Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..3 Biggest Steam Plays..ASTROS Phenomenon !!

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..3 Biggest Steam Plays..ASTROS Phenomenon !!


Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB for Tuesday (8-23-11)..Plus 3 Steam Plays by VegasRunner


  • Public Parlays = PHILLIES
  • Sharps & Public = BRAVES
  • Balanced 2-Way Action = PADRES vs GIANTS

Check out the audio for detailed "market analysis" plus "3" biggest wiseguy STEAM plays tonight..Plus the "Astros Phenomenon" !!

  • UPDATE :

    True Steam on UNDER CIN/FLA...Not too big of a position but enough to leave the books exposed since total attracted very little public money...Those recreational players that used it, went Over according to books...but mostly tied into parlays so wiseguys left them 1-sided on the Under...VR

  • Like I stated on Twitter...I remember when I was running on the strip, we'd do the same with teams like Nebraska, Oklahoma, FSU, etc...knowing they'd get a ton of money later and we'd have a nice middle...With the market being even less efficient back then, it turned into a ton of ez money...

    We called it the "Top 3"...because it was almost always done on the Top 3 Ranked teams in the

    Same was done in MLB and other money-line sports..which is even better because there's NO risk with a scalp...Worst case is breaking even !!

  • Thanks STL...That's exactly what I'm hoping this audio does...For guys like yourself who are sharp enough to understand it's all about price since this is a market, it helps you confirm your own "reading"...And for guys who may not have as much experience following lines or interpreting them, it's accurate enough and the sample size is big enough that they can trust it...

    Bottom line...I want to continue being a strong source for bettors and cappers...Best of Luck and I really appreciate the support coming from so many guys I respect...VR

  • Thanks as always VR. Great stuff, helps confirm what I have seen. Good Luck.

  • UPDATE :

    Late Steam on MARLINS is a welcomed site since books were getting heavy on the Reds from the betting public taking them straight and adding them to parlays..

    Confirmed steam on the NY METS but not nearly enough betting syndicates joined in to help books attain balance...Phillies are still leaving them extremely exposed...

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  • This is just great VR, thanks a lot for this kind of report, have a good day.