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Dave Essler | today's note
* MLB 3* Triple Dime GOW *Huge Sweep - Another Easy One! $25.00 Add to Cart
Spartan | today's note
Monster Triple Diamond Blockbuster!Documented 70% Winners! $25.00 Add to Cart
sleepyj | today's note
Free Pick: Tampa Bay at Kansas City
MLB 3*** / "Tuesday Thump" !!This Line Is Wrong !! $5.00 Add to Cart
Stephen Nover | today's note
Free Pick: San Francisco at Atlanta
3* MLB TOTAL OF WEEK & BONUS PLAY80% MLB May Over/Under Winners! $25.00 Add to Cart
Ralph Michaels | today's note
Dave Cokin | today's note
Free Pick: Boston at Baltimore
THREE 2* MLB BEST BETS! BIG Discount! +25.26 Units MLB TY! $25.00 Add to Cart
Goodfella | today's note
Bulk Dollars | see more
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Fezzik | today's note
Free Pick: Pittsburgh at Washington
NEW: Discounted GOM Guarantee!Fezzik's NFL May Game of Month! $60.00 $40.00 Add to Cart
Bruce Marshall | see more
Bruce's 7 Day All AccessSaves up to 50% OFF on DAILY ACCESS $119.00 Add to Cart
Pauly Howard | today's note
Pauly Howard's 7 Day All AccessSaves up to 50% OFF on DAILY ACCESS $119.00 Add to Cart
JR ODonnell | today's note
Free Pick: Chicago at New York
Triple 2*2*2* MLB Top Set.... 6*'s Worth of MLB 5/31 $22.00 Add to Cart
Greg Shaker | today's note
Greg's 7 Day ALL ACCESS packageMLB IS RED HOT! $119.00 $99.00 Add to Cart
Steve Merril | today's note
2* MLB *SLUGFEST* OVERTuesday's Best Bet $25.00 Add to Cart
Andy Iskoe | today's note
Andy Iskoe's 7 Day All AccessSaves up to 50% OFF on DAILY ACCESS $119.00 Add to Cart
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They don't ask how........
.........only how many, and then there were ten, just like out of an Agatha Christie book. The Pirates help complete three game sweep for us and we hammer a GOM, or at least win it - and move on. Our 7/30 day long term packages are discounted for >>read more...
Dave Essler - Free Picks, all Best Bets, and More!
Add to Cart* MLB 3* Triple Dime GOW *
Huge Sweep - Another Easy One!
$25.00 from Dave Essler

Win Streaks

Winning Streaks

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Add to Cartpro-bettorMonster Triple Diamond Blockbuster!
Documented 70% Winners!
$25.00 from spartan
Short and sweet! Spartan easily nailed yet another huger monster Diamond Triple Star Release Monday with the Astros rolling Arizona! No drama whatsoever guys! Now it's onward into Tuesday and he is ready to slap down the books once more. The FACT is Spartan has had his clients cashing the >> more...

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Add to Cartpro-bettor3* MLB TOTAL OF WEEK & BONUS PLAY
80% MLB May Over/Under Winners!
$25.00 from Stephen Nover
Picking his spots carefully, Stephen Nover has cashed 80 percent of his baseball over/under plays this month and has found his strongest total of the week on today's card. The pitching matchup is ripe, the right home plate umpire is in place and everything is backed by a 90 percent angle and >> more...

TV Games

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Add to Cartpro-bettor Triple 2*2*2* MLB Top Set....
6*'s Worth of MLB 5/31
$22.00 from JR ODonnell
Jr O off a $$$$ line loss last night on the Okie Thunder as the GSW played the best last night ... Jr O the former Espn Radio host & focused capper now goes back to work hard & the 2*2*2* Triple 2 MLB Tuesday set as we go back to hard capping on 5/31 .... click the add to cart orange >> more...

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Add to Cartpro-bettorLAST DAY: $1,000 Gets You $2,000!
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$2,000.00 $1,000.00 from Bulk Dollars
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