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updated: March 27 at 6:05 PM PT

Looks like we'll split........

.........our plays on Tuesday. A nice win with the 'Canes and at least early, a reverse boatrace with the Monarchs. What's done is done and a lesson learner for next year - which I how I choose to look at it. Foe the Calendar year, we're up some, but March certainly and unexpectedly dented that some. We'll get the Final Four right and slide into baseball. I do want to take a minute to thank all those that have signed up for baseball. I appreciate the trust - and hope to have another winning season - hopefully as much as least year - that second half was just a lot of fun. 

Never an excuse here, as there are only two sides to every game. The one the that wins and the one that does not, regardless of the number, the ending, the officiating, or whatever. Those things even out over time.
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Tue, Mar 31 2015
10:03 PM

Hey Dave

I read Dave malinsky's point blank this morning. Then later on I read ur write up for ur pick with odu. In that write up, almost verbatim u said " Stanford won the nit in 2012 but NOBODY from that team is on this one. That sounded wrong. So I went back to point blank to read that Stanford had 4 players that were on that nit championship team. 3 starters! One of them the all time Stanford pts leader. Odu was getting 3 pts, and started out down 25-4. Supposedly nobody on Stan hd been in msg in this atmosphere. But that was hardly the case. 3 starters had in fact been in that identical situation. Could that have led to the 25-4 start the start that almost immediately buried the 3 pt dog? People make mistakes. I don't want to beat up somebody for making one. But for somebody that prides himself on "knowing college basketball as much as anybody" how do u miss that? And one more thing. I know I'm just some "joe public bettor" but betting every dog doesn't make u a sharp and me a square. My definition of a sharp? A person that uses all the knowledge he has to make the right bet. Not be defined by a certain type of bet. I know my 2 cents means nothing. But there it is anyways.

Dave Essler
Tue, Mar 31 2015
12:37 PM

[quote user="Inwood"]Great job with the webinar, thank you!


[/quote]You're  welcome, but not much a sharp guy like you doesn't know. Kind of a "read the write up" thing. Stay warm up there.

Tue, Mar 31 2015
12:19 PM
Great job with the webinar, thank you!
Mon, Mar 30 2015
9:24 AM
the line is high and went up despite bet%?
Dave Essler
Mon, Mar 30 2015
8:36 AM

[quote user="Bama man"]Dave it seems that Lchicago plays a deliberate SLOW pace in the few games I've seen. Any value in the under IYO?

[/quote]Maybe. Remember the new shot clock, though. I don't understand the line being so high, either. Perhaps for a reason, but I am taking the points or not playing the side.

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