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JR ODonnell
  • Former ESPN Radio Host
  • Former PGA caddy
  • "Five Factor" Handicapper
JR ODonnell Signature

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JR ODonnell Win Streaks

  • 3* Overall All Sports 504-442 Run
  • 3-1 LAST 4 GM OF YEARS!!!!
  • 302-279-9 All Sports Run
  • 69-58 NBA 2*3* PAID TOPS
updated: June 24 at 3:02 AM PT

1st Half MLB Game of Year loaded for Saturday!

Reworked the Power #'s and am firing 1st Half MLB Game of Year!

3-1 Last 4 Games of the Year!

Guaranteed option available for $40 or you can get this first half GOY without the Guarantee for $30! 

Looking forward to a BIG Saturday!

Weekly Recap: NBA GAME 7 was Lebron Baby 3* side and a free Cavs + 300 in the series/Free Dustin Johnson Open 1200 winner..3* loss Pirates Sunday .. 3* Under Hamilton was a loss. 2* Padres a winner
JRO on a smooth 504-442 + 62 3*** above .500 HIGH WATER MARK

3* STRONG OVERALL RUN & today June 24th we will stay in the office and rework the power numbers all day.. clients / longtermers up real soon

How about a 69-58 NBA 2*3* run
Jr O is also 3-1 last 4 Game of the Years

The MLB Saturday will be a monster!!!

FREE US OPEN LAST THURSDAY SMASH ----< OAKMONT Fire on 7th ranked Dustin Johnson @ 1200 $$$$$$$$$$ BABY + 1200 >-----... send it in on D J .. play to win >----

Wednesday the 22nd of June goes in the C F B opener September 3rd Penn State - 18.5 over the Kent State... Lay the 18.5 as the Nits offense = way way better than last season ... game notes.. in the play .. Power Rated @ -23 flat 44-21 type of Final ..Go NITS

Friday Free---->>> Goes tonight.. CFL Week 1 Montreal /Winnipeg OVER 50.5 CFL

MLB Free = Friday = Seattle Mariners + 110 ..with Leblanc Over Martinez... let's roll

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JR ODonnell
Fri, Jun 24 2016
3:51 AM
2 free make the cut........ FREE Seattle M's and Over Cfl Alouettes/Blue Bombers OVER 50.5... We will be working on the MLB MONSTER tomorrow
JR ODonnell
Fri, Jun 24 2016
2:57 AM

 Thursday >> 2** PADS GET THERE LAST NIGHT MLB WISE ... 3* CFL = not ... onward today Friday ... 504-442 3* run... let's roll Friday

JR ODonnell
Thu, Jun 23 2016
9:54 AM
good stuff my friend as PSU will move the ball imo and put up some points
Thu, Jun 23 2016
6:51 AM
I know the Head Coach at KSU and he said he is going to have the best D in the country but not sure about the O
JR ODonnell
Thu, Jun 23 2016
3:37 AM
3* Minny Twins - 1.5 runs loss ..they win 6-5 .... Detroit Tigers win .... Free goes SEPT 3RD WITH THE NITS... Psu - 18.5

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Sat, 09/03/16 - 12:00 PM JR ODonnell | CFB Side
free pick 164 Penn St. -18.5 (-110) Greek vs 163 Kent St.
Analysis: Sat Sept 3rd 3:30 pm

lay the points with the Nits at home - 18.5 as the Lions have a better offense than last year .. Power Rated @ - 23 flat to the Lions..

MAC Conference Flashes a poor play here as the they have the NITS / BAMA TIDE first four games...

Whitehall Pa Product All World Saquon Barkley running back will roll the Flashes.. 44-21 final

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06/24 MLB RunLine 1.5
06/23 MLB ML -110 $200
06/23 CFL Total -110 -$330
06/23 MLB RunLine -1.5
06/22 MLB ML -128 -$256
06/22 MLB ML -115 $200
06/22 MLB RunLine -1.5
06/21 MLB ML 116 $232
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