How to Crush the 3-4 Defense: Tennessee has a Weapon!

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How to Crush the 3-4 Defense: Tennessee has a Weapon!

You can CRUSH a 3-4 with two Tight Ends


This is a quick Blog to my Pregame buddies. I want you to take this Blog and apply it to every game that resembles this formula. The hard work is in the secondary and tertiary capping, but the opening screening method goes as follows:

Formula:Two Tight End Sets Occupy 3-4 Defenses to the point of neutrality.

I told you guys to take the Chicago Bears Team Total OVER in the Preseason when they faced the Broncos, because I knew the Bronco's switched to a "poor man's" 3-4 defense, and the Bears now had Green Bay's 3-4 and Detroit's 3-4 to face in the regular season.

What did they do to compensate? 

The Bears had the ability to run an OFFENSIVE two-tight end set. Mister OIsen and Mister Clark can both match up with the OLB's and also line up in the slot or chip from the line to catch a pass! This drags the OLB's away from the rush, and the blitz, BUT IT ALSO ALLOWS THE NOSE TACKLE TO BE DOUBLE TEAMED!!!!!!

The Nose Tackle is the heart of the 3-4.

Kill him and the Middle linebackers lose "protection" and get a guard in their grill. Kill him with a double team and he gets.....DOUBLE TEAMED! HA! Two tight ends do that for an offense!

Two-Tight End Sets also:

*Tie up a safety.

*Seal Edges.

*Occupy a middle linebacker in the "seam"

*Make a screen pass effective.


I digress: Double team on the nose-tackle? Occupied Linebackers ON THEIR HEELS?


You have been notified!


Tennessee has Bo Scaife and Algae Crumpler bumping off the edges on Thursday.


FYI, brothers and sisters! Pittsburgh will have to WORK!



Suddenly, a powerful 3-4 is compromized.


I have a thread on the Titan/Steeler game as well:



Added on Thursday afternoon: Interesting!

Pittsburgh had the 29th ranked FIRST HALF offense in the NFL last year.

They had the 9th ranked SECOND HALF offense last year.


What does that tell us?


Here's my guess:

Pittsburgh doesn't have a great offensive line, and their impact players are scrappy, but not entirely "elite" (injury was a factor).

So when Team-A's defense is fresh, they tend to hold their own against the Steeler offense, but after the Steeler defense knocks Team-A's offense off the field in 4 downs (over and over), then Team-A's defense gets worn out!

By the time the middle of the 3rd quarter rolls around, Team-A's defense is toast.

This is how a 29th ranked defense suddenly becomes a juggernaut after 2 quarters!


So what did Tennessee do this year?

They retianed 10 players for their defensive line rotation. Out of 53 players, 10 of them are on the D-line. All of them will see action tonight. It's in the design and philosophy of the Titan's system. Play a ton of lineman and kill the opposing offense in the 4th quarter. Attrition!

The question for you you think the Pittsburgh O-line can outlast the Tennessee D-line? 

  • WE had a pretty good thing going until one of the tight ends went down. Polamalu (sp?) was amazing! Most Safeties, outside of Sanders and Troy will NOT be able to occupy that much space, or serve that many roles.

    All in all, the "Double TE Set theory" has legs! Nice Cover!

    And thanks to the guys at for throwing up my analysis over there!!!! :)

  • I added an interesting observation to the bottom of this Blog (and to the Thread), check it out.   :)

  • Fair warning  Good read on both, thanks for the in-depth input.

  • Warning: Typed after multiple beers, ok? The reasoning is there, but the syntax might suck.  :)