The WNBA is particularly easy pickings for the professional handicapper for many of the same reasons that I wrote about in my article regarding Arena Football.

Linemakers set the line based on  a desire to split the public action.  The linemaker does not base the line on his opinion of the final game result.  When you bet any lined sport, you are not competing against the bookmaker, you are competing against the other bettors.

That competition is much harder when there are many big-money pros and gambling syndicates betting into the line.  If the bookmaker expects alot of wiseguy betting on a game, he must set the line much closer to the actual handicapped outcome in order to avoid a flood of one-sided action from the smart money.  When there is little wiseguy action expected on a game, the linemaker will set the line based on fan action and new hype rather than a reasoned statistical analysis of the outcome.  

The WNBA is not a popular betting sport.  As a consequence, the action is very thin.  When there is little betting action to balance big-money bets, the effect of any large bet on the line is magnified.  The big-money gambling syndicates cannot place enough action on thinly bet games to interest them without moving the line too far to make the game playable.  The result is that there is very little big-money betting on the WNBA.  Without the pros as competition, small to medium sized bettors can find opportunities that rarely exist in the more heavily bet sports.

This afternoon we have a play on the Detroit Shock -1 1/2 over San Antonio.  Detroit played San Antonio to a tie in regulation before losing in OT in the matchup this season at San Antonio.
This game is being played at Detroit.  The home to road turnaround for these two teams is 15 points.  Expect Detroit to Shock San Antonio with a win by 8+ points.

Our Happy Ending game tonight is a strong WNBA Double Play.