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Is Kansas City for Real?  By Tony George   As a hometown boy, I have followed the Chiefs all year both as a fan and a professional handicapper.  After last year’s assistant coach acquisitions, I thought they could break the 6 win barrier based on schedule alone, but a 10-6 record and a division title shocked me, although the Chargers at season’s end destroyed Kansas City, without their starting QB.  Then the final debacle was a home loss by 21 to the Raiders who swept them this season in conference play and were the only team in the division who were undefeated in division play.  So you ask yourself, was Kansas City even the best team in the AFC West?  As evidenced by the seeding in the AFC and the fact KC is a home underdog in the playoffs to the Ravens, it looks like Vegas oddsmakers think they got it done with smoke and mirrors.  The FACT of the matter is while Kansas City is a good football, and are good at everything, they are not GREAT at everything as compared to a team like New England for instance.  Looking at the combined reord of the 13 teams that Kansas City Plays scares KC Backers, because the combined record of those teams were 85-123.  Add in the fact the only playoff team Kansas City beat was Seattle on the road, but Seattle is also the only playoff with a paltry 7-9 record to get to the playoffs.  Too bad Seattle is an NFC team and not an AFC team in Kansas City’s defense.  SO THIS IS MY BLOG – Do you think Kansas City is for real or not??  Answers in the reply section will be the basis of my reply.


  • I will keep this simple, No. They are much improved bet no.

  • Well I have not made a side play VB yet...but thought as part of capping this game I would get some genral feedback.  Actually in my mind the real value in this game is the Totals.

    The jury is still out on Haley in my mind, but his assistant coaches are the class of the NFL right now, so we will see in the near future.  Part of the Denver game deal was the fact he was pissed for Denver knowing and stealing signals at the line, which McDainiels was exposed on and fired....but in any sense it was a classless move.  Take your medicine and move on I always say.  

  • Don't know much about Whitlock, but watching Haley on the sidelines and his behavior towards some of his players made me think that this guy is 'full' of himself.  What about his class-less act against McDaniels earlier this year, when he refused to shake his hand?  What a freaking baby!   Reading that article, confirmed my feelings towards Haley (even if they do come from a bitter 'has-been').  I don't see Haley succeeding without Weis, and Chiefs will be one of the teams I'll be looking to 'fade' next season (as well as in this game against the Ravens).

    Good luck on your Ravens play, TG!  I think this one will be over quickly...

  • denmarkok - All great points.  The NO LINE MOVE has me baffeled as to why oddsmakers will not bump it by a half point over the fall number to get money back on KC....Hmmm

    Again, this blog is for discussion and you and davessler make great points.  I am making a play on this game of course on an AFC Card, and thought I would judge some good minds on this.

    Vegasbutcher I did read that article by Jason Whitlock a few days ago, but do not put much stock in anything Jason has to say, he has been fired from every paper and radio and tv gig he has ever worked for, and he is bitter towards the program in general anyway.  I disagree with his takes on Haley but also understand his coaches have allot to do with coaching up the young KC players as much, if not more than him.  

  • Tony - I've been a Chiefs fan since the days of Len Dawson, Willie Lanier, Buck Buchannan, Otis Taylor, Jan Stenerud and Ed Podolack at Municipal Stadium. I still smile at the thought of Elmo Wright's lone touchdown dance, and there's part of me that cringes at the words "Miami Dolphins" after they ruined part of my Chrismas in 1971. I was on the party buses from Fuzzy's to Arrowhead and was absolutely sick when Bill Kenney got hurt in the final game at Pittsburgh to give Todd Blackledge the reins against the Jets in  1986...not pretty.

    I say that to say this...I just can't back them. I know, Charlie Weiss has experience in transitioning between the NFL and NCAA...blah blah blah. But even *he* knows this isn't New England with the current lineup. Outside of early season hiccup against the Bengals (and that on a short week after a dogfight win against the Jets),the Ravens lost 3 games by a grand total of 11 points against teams currently in the playoffs. I think Baltimore's aging D may simplybe  too much for KC's youth right now. Even with Ed Reed's banged up ribs. Take away the run and it's a long day for Cassel. If KC's Tamba Hall can't get things going early, Flacco could get into a rhythm that's hard to stop since I feel he has more weapons at his disposal at this stage of the Chief's development. There's a very large part of me that wants the Chiefs to prove me wrong this weekend so this is strictly a "watch and cheer" game for me. 95% of the tickets are on the Ravens and the line is still at -3? Hmmmm,,,,


  • In the playoffs anything can happen as the Jets demonstrated last year.  In terms of Charlie Weiss and Super Bowl rings; who cares as Belichik won them.  Look at Mangini resume with Super Bowl rings and anyone who was in New England and eventually became a coach.

    Speed is a killer in playoffs and Arrowhead is definitely a tough spot to play.  Raiders get high marks for going undefeated in the division this year and not making playoffs.

    Chiefs will have a competitive opening round playoff game.  Need to mix run and pass to rely on speed.

    Be interesting to know how many teams go to super bowl with losing record against .500 teams during the season and run the table in playoffs.

  • Speed kills in the NFL ... The Chiefs have it, the Ravens do not .... I will take my chances with fast, home, and less experienced team ...

  • So general consensus is KC is not worthy and will not hold their mustard against a team like the Ravens.  I tend to agree slightly with some side points.

    After 19 years of capping NFL post season games, the FIRST THING I LOOK AT IS running stats.  And Kansas City is the best rushing team in the NFL, which is the only reason I have pause in this game taking the Ravens, not to mention QB Cassel has had a great year and Bowe for KC might be the best reciever on the field and no doubt RB Charles for KC the best offensive player on the field. Ray Rice no slouch, but Charles can explode on any play. Kansas City special teams pretty good too and KC is ranked 3rd in the NFL is terms of not turning the ball over.

    That being said.....I tend to think perhaps KC should be the dog, but if the Ravens come in here and turn it over or not have their A game, they can in fact get beat.  

    Arrowhead is a VERY tough place to play and they are 6-1 in there.....FYI.  ANY Pro Player will tell you they hate to play in Kansas City, loud, and more like a college game versus any other stadium in the country.  

    I appreciate your feedback on this blog, it weas meant for participation and some good points here for and against KC.  Mainly against!  Feel free to add more.

  • Tony,

              Baltimore is the better team here even on the road. Kc was a good story this season but the playoffs are a different animal and Joe Flacco I believe is 3-0 on the road in playoff games and this Baltimore team totally destroyed New England on the road last year so they have that experience and confidence plus I do not like how KC played down the stretch. Gotto go Ravens here by 6-10 pts as this line is in my opinion underinflated due to KC home field advantage and the value is on the Ravens.

  • I am digesting these and reposting tomorrow.  

  • Hell they got 2/3rds of the 3 super bowl fornula from the pats there.  Reason I hate blogs, I always think faster than I type and cant edit, lol

  • Great point tony, romeo crennel is the D corrdinator too right to add to your point.  They definietely have the brainwork in effect but will the players be overwhelmed with the setting, first home playoff game for a while for that franchise, I sure hope you have scored tickets.  On another note, whats going on with the rumor of weiss taking the O coor job in florida, I heard it onece and then nothing again, just bullshit or what.  Figured your dialed into that franchise as well as anybody so who better to ask?

  • I was disappointed in yesterdays game. (yeah, look at my avitar and you can see I'm a fan). I think it really comes down to our (Chiefs) O line. Yesterday they couldn't hold anything and Charles had just one decent run. If Cassell gets knocked on his ass many times he will get hurt, and our back-up.... well let's just say he is not a NFL QB. Our D has played much better this year and could play well against the Ravens. Arrowhead has it's mistique back a bit and the crowd could have a say in the red zone. The Chiefs have done better this year than anyone expected, but I am not sure the Chiefs can go much further this year. I just wish I had put a few bucks on them to win the AFC West before the season started.

  • Define "for real". Are they a better than average team who needs to get hot and win three games. I think the answer is yes. And being close to New England for so many years I would grant you the effect HAS rubbed off. The real problem I have is how they finished against the Raiders. Good teams win the games they are supposed to, and in such a short season with little margin for error that truly is the difference between the elite, the contenders, and the pretenders. I think the Chiefs are somewhere between contenders and pretenders, and I am curios how much of a psychologial effect Wies leaving had recently. It's not a matter of him being irreplaceable, because he's not. It is a matter of a team being "on the bubble" both talent-wise as well as contending-wise that just got a dagger in the heart as a young team. The NFL is all about parity as we know it.

    I have long since maintained that there are two or three very talented teams and two or three talent-less teams. The rest are all created equal and the true difference between winning and losing is defined by the psyche, thier schedule, and their "locker room", or more aptly, coaching.

    Bottom line for the Chiefs future, being new to the post season, is that I think they really need to be competitive in this game, win or lose. A blowout loss preceded by an emabarassing loss to Oakland will have effects well into next July.