Big 12 Hoops Power Ratings

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Big 12 Hoops Power Ratings

By Tony George
The Big 12 has more than just Texas and Kansas this year.  There are 8 teams in this conference that have 5 losses or less, 2 of them have only 1 loss, and 3 teams are ranked in the Top 10. As a matter of fact, the home teams combined headed into last weekend from the Big 12 were 104-4 SU at home.  The Home Court in the Big 12 is as strong as any conference in the land, as evidenced by Kansas State waxing Texas on ESPN Big Monday, a game I was all over on K State.  Nothing comes easy in the Big 12 on the road.  Good teams laying big numbers on the road in this conference is always worth a strong look for me to look to go against them.
Kansas State is making an amazing run, Mizzou has a good team, and Baylor can score with anyone and have been in and out of the rankings all year.  There are a ton of "also rans in the mix with Texas Tech, Okie State and Iowa State being very capable to compete at a high level, especially at home.  The best cover teams headed into this weekend are Kansas State at 9-3-1 ATS and Baylor at 8-2 ATS.   The worst cover team is Nebraska at 3-6-1 ATS.
I have only 2 losses in games involving Big 12 teams this year to date either as a premium or bonus selection.  These are my current power ratings in this conference to put up against the Las Vegas line for overalys.  Add 3 to 4 points in most cases for home court advantage, as I have noted the 4 point homecourt teams.  When looking at KU playing in Allen Field House with the nations longest home winning streak, I give them 5 to 6 points depending on who they are playing, it is that tough of homecourt to play on.
Kansas 92 - (add 5 points for homecourt)
Texas 89
Kansas State 86
Baylor 84
Missouri 83 - (add 4 points for homecourt with Mizzou)
Oklahoma State 80
Texas AM 80
Texas Tech 78
Iowa State 77
Oklahoma 76
Nebraska 74
Colorado 71 - (add 4 points for homecourt with the Buffs)
Best of Luck this weekend, My MO Valley and Big 12 games combined are now 7-2-1 ATS on the year with premium plays and bonus.  Check out my action at
  • What makes you a Big 12 expert? I live in the heart of the Big 12 and follow it religously and I have no idea who the *** you are.

  • TG, thanks for the winners last night.

  • Thanks Buddy.  KU at home is a is worth at least 5 points..I do not get carried away with it, but 53 straight at home is tough to ignore and carrys some weight when working on pointspread overlays when capping.

  • Tony -- thanks for the added info concerning capping Jayhawks at The Fog at +5. I had a feeling that may be the case but seeing you have the same take adds a cherry on top of the Big 12 sundae.