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Dave Essler
  • PG NFL Supercontest Winner - CBB Handicapping Champ
  • Deep analysis - elite expertise - extremely thorough
  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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Dave Essler Win Streaks

  • 60% 3* Run 57-29 (66%) GOW Run
  • 54-28 Game of the Month Streak (67%)
  • 10-4 Max Bet Wins +13.90 NFL Reg Season
  • 46-27 NBA (62%) Season 11-4 NFL Run
  • 412-295 (59%) Totals Last Three+ Yrs
updated: October 24 at 4:56 AM PT

We split our football bets.........

...........on Monday as the Broncos did what we expected them do do defensively to Osweiler. The fact of the matter is that they did it so well they didn't let Houston in the end zone, costing us the sweep. We'll take what we learned about Houston and Denver forward, most notably the fact that the Texnas simply are not all offensively on the same page.

We DO have an MLB Triple Dime for game one of the WS and were I of the mind I'd have given it a bigger label, since it IS my favorite bet of the playoffs. We've also got NBA/CBB Early Bird packages up, and thanks to those that have already opted to ride.

We've hit over 59% on all sports total plays for the last 41 months and over 600 plays.  We won over 110 units in 2015 which is even better when you factor in the limited number of 3* plays and the unusual number of 1* plays - but long term clients know that.

No excuses here - the tickets either cash or they don't. There are not right side losers or wrong side winners. It's that simple.
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mobig wins
Sun, Oct 23 2016
7:31 PM
Starting to roll thank you.
Dave Essler
Sun, Oct 23 2016
6:14 AM

[quote user="peakees"]Great job. Thank you.

[/quote]Quite welcome - thank YOU. 

Sun, Oct 23 2016
5:54 AM
Great job. Thank you.
Sat, Oct 22 2016
7:19 PM
Sometimes Odogg, its bring your broom to work day.
Dave Essler
Fri, Oct 21 2016
8:24 AM

[quote user="gcoutu_9"]Where is spindoc?

[/quote]Well played, Greg. I think he budgeted worse than I handicap.

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