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Preseason football is in full swing, and I've got another warning for you.  Beware of early selections made in newsletters and by services trying to capture your business early in the week.  Most newsletters are written on Sunday for distribution by Monday or Tuesday.  Preseason is a time when accurate picks simply cannot be made in weekly newsletters or on Tuesday for the following weekend. 

The intentions of the coach, the rotation of the QB's and the starters, and final decisions about the ranking of players are extremely important to preseason NFL success.  If you follow news reports from the various NFL cities carefully., you can find announcements about most of the QB rotations.  You can also find many coaches declaring their intentions and strategy for the upcoming game.  It takes work to gather all the information, but without it no one can win in the preseason.    If you can't do the work yourself, then you need to hire a sports consultant to do it for you.  Before you do, however, you should make sure the analyst is doing the necessary work.  Regularly producing picks many days before a game is sure sign that the analyst is not gathering the information necessary to win in the preseason. 

Anyone can make picks based on coaching trends or by guessing at a coach's intentions.  But such selections will never be as certain, or win as often, as selections made after the coach has actually declared his intentions and game plan. 

Some coaches almost always try to win, while others treat the preseason with disdain, but you can't rely on those tendencies to be followed in every game.  The most intense coach sometimes instructs his team to simply avoid injury, or uses a game to get a last look at players being cut.  Coaches who pay the least attention in the preseason will sometimes have pressure placed on them by management to win in order to spur ticket sales, or they may seek to win if they believe the team needs a win to instill confidence. 

Information directly from the mouth of the coaches is available for a majority of the games each week, but such information is rarely, if ever, available or announced more than 24 hours before game time. 

When you pay for selections made before any coaching announcements, you are NOT hiring a sports service, you are hiring a sports DISservice. He is acting as sports disservice.  In the preseason beware of selections regularly put out more than 24 hours in advance, and avoid the newsletters entirely.  

To get the latest information and selections for this weekend's NFL action from Rob Crowne CLICK HERE after 1:00 P.M. Eastern on Saturday.

  • Definitely true...you need up to the minute reports on which players are playing or sitting.  It doesn't take much for a star to sit in a preseason NFL game these days

  • Great information Rob. Thanks