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JR ODonnell
  • Former ESPN Radio Host
  • Former PGA caddy
  • "Five Factor" Handicapper
JR ODonnell Signature

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JR ODonnell Win Streaks

  • 32-16 CFB 3* Top Sides!
  • 67-46-1 Run 3* Best Bet All Spt + 42 Un
  • 604-545-14 All Sports 3* Run!
  • 59-37 CFB Run!
  • 132-99-5 All Sports Run!
updated: December 3 at 4:03 AM PT

3* BIG 10 CHAMP CFB SIDE..32-16 3* Top Sides

 ALERT!!  JR ODONNELL IS ON 14-2 ALL SPORTS & 67-46-1 3* +42  Units & 32-16  CFB 3* Top Sides smoking run. Let's stay hot this week as we look to cash the  3*3*3* 12/3 Top Ticket.     

Right from the Pregame office "JR O'DONNELL had the most profit of any Pro over the last two NFL seasons (57.6% winners during that time). Obviously you want JR on your side"  

12/02/2016 Recap: 132-99-3  All sports run.. 4-0 SWEEP Tuesday & 3-2 WEDNESDAY & 7-0 SWEEP L 2 NIGHTS !! Highlighted by the 3*  3* OHIO / WASH HUSKIES sweep. We reworked the power #'s 4 Monday's ago all day and we will be confident moving forward with the big plays.  Triple Triples 3* CFB/CBB  today!

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We are Rolling Boys  !!!

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JR ODonnell
Sat, Dec 3 2016
6:19 AM
3*3*3*2*2* cbb cfb PLAYS all up as we look to keep hammering the plays... 14-2 run... let's roll
JR ODonnell
Sat, Dec 3 2016
6:00 AM
3* CBB GAME OF WEEK top up!! Its a rock solid ats winner..
JR ODonnell
Sat, Dec 3 2016
5:24 AM
thanks beard ..all the best your way champ
wilburs beard
Sat, Dec 3 2016
5:05 AM

Very nice work my friend, Bol today

JR ODonnell
Sat, Dec 3 2016
4:49 AM
let's stay focused today

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Sat, 12/03/16 - 7:45 PM JR ODonnell | CFB Side
free pick 330 Wyoming 7.0 (-110) Greek vs 329 San Diego St.
Analysis: Free MWC Conference Top Side to the Cowboys + 7 vs the Aztecs of San Diego State.. Power Rated by my camp @ Aztecs -4 flat

My game #'s have the Cowboys @ 5-1 ats dog this season

Yes I know that these Aztecs are a revenger here as the Boys won 34-33 11/19/16 ..

San Diego St a poor 1-5 ats revenger

Cowboys inside the 7

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67-46 3* RUN... + 42 Units
JR ODONELL = ROCK SOLID!! 7-0 last 2 nights and 14-2 last 16 + 67-46 Strong 42 Units 3* Run. The 3* CBB GAME OF THE WEEK FIRES TODAY as the JRO'ster will hang up a smooth 3* TOP CBB selection. The former Espn Radio Hot and Focused capper with the best 3* CBB on the ticket You can get the 3* CBB by goin to the orange add to cart button now !!! Let's ROLL
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EVERY pick thru NBA Finals!
604-545 3* Top Run...
Last 10 Picks from JR ODonnell
12/02 CFB Side 19.0
12/02 CBB Total 140.5
12/02 CFB Side -7.5
12/02 CFB Total 56.0
12/01 CBB Sides 2.5
12/01 NFL Side 3.5
12/01 CBB Sides 7.0
11/30 CBB Total 135.5
11/30 CBB Sides -6.0
11/30 NBA Sides 9.0
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