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Spartan | today's note
Free Pick: Philadelphia at New York
MONSTER DIAMOND TRIPLE BLOCKBUSTER!Plus 300 Units Profit Long Term! $28.00 Add to Cart
sleepyj | today's note
Free Pick: Philadelphia at New York
MLB 3*** / "Grand Slam" Play !!MLB YTD / +11.34 Units !! $5.00 Add to Cart
Fezzik | today's note
Free Pick: Green Bay at Chicago
3* CFB THURS ESPN KICKOFF51-29 lifetime 3* $19.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Dave Cokin | today's note
3* MLB MAX BEST BET!!11-5 3* Best Bet Run! $25.00 Add to Cart
Goodfella | today's note
PAC-12 (3*) GAME OF WEEK (MAX BET)BIGGEST CFB PLAY of WEEK #1 !! $27.00 (for Friday) Add to Cart
Dollar-A-Day | see more
5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks DailyLess than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial! $29.00 $1.00 Add to Cart
Dave Essler | see more
* SEC 3* GOW - Bonus Plays ! * ~ All Systems Go - Easy Winners ~ $25.00 (for Saturday) Add to Cart
Stephen Nover | today's note
Free Pick: Philadelphia at New York
MLB MONDAY CRUSHER PLUS BONUS 91% angle one of many major factors $19.00 Add to Cart
Coach Fletcher | today's note
Free Pick: Washington at St. Louis
Coach Fletcher - Monday 2* MLB PickCoach is 61.5% in MLB, +32 units $20.00 Add to Cart
Bulk Dollars | see more
LAST DAY: $1200 Gets You $2500!OVER 100% BONUS on your $ $2,500.00 $1,200.00 Add to Cart
Pauly Howard | see more
Monday Wipeout8-3 L11 $20.00 Add to Cart
Ken Thomson | today's note
Free Pick: Michigan at Utah
All Football Combo Access Discount!Price Will NEVER Be This Low Again! $2,500.00 $849.00 Add to Cart
JR ODonnell | today's note
Free Pick: Washington at St. Louis
Jr's 3* In League G O WEEK J BOMBAUG 31ST In League Smooth G O WEEK $25.00 Add to Cart
Greg Shaker | today's note
All Football Combo Access Discount!Price Will NEVER Be This Low Again! $2,500.00 $849.00 Add to Cart
Steve Merril | today's note
2* MLB SLUGFEST *OVER*Perfect 2-0 Sunday Sweep $25.00 Add to Cart
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And Another Triple Star Cashes The Ticket!
The St Louis Cardinals continue to roll. Even though Jaime Garcia was not exactly on his A game the Cardinals took the series at AT&T Park an concluded their road swing out west in winning style. That Triple Star winner makes 9 of the last 12 >>read more...
Spartan - Free Picks, all Best Bets, and More!
Plus 300 Units Profit Long Term!
$28.00 from Spartan

Win Streaks

Winning Streaks

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Add to Cartpro-bettor3* CFB THURS ESPN KICKOFF
51-29 lifetime 3*
$19.00 (for Thursday) from Fezzik
Vegas got this one wrong, and we FIRE on the OPENING GAME with a TOP play. Customer Appreciation Opening Game Pricing!

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Add to Cartpro-bettor3* MLB MAX BEST BET!!
11-5 3* Best Bet Run!
$25.00 from Dave Cokin
Dave Cokin is selective with big picks. So when he FIRES, you can be certain of how confident he is, and how confident you can be. Bet this special 3* MLB Max Best Bet & play right alongside Dave on Monday. Click and get now - and KNOW you are on the right side of at least one game >> more...

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Add to Cartpro-bettorCoach Fletcher - Monday 2* MLB Pick
Coach is 61.5% in MLB, +32 units
$20.00 from Coach Fletcher
Coach Fletcher won his 2* MLB Premium pick on Sunday to make it 32.30 units profit since he came aboard on July 2.  The Coach has won 61.5% of his MLB picks.  Join the Coach on this great run! Special Early-Bird Bulk Dollar Offer:  $1,200 gets you $2,500 Bulk Dollars! >> more...

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Add to Cartpro-bettorLAST DAY: $1200 Gets You $2500!
OVER 100% BONUS on your $
$2,500.00 $1,200.00 from Bulk Dollars
This Limited-Time Early-Bird Special offers OVER 100% MORE BUYING POWER ! For $1,200 you are getting your choice of a Best Bet EVERY DAY of the football season through the Super Bowl! The estimated amount if buying 1 package a day throughout football season is $2,500. Purchase this package >> more...


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Add to Cartpro-bettor5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks Daily
Less than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial!
$29.00 $1.00 from Dollar-A-Day

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