Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL MNF..w/ 2 Biggest Steam Plays !!

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Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL MNF..w/ 2 Biggest Steam Plays !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB & NFL MNF (8-22-11) + 2 Steam Plays !! by VegasRunner

  • 1 of 2 Biggest Wiseguy Steam Plays = RAYS

Check out audo for detailed market analysis on tonight's MLB and NFL Prime-Time MNF action...Plus #2 Biggest Wiseguy Steam Play !!

  • Mr be perfectly honest, I won't be uploading it as a Premium Play because of the price...BUT, I can promise you that I personally will be putting in a parlay and watching both fights...And I definitely plan on letting my followers know that I'm going to be holding a ticket...VR

  • VR,

    Are you going to be parlaying Povetkin and Helenius from this weekend's boxing matches and making it a premium play? Please let me know. Thanks.

    Mr. Mendez

  • UPDATE :

    STEAM followers are backing the CUBS as Home Dogs also..forcing an even bigger adjustment at the sharper outs..VR

  • Will do VR.  

  • Thanks Game...Can you try and pass that along through Pregame chain of command/JD...They handle the tech side and I'm sure they'll do what they can to accomidate the need..Best of Luck, VR.

    UPDATE :

    Books continue to receive 2-Way Money on MNF match-up..In fact, I've spoken w/ 4 different locals and they are split with 2 books saying they need NYG and the others saying they need CHI...Books here in Vegas getting balanced action, with the Bears being bigger on exotics due to teasers...

    So far...Wiseguys we have access to have stayed away !!

  • Good work VR, can download on phone now. Also, perhaps Pregame can have the blogs send automatic updates to phone once you comment on a post; like they do for threads.  That way, when you add text comments, they can be sent directly to member's phones instead of having them be chained to a computer for market updates.  It would be a great way to increase comments.  Just an idea.  Thanks again for this service, it is the most cutting edge stuff out there.