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Dave Essler
  • Proven long-term winner!
  • Deep analysis displays elite expertise
  • Nicknamed "Uncle Dave" for mentoring younger bettors
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Dave Essler Win Streaks

  • 13-6 (72%) MLB Post Season +1.80 CFB
  • 29-15 GOW Run (62%) -2.10 NFL
  • 18-11 FB 3* Run +50.80u MLB 2014 YTD
  • 17-10 (66%) "Big Bet" Run +53.95u TY
  • 154-104 (59%) Totals +162.00 MLB L/5 Yrs
updated: October 30 at 6:50 PM PT

Looks like the blind squirrel............

.........found a nut for the Winter as we hit one Thursday, and it happened to be a total. We're near 60% for the last two years with totals, and are back in the black in CFB this season with a nice Triple Dime/All-Access for Saturday.

Our Long Term Packages have been discounted so now is a great time to get all the information, since  we  typically give rationale for every game on the board, whether we bet it or not, and of course we're way ahead for the calendar year.

As I have said many times, there are only two sides to every game, the one that wins and the one that does not. There are no gray areas cashing tickets, so the "you had the right side" does not apply here.

Bowl Games of the Year

2011 CFB GOY - Winner Alabama over LSU 
2012 CFB GOY - Winner Syracuse over WVU
2013 GOY I - Winner Iowa over LSU
2013 GOY II - Winner Nebraska over Georgia

Since I started keeping more detailed records over a year ago, I thought I would share them. Why didn't I keep super detail before? Because I had no clue about the industry. So, since February 13 of 2013, barring a keying entry, thru September 7th, 2014. There were better years/numbers prior, but I can't "prove" 100% of it. Plus, some of it was on an excel sheet on an old laptop I don't even own anymore. 

CBB: +18.30 (284-232 55%). HORRIBLE Fall of 2013 -Owned Conference Play
CFB: +1.900 (95-77 54.3%) Lost too many big ones. Won a ton in Bowls
NFL  -4-900 (69-64 51.8%) 2013 was a bad year for me. Distractions, but own it.
MLB +27.30 (510-478 51.6%) Dealing w/ML so % no relevant.

We've had better years (2013 about break even/worst in five years here) but I don't have detailed sheets for those. I do know we had a +72 unit CBB in 2012 and a 63% NFL season in 2012 where we won the PG Hilton Contest. But, the ball don't lie.  Dealt with the death of my brother and father last year and this, made plays from hospital beds, answered every question on Twitter, email, DM, and in the forums. And this does not count free plays and information we put out that is generally on the plus side. I did screw around w/NBA but I suck at it so only play periodic "follow the money" moves.

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Sun, Oct 26 2014
8:10 PM
Everyone goes through streaks... But those picks this weekend were brutal. Study up and get back out there. You cost me but its my own risk so no time for ****ing
Sat, Oct 25 2014
6:39 PM
Frustrating is an understatement. I am sitting here hoping for overtime tied at 17 already... This may be the lowest scoring game of the day.
Sat, Oct 25 2014
5:27 PM
This game is so f**king frustrating should be 10-7 at end of 1st. I have LSU and over. Hopefully things turn around. I had to turn it off.... Sorry for complaining.....but I have to vent....
Bama man
Sat, Oct 25 2014
6:49 AM
V vs V in San Fran tonight. Can the Royals steal this one too? I like em here. Any opinion?
Fri, Oct 24 2014
6:54 PM
BYU is god awful. 12 yards of offense

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Sat, 11/01/14 - 7:30 PM Dave Essler | CFB Total
free pick 358 South Carolina / 357 Tennessee Under 56.5 5Dimes
Analysis:  I am tempted to play every single under in the Southeast on Saturday, especially the earlier games. It is simply going to be cold and probably very windy, although at night the wind should die down SOME. Either way, Tennessee has a reasonable defense and little offense, and South Carolina simply isn't going to light up the scoreboard. They're too prone to turnovers, and forget about the kicking game here. Both teams should grind this out on the ground, except when they're going with the wind. However, both QB's more or less suck, so I don't see the big plays here at all. The line coming down so much in favor of the Vols tells me that it should be lower scoring. Tennessee is not going to win any shootouts, with or without Butch Jones' offense. They just don't have the weapons or the depth, IMHO.
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Last 10 Picks from Dave Essler
10/31 CFB Side 6.0
10/30 CFB Total 63.0
10/29 NBA Sides 8.0
10/29 NBA Sides 4.0
10/29 NBA Sides 4.0
10/29 NBA Sides 3.0
10/28 MLB ML 130 -$100
10/26 NFL Side 9.5
10/25 CFB Side 4.0
10/25 CFB Total 44.5
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