Either Manny Ramirez Wants To Have A Baby or He Did Steroids

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Either Manny Ramirez Wants To Have A Baby or He Did Steroids


No need to beat around the bush there are only two possibilities to this Manny Ramirez 50 game suspension:

1- Manny is completely innocent and it was the doctors fault for giving him a prescription with a banned substance in it.

2- Manny is a lot smarter than we give him credit for, was trying to be slick and got caught.

If history tells us anything while I would like to believe Manny he is probably lying. It was a much funnier story if he was just a two minute brother and needed a little pick me up, but as information comes out it was a "Women's fertility" drug that is known to be used by steroid users.

You know how I feel about the subject I don't care if they take steroids or not. I don't think it makes you a better player, but as a baseball player you have to know they are not playing around anymore.

You can't be on steroids and assume you aren't going to get caught.

I will say this is different than ARod, Bonds, McGwire and etc. When they did steroids there wasn't a drug policy in place so in my mind they shouldn't be looked upon negatively at all, because there were no rules in place. Manny knew the rules and broke them. To me that makes him open to more criticism than any player in the past.

It is one thing to cheat when there are no rules. It is another thing to cheat when there are. Unfortunately for Ramirez he can't chalk this up to:


  • CLEARLY, Andre Either MISSES ALL THOSE Fastballs with Manny being OUT................................................

  • Did they finally come forward with the drug as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

    HCG is more than just a women's fertility "drug," it's a naturally produced compound that spikes when women GET pregnant.  In fact, it's the compound that causes morning sickness during pregancy's first trimester.  I wonder if Manny was throwing up in the morning...

    As for the making you better deal, they do.  They make you better.  Sure, a TERRIBLE baseball player isn't going to become a superstar because of steroids, but NO ONE in the bigs is a terrible player.  Anyone in the Majors taking steroids is going to get an edge, and that's where the issue comes.  People don't really care about Dave from Marketing taking HGH and playing slightly better on his adult softball team.  This discussion is about guys in the MLB, and steroids DO make them better, even if it's just a little.

    That being said, go Dodgers.  Happy to see Juan Pierre getting a chance, and actually doing something this year.

  • They don't make you a better player, they give goubmore testosterone and that helps your muscles grow bigger, or to gain speed. And for stupid people out there they do not make your penis smaller it makes your testicles shrink. Anyway, they don't make you a better player they help you gain a physic but if u suck at baseball, you can tale the steroids but your still goona suck, you are just gonna be stronger. I workout everyday except the weekends and I only take protein shakes and muscle milk with 32 grams of protein, sure it is harder to gain muscle and get bigger and buffer like that, but at least when I wa around the gym, I walk with my head up high and my "huevos" down low!

  • It amazes me to what extremes some people go to in order to get an edge & make more money.

    I don't think the risks are worth the rewards. They do more than "shrink your nuts".

    You can always make money but you're only given one body. You can lose everything you own & get it back. But once your body starts to fail, you have problems.

  • make you stronger so if u are good hitter then you end up with more HR ....370 fly ball goes 400 now.......improves your power so u can argue makes u better........but if u are bad hitter u will still be a bad hitter........not going from a 250 to 320 hitter.....if I took roids I would stil be a bad hitter.......Bonds was good hitter but the extra strength made him power  hitter and hence the HR increase.......of course  IMO

  • Ridicolous statement to say that HGH/Roids DO NOT make you a better player.......One MAJOR thing it does, is give you MAJOR confidence........& at the highest level of professional sports.......CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING.........Were you really being serious with that comment Robert???

  • You don't think steroids make you a better player. That's laughable. Why would they take it then ?  What becuse it's cool , it makes  your nuts shrink ..LOL. OF COURSE IT MAKES YOU BETTER ! I went to alot of giants games and you would be naive to think that  Bonds would have hit 70  hr's without roids .But then you say he cheated ..Well if if doesn't make you better then why is it cheating ? What because baseball NOW has a policy .LOL ...When you  get in your car today don't go over 65 ..That's breaking the LAW.LOL..STEROIDS MAKE YOU BETTER ! FACT !