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This is an open letter to all aspiring Touts

Rule #1: Your record is never as bad as it seems.

THE KING MAKER is working with a dismal 7-9 record in NCAA football. He's made his clients an abysmal $170.00 on the season. That's not what you want from your Professional is it? WELL SURE IT IS! Let me show you how to cook the books on that 7-9 showing.

I am one of the rare Professional Touts that pays to have his record tracked by an independant monitoring service, so you can dredge up my numbers and decide what you want to do with me. It's a potentially devastating system, because you can't escape your history, and that's why so many Touts shy away from being monitored at all.

TOUTS NEED CREATIVE NUMBERS! Being monitored screws that up! 

Let me show you a little something about CREATIVE MARKETING.

I'm 7-9 in the NCAA at +$170.00. That isn't a whole lot to TOUT is it?

But I'm 5-2 (+$2,800.00) on my Top Plays in the NCAA (10-Star)!

Now this is something I can TOUT...."Kevin has nailed 5 out of 7 Top Plays this season and he's unleashing another winner tonight!"

Suddenly, a shitty 7-9 record gets ignored for a hidden nugget of gold (5-2).

Oh, it gets better!

I'm sitting at 9-4 in the NFL and 6-1 with my SIDES (+$3050.00)! So now I can really muddy the waters and say I am 11-3 (+$5,850.00) on my SIDE WAGERS in Football! TRULY I AM A MONEY MAKER! The 5-2 record on Top Plays in the NCAA were all SIDES, so I can creatively mix them with my stellar 6-1 SIDE record in the NFL and cook up a nice 11-3 record on SIDES

THE KING MAKER is a whopping 11-3 on Side Wagers in Football this Season! BUY, BUY, BUY!

 As a TOUT I have three MARKETING windows open to me:

1. I'm 5-2 (+$2,800.00) in TOP PLAYS in the NCAA

2. I'm 11-3 (+$5,850.00) on ALL Side Wagers in Football this year!

3. I'm 9-4 (+$2,310.00) in the NFL on ALL wagers this year!


When, in fact, I'm 16-13 (+2,480.00) in Football. I'm 7-9 in the NCAA (+$170.00). And I'm 9-4 (+$2,310.00) in the NFL.


I'm not trying to slam anyone. I'm simply trying to show you how a Tout like me can cook the numbers so that their record looks much better than the actual day-to-day client works with. THIS IS ALSO A REASON WHY YOU MIGHT SEE NEGATIVE POSTS WHEN A CAPPER TRIES TO BE POSITIVE. If you'll notice, I don't have a RED dollar amount up there. I've managed my rating system well enough to survive a 48% record in the NCAA with a GREEN number. The larger question would be, how many of my viewers are GREEN after following that 16-13 Record? DO YOU THINK THEY STUCK TO MY RATING SYSTEM?

You can see why a regular client would be pissed, BUT YOU CAN ALSO SEE HOW SALES CAN BE UPLIFTED BY MOVING THE NUMBERS AROUND. Newbies don't care, and most Touts don't post a detailed record, so all those hidden options are open to me!

This is the nature of the beast. Please know what you're dealing with, ok? Touts can really cook the books and still be telling the absolute truth!


With that being said: I want to congratualte a few of my fellow Professionals.

Spartan is sitting at #4 in the NFL at The Sports Monitor with a 74% Winning rate.

Marco is one of the TOP professionals at 15-9 in NCAA Football at The Sports Monitor.

Vegas Runner is holding almost $5,000.00 in Net Profit at The Sports Monitor in the NCAA (much higher with many clients) AND he's got $7,550.00 in Net Profit in the NFL!


Mike Hook is doing VERY WELL in both NCAA and NFL Football: He's 61.11% in the NCAA and 60% in the NFL over at the Sports Monitor.


 Those guys put their asses on the line by being TRANSPARENT. They deserve extra attention. They are Monitored and are dominating! Congrats boys!


That's my observation for the week. 

Take it with a grain of salt.




  • I still suck dick for 5 dollars.

  • That's very interesting stuff.  I understand that the Sports Monitor is where folks from Pregame go to track their success.  I also read that there is a charge for using the site.  Is someone "ordinary" like me able to become "tracked" as well?  I only know of Tweetwager right now that tracks picks for free.  It doesn't have all the possible wagers, so it might be less accurate if someone wants to "wager" on halftime lines.  But still, it tracks for free.  I consider myself a very strong gambler, and would love to match up against others to see how I stack up.

  • Might be time to take the trash out again. Air head is back Kevin!


  • Welcome back!

    I was wondering when you were going to resurface.

    Thankfully there's a "delete" button in the Blogs.

  • Boy does this sound familiar to anybody?

  • I think your baseball record was as bad as it seems the last 2 years. Both years were sub 30% winners, family emergencies and some weak excuses after almost every loss and this guy hiding in shame from the people who wanted to kill him. What a spinjob.

  • Thank You King...I truely appreciate it brother...and want to commend you on being so straight-forward and honest...

    You are by far one of the sharpest bettors/handicappers that I have ever come across...And just the info and insight that you provide is so valuable and clearly shows just how much work goes into each and every bet you pass along...

    I want to wish you continued success...and great work again this year brother...VR

  • Lots of cappers dont want their plays shown, becuase they have significance as far as halftime wagers, so I think they might have a need to wait.

    On top of that, the volume of picks that they recieve probably forces them (TSM) to take their time.

    I would like it quicker too. I agree.

  • Good read...  

    I dont really like OKSM...To me, complete transparency is when a sports monitor displays a cappers picks a few minutes after the game, I like when the handicappers records are updated shortly after the completion of the game or at least the same day...just my opinion...

  • Thanks for the Kind Words, Answer.

    TSM is a good way to get your name out there. Make sure you look into your "Name Brand" . Scan the Service Names and make sure "The Answer" or "Answer Sports" or anything like that is not already taken.

    It's an investment.  

    It's nice to see Mike kicking ass, and soon you'll be up there!

  • Kingmaker u should know by now i really respect wat u do in this game man. i might not post in each one of ya threads but u can be 100 % sure i read them. Im am trying to stack some extra cash myself to join that sports monitor hopefully ill be there really soon.

    GL on the rest of the year kill the books

  • Thanks Mike: I have great respect for you as well. I want to get more involved in the forums pretty soon, so I'll be hitting your threads whenever I can.

    Good luck this week!!!!!!

  • Thanks King Maker. Very much appreciated buddy.  I admire the work you do day in and day out. As a fellow research junkie, i look forward to reading your day to day thoughts.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for all that choose to be documented. There is no hiding the truth......

    Keep up the great work buddy.

  • Props to Vegas Runner! VERY nice Dollar amounts!!!!!!!!!!

    Dammit Boy!  :)