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Dave Essler
  • PG NFL Supercontest Winner - CBB Handicapping Champ
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  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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updated: December 9 at 5:22 AM PT

It could well be the......

....... worst couple of days work in a while. It started with the Irish covering all but the last :26 seconds and went downhill from there. LBSU just seems to want the game more than Texas. Smart has his work cut out for him more than I could have imagined. We'll take all the grief we deserve, and move on to Sunday.

We'll start firing on Bowl Games very soon, as we've been quietly doing the work for almost a month, trying to miss nothing. We've got a GOY coming in the NFL Sunday and a rare 3* next Monday, so long term you get all of them and more. We're going to finish 2016 strong.  I already know what the Bowl GOY will be. No second guessing this one.

         FLASH SALE: My CFB Bowls plus $25 Best Bet Bonus is available now at the lowest price EVER! Plus you get $25 Pregame Bulk Dollars - allowing you to cherry-pick an additional Best Bet from any other Pro!

         We're on a nice 26-17 CBB Run   - and we typically do quite well in CBB over the years. Our CBB is smoking hot the last two weeks and we're EXACTLY where I said we wanted to be at this time.

No excuses here - the tickets either cash or they don't. There are not right side losers or wrong side winners. It's that simple.
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Sat, Dec 10 2016
6:48 PM
Good luck on your game of the year You'll need it after that miserable saturday
Sat, Dec 10 2016
5:58 PM
Line moving
Sat, Dec 10 2016
2:02 PM
Tom Patterson
Sat, Dec 10 2016
8:32 AM
Get Uncle Dave's Army/Navy 2* Best Bet as a Bonus if you purchase his All-Access: College FB Bowls or RARE: Football thru Super Bowl discounted subscriptions!
Fri, Dec 9 2016
7:19 PM
I must of been the only player that bought the Orland pick.... they got ass ****ed!!!!

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Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1

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