GEORGIA TECH at MIAMI: Miami Answers ALL questions.

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GEORGIA TECH at MIAMI: Miami Answers ALL questions.

Can Miami Actually Stop The Tech Offense?

The new defensive coordinator for Miami was part of a team that shut down Tech last year (28-7 UNC Win). Unfortunately, he won't be suiting up against the Tech offense.

The important thing to note is that Vaughn Telemaque (rFR) and "Ray Ray" Armstrong (true-FR) will be playing a ton of snaps at the safety position on Thursday. I want to show you what happens to a safety that doesn't understand the "keys" to lining up against a Veer/Flex offense.

The Safety has IMPORTANT "contain" duties on the edge, and if he cheats to the line (as most youngsters will do if they need an advantage against the run), then he's going to get popped by a blocker that's trained to nail him in space.

Watch as this Miami safety gets cleared out. He's the second closest guy at the bottom of the screen: Also take note of the OLB that MUST account for the QB. And notice that the Corner has to follow the WR out of the play.....This is man vs. man! Pay attention to the DE that has to read the DIVE and takes himself out of the play. But look at the Safety, ok! 


Miami Secondary Issues:

*"Jo Jo" Nicholas (Jr) has the Flu, so they lose one experienced Safety tomorrow.

*Miami's Junior CB, DeMarcus Van Dyke, is OUT with a concussion.

*There's a 3rd Redshirt Freshman in the 3 deep at Safety as well.


Can you tell me if Miami has the tools to READ this offense from Atlanta?

Remember: it's about SMARTS and EXPERIENCE, not athletic ability.

Guys: This is a critical position to maintain against any sort of VEER or FLEX or LOAD.....

  • Miami Hurricane: They looked great!

    It is, however, the first time that this particular group actually showed it could stop a good offense, so things are definitely looking up!

    The new Miami DC is a good one! He's shown that he can completely out-scheme the Tech offense into nothingness.

  • Remember: it's about SMARTS and EXPERIENCE, not athletic ability. I knew that's issue was not quite right. Miami has speed, similar to the Hurricanes a decade ago, so be carefull about not accounting for athletic ability.

  • Well gentleman!

    Miami Certainly destroyed the Tech Defense, but they also did a great job on the Tech offense.

    It looks like Miami might be able to do a ton of damage in the ACC. It's clear that Tech has a very poor secondary.

    I'm sorry. I thought there was more heft in that GT attack. My reasoning didn't hold up as well as I'd expected.

  • Thanks, Saclunch.

    It's a bitch finding defensive stats...the public and the maintstream stat collectors dont focus on defense at all! Bitches!

    I've slowly developed a theory that you can get the edge on Vegas by focussing hard on the defenses. This is an aspect that the public cares nothing about...smae goes for a few other stat columns..

  • Km,  I think campbell played in the opener last year and did special teams the rest of the season while being a scout team safety.. he's had a rough transition from primarily a running back high school to safety in college.. that being said, coaching staff is confident that in his third season he should be able to contribute

  • In the Spring Campbell was buried behind Jo jo and Vaughn T. .........

    Saclunch, did Campbell face GT last year? I can't find the tackles stats from LY......

  • I did fail to mention Philips and Campbell, and that's something I should have included.

    I was zoning in on the "rotation" and the fact that Campbell was listed as the third option behind Telemaque and "Jo Jo".  I just didn't see Campbell as an experienced man, even as a Junior.

    That being said: He is a Junior and should know his reads, even if he has no real experience against the Flex.

    I like Philips! He should have been mentioned. As you stated, he's not experienced in real time play, but when he plays he does well.

    I have a statement by Philips going up in the next post in the forum play.....

  • Love the write up King.. you mention the two young safeties, i think it's important to realize the canes have Randy Phillips (senior) and Jared Campbell (Jr) ... Phillips hasn't seen much time in his days at Miami but amazingly he's played 6 games in his career and has 6 interceptions... Losing Van Dyke is a big big issue for us, luckily we have nothing but experienced guys backing him up (Hill, Grant, Shields) ... Should be a great game, i think the key is whether Miami can stop that AMAZING DE for Gtech.  I really think the LB corp for the Canes is a huge advantage (McCarthy, Spence, Sharpton).. they should take a lot of pressure of the safeties.

  • I hear ya, Docwatson: I'm pretty sure GT can cover if the turnovers are kept to a minimum.

    The two games that really hurt the Jackets (offensively) were both caused by turnovers, onside kicks, punt return the LSU debacle and the UNC loss can be reduced in significance.

    This Miami Defense can be worn down.

  • Just an FYI. The team that has won the rushing battle in this contest is 5-1 SU & ATS. Georgia Tech is going to get theirs and they played Clemson's tough run game within reason last week. Just something to chew on, and strong cases can be made for both teams...Chad is probably right about the under.

    Another thing is the fact that Miami gave up a good deal of points against a Florida State team that I didn't break 20 against Jack St while Tech had an easy time of it.

  • BeatDaOdd: The running stats were squewed and your memory is definitely correct.

    What's up with Dwyer this year! He's looking a bit less scary!

    I'll tell you, the Miami/FSU game showed a complete flip/flop from last year. FSU went from 53 carries for 350 yards to running for just a little over 100 this year.

    It's killing me!

    EVERYTHING hinges on the Miami DE's....The safeties are going to be beaten, but the lynch pin is the DE's....I think one of the GT tackles is VERY light....., but that's part of the allignment.....

  • Well see with GTs Option offense they are gonna bust big runs at times thats just gonna happen. That can skew that avg yards per run.  If you go thru the play by play you ll see quite a few over 15 yard burts but besides those their Run D was stellar. 326 yards is not that impressive for our Run game either as good as it sounds LOL.

    In regards to fumbles it was GT s first year in the triple option so obviously those are gonna happen. They had problems with it this year in their first game against Jacksonville ST. I believe they coughed it up 5 times. They did a lot better job with that against Clemson though.

  • KM, Great insight on the GT/FSU game.  

    Have you checked out my analysis on the Boise game?  Feel free to add your 2 cents.  GL this weekend.

  • Chad: If you look above, I saw the same thing just now.

    Nesbitt is horrible passing!!!!!! I saw him in the Clemson game. It's pretty hopeless.

    I was going to ask you about the UNDER. If a person like Miami, then they would like the under, IMO.

    The crux of the wager lies in the status of that Miami D-line. Is Moncur totally healthy at DE? They are very thin there.

  • Actually, BeatDaOdds, UNC allowed 6 yards/carry on 54 carries for a whopping 326 yards.  What you may have remembered was that UNC forced 4 fumbles (recovering 2) consistently denied GT the end zone.

    Kev - Nesbitt was 10 for 22 for 97 yards and an INT, so if UNC stunk vs the pass, then what does that say about this GT air game?

    I like Miami in the game but unfortunately the line has moved away from a number I'm comfortable with laying.  I think the under may be the better play right now.