an excuse here, as there are only two sides to every game. The one the that wins and the one that does not, regardless of the number, the ending, the officiating, or whatever. Those things even out over time.
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Fri, Jul 3 2015
1:33 PM
Nice! thanks Dave
Fri, Jul 3 2015
1:25 PM
Any degenerate parlay for tonight?
Dave Essler
Thu, Jul 2 2015
2:50 PM

[quote user="Purple Dog"]Dave, what is the difference between your one, two and three star picks? Thank you

[/quote]I don't make many 2* plays - but that may change after the AS break. I prefer flat-betting and just make "regular" bets 1*. I make 3* plays when I love the bet - and, that's what people want. In short, 3* plays aren't bet at 3x a 1* plays - or let's put it this way - I don't. In a perfect world if bets were correlated to the rating system we use, mine would be 1.5*, 2*, and 2.5*. You live longer during a losing streak. You are welcome.

Purple Dog
Thu, Jul 2 2015
2:42 PM
Dave, what is the difference between your one, two and three star picks? Thank you
Thu, Jul 2 2015
4:14 AM

Oh I'll be in the stadium and I'll be rooting FOR Carolina regardless, but this is my "hedge" for buying season tickets. If we suck, at least I didn't waste all my money on season tickets. If we overachieve, then there should be plenty of good games at home this year. An 8-4 regular season would mean we beat some pretty good teams  we weren't projected to (and likely/hopefully Clemson being one them - I'd pay 2* to see that!! haha :)

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