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Sac Says...


 1) .... Nick Foles is out at QB for Arizona this week.  The line opened at -7.5 and is down to -6.5 against Washington.  Pretty standard, about what you'd expect.  Anytime a starting QB is out, some guy who bets big money and calls himself sharp is going to pound the line down early in the week.  

Not so fast... Matt Scott, Foles' backup, is legit.  Started the 2009 season ahead of Foles, and after going 2-1 was benched.  Scott was one of the bigger recruits on the west coast coming out of high school, and there is no doubt in my mind that he's been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.  Scott said after the game last week that he "knows the offense just as well, if not better, than Foles" and that "they won't skip a beat."  

He's a confident kid, with tons of talent.  More of a dual threat than Foles is, and he'll add an extra demension.. Something Washington hasn't seen on tape. 

He's getting a second chance, and I expect him to make the most of it.  If anything, a true "sharp" would be moving this line the other way against a line that was already deflated due to the injury.



2) Helmet to Helmet contact... I get that injuries are becoming a problem, and some of the penalties are, indeed, justified.  But my least favorite thing about the evolution of football has been meaningless penalties.  Just because a guy hits helmet to helmet doesn't mean there was malicious intent.  If a defender's eyes are forward, there should never be a penalty.  If he is looking at the ground and leading with the crown of his helmet, then by all means 'T him up'.  Receivers are ducking and moving all over the place, how is a safety with sweat in his eyes running 20mph supposed to guess what the receiver will do?



2.5) ......It reminds me of this controversy over the bats in MLB.  Ash or Maple?  Here's the thing.  Baseball is a game where firm balls are flying at you at well over 100 miles per hour at times, and yet we're whining about dodging a bat?  How many people have died being hit by a baseball?  850 over the last 150 years (Death at The Ballpark by Robert Gorman).  How many people have died being hit by a broken bat?  0 in 150 years.  It's like banning throwing stars in a war fought with guns.

  • SAC is KING!!! I definitely listened and took note of your info on ARZ, what a pick - had them in a teaser with Bama. Much appreciated bud.

  • Haha that's why I put in the work man!  To be honest, Matt Scott definitely looked better than Nick Foles last night.  That was gratifying to me!

  • Hey Sac! are you in the ESPN broadcast of the Arizona/Washington game?? lol .... watching my wager play out and Arizona was on offense and after Arizona runs a specific play, the announcer says something like, " this is something they wouldn't have been able to do with Foles, call me crazy, but this team might be better with Scott. he gives them an added dimension that defenses have to gameplan for" ..i was like, shouldn't Sac be celebrating the Sooners' loss! what's he doing providing the script for ESPN?? lol .. Good info Sac! Helped me make a wager on Arizona and its looking pretty damn great as i type. we'll see if they can continue this dominance.

  • Take all the pads off and just let them go for it. thats the way we roll playing Aussie Rules!

  • Thanks Halo.

    I've already written up about 4-5 fights so far for UFC 121.

    The rest should be up before the weigh-ins.

  • Also, your UFC writeups

  • Im not debating that football is a violent game and im not disrespecting the Rutgers player for what happened to him.  That is a tragedy and I, like the next person DO NOT want to see that happen to anyone..on or off the field.  

    You have to break it down to fundamentals.  You look at both of those incidents, the players dropped their head.  

    Its a pro/con issue.  

    I dont want to see anyone get hurt, but some people dont know how to tackle right, qbs leading receivers into traffic because they cant read a defense, there is a whole plethera of reasons why hits like this occur.   Its going to happen whether they enforce it or not because its natural instincts.  Its like when they pass out the memos in the minor leauges about being fined for chewing tobacco.  People are still going to chew tobacco and coaches arnt going to tell a player to not do it.   Its the same concept.  

    Safety is the #1 issue, no question about it but like Ditka and I just read JOPA say it, take the facemask off and you wont have this problem.  I dont think any of these players go out aiming for a headshot, but it happens.  As for Sunday and the hits, it was another great day of football to me.  

  • Halo,

    Its about the safety of the players, I'm sorry but helmet to helmet contact is a very serious issue in the NFL and CFB.

    This is the 2nd player paralysis on a special teams play in the last 3 years.  

    The science behind the helmet to helmet hits cannot be argued against.   The NFL is doing the only thing they can mid season do, can you honestly argue that some of those hits on Saturday and Sunday were not a little much?

  • HAHAHAH true.  But what would we do with calls at the plate lol.  Oh ya, we have instant replay :)  

  • Haha I'd love to see pitchers with an L-Screen.  We can get rid of the home plate umpire too, and just use electronics like Fox Trax (the Strike Tracer) to call balls and strikes.  Just one more human being out of harm's way.

  • Im all about safety, but the game is getting a little ridiculous.  Some of these calls are pathetic.  I mean the defense cant play defense anymore.

    I have a solution, take the pads off and make them wear flags.  That will solve it.  

    The NFL has changed the rules to make it a offensive league because they assume people want to see scoring.  Its like NBA, you dont see defense like you did back 20 years ago.  No handchecking allowed now, you have zone defense, its just pathetic.  They cant D anyone up anymore that is why they dont lol.  People want to see the dunks like they want to see the touchdowns in football.  That is how the league thinks now.  

    Lets be realistic, the game of football is reaction and physics proves that a person moving cant stop.  Its a little harder to do when its last minute reaction on a play.  

    Wooden bats breaking in baseball is comical.  Worry about the kids in college using aluminum bats. It wont surprise me if you see the rules changed in baseball where a pitcher will soon be throwing behind an L-Screen in a game :) OK, maybe not that far but you get my jist.  

    Good stuff Sac

  • Anytime I need a laugh I just need to see that comment "I'm 6'2 with 3 degrees...suck on my nuts."  Thanks, Mike

  • Sac Sez no @ replies is a major bummer......

    He decided....

  • Sac sez Time Slots.

    Sac sez be careful what you wish for.

    Sac sez i'm 6"2 with 3 degrees....

  • Really good point.. Very sad day for the MLB.  This weeks Monday Night game wasn't even as high profile as most.  Kind of a crappy game that still overshadows the MLB playoffs.