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Fezzik | today's note
Fezzik's All Access Thu - SundayGet EVERY Pick I release Th-SUN! $79.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
Teddy Covers | today's note
Free Pick: New England at Green Bay
3* Big Ticket NCAA Game of the WeekWake Up & Win $25.00 Add to Cart
Dave Cokin | today's note
CFB Game of Month!Friday Action: 58% Winners $25.00 Add to Cart
Goodfella | today's note
GOODFELLA 7-DAY ALL ACCESS PACKAGE109-61 (64%) GOW WIN STREAK $119.00 $89.00 Add to Cart
Ken Thomson | today's note
Big 2_STAR CBB game goes early !!Soft line should make Easy Cover! $15.00 Add to Cart
Dave Essler | today's note
Dave's 7 Day All Access PackageSaves up to 50% OFF on DAILY ACCESS $119.00 Add to Cart
Stephen Nover | today's note
3* FRIDAY COLLEGE FB CRUSHER78-59-3 Triple Star Run! 100% Spot! $25.00 Add to Cart
Bryan Leonard | today's note
JR ODonnell | today's note
3* Early Call CFB Dog of the Month169-114 3* run...59 Units $29.00 (for Saturday) Add to Cart
Greg Shaker | today's note
Spartan | today's note
Free Pick: Nebraska at Iowa
2014 NFL GAME OF THE YEAR!Documented 79% Past Two Years! $30.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
Tony George | today's note
Free Pick: Minnesota at Wisconsin
Fri. NCAA 3 Pack - 2 Dime Top PlaySEC Biggie - 2 Others - CASH OUT $28.00 Add to Cart
Brady Kannon | see more
NFL Sunday!9-and-2 The Last Two+ Weeks $25.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
Dollar-A-Day | see more
5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks DailyLess than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial! $29.00 $1.00 Add to Cart
Bulk Dollars | see more
Bulk Dollars: $99 Gets You $200!Save 50%. Spend ANY WAY You Want! $200.00 $99.00 Add to Cart
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2014 Triple Star NFL Game Of The Year Loaded & Ready!
I have been waiting and everything lined up perfect as far I am concerned. My last NFL Game of the Year came clear back in january in the post season, and yes it was a winner with Seattle. Unlike some sites who have these types of releases on a >>read more...
Spartan - Free Picks, all Best Bets, and More!
Add to Cart2014 NFL GAME OF THE YEAR!
Documented 79% Past Two Years!
$30.00 (for Sunday) from Spartan

Win Streaks

Winning Streaks

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Add to Cartpro-bettorFezzik's All Access Thu - Sunday
Get EVERY Pick I release Th-SUN!
$79.00 (for Sunday) from Fezzik
One extended weekend ONLY! Get the Bet LIke A Pro Plays I release Th-Sun, ONE extended WEEKEND ONLY SPECIAL OFFER!

Biggest Picks

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Add to Cartpro-bettorMAC ATTACK GAME OF THE YEAR
$30.00 from Bryan Leonard
Being a 1985 Akron University graduate we have OWNED THE MID-AMERICAN CONFERENCE FOR DECADES. On a current 28-18 61% run just the past few years, even better when long term records come into play. Friday we are releasing our Strongest MAC Play of the Season. Enjoy your holiday weekend with a >> more...

TV Games

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Add to Cartpro-bettorCFB Game of Month!
Friday Action: 58% Winners
$25.00 from Dave Cokin
Dave Cokin's followers have been steady winning this college football season ... currently on a 58% extended run (39-28-1 ATS). Now the action is taken up a notch with his November Game of Month! You can be on the same side as Dave with his monster Friday play. Click & get now at a >> more...

Special Discounts

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Add to Cartpro-bettorBulk Dollars: $99 Gets You $200!
Save 50%. Spend ANY WAY You Want!
$200.00 $99.00 from Bulk Dollars
From Black Friday through Cyber Monday ONLY - Take advantage of the $99 gets you $200 in Pregame Bulk Dollars Special! They can be used in ANY increments and after purchase, your $200 dollars becomes available within minutes, and they NEVER expire. Your Bulk Dollars spend just like cash - >> more...


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Add to Cartpro-bettor5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks Daily
Less than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial!
$29.00 $1.00 from Dollar-A-Day

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