Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL..Wiseguys Biggest Steam (6-2) Free !!

Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL..Wiseguys Biggest Steam (6-2) Free !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB & NFLX for Sunday (8-28-11)..Plus Biggest Steam Play !! by VegasRunner

  • Public Parlays = BREWERS
  • Balanced by Wiseguys = KC/CLE

Check out the audio for "market analysis" in detail for MLB & NFLX Prime-Time Game...Plus "reaching incorrect conclusions based on line-moves"...and Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play (6-2 L/8) for FREE !!

  • VR really like and appreciate the audio blogs.  Always interesting.  I trust the sharps used proper Kelly Criterion calculations to size their bets cuz Seattle forgot to suit up today...  

  • Thanks VR ......this info is gold to recreational sports betters like myself that are trying to learn more about how the numbers work........good luck everyone on there bets today

  • Once again very informative and educational VR.  Good stuff.

  • Thanks Dawg...That's the a source of info for other cappers and bettors, so they can be certain on what's happening with the market...Best of Luck, VR

    UPDATE :

    Just confirmed...a couple of betting syndicates STEAMING the Under CHC/MIL...Books adjusted quick enough from 8.5 to 8, so they aren't as exposed as they would have been...Public was on the Over but mostly on parlays so books exposed on the sharp side (Under)...VR

  • Thank you VR, didn´t know about the line movement, great info as usual.


  • Great info VR.  Always love the audio.  I like using it to confirm a bet.  If I'm focused on a couple games and hear you report sharp action supporting my leans, it helps me stay confident in making those moves.  Keep up the good work.