Playboy Cheerleader Taylor Corley Off Mississippi State Team (Pictures)

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Playboy Cheerleader Taylor Corley Off Mississippi State Team (Pictures)

Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley posed for Playboy using the name “Taylor Stone”. At the time, the school decided it was fine, since she didn’t connect herself to the school.

Now, Corley reveals she is no longer be a part of MSU cheerleading. Taylor explained her coaches “decided that it was either Mississippi State cheerleading or my Playboy career.”

Corley also announced that she’ll be leaving school to film a reality show for MTV/VH1 - one based out of Cincinnati, Ohio!

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  • oh, to be  young again is sexting when I was 20,lol

  • Way hotter bitches walkin around campus than that, Welcome to Mississippi!!!!We keep are women fine!

  • oh, to be young again...

  • 7.5

  • Do the lack of ratings mean you guys don't dig her?

  • 6.9 (See what i did there LULZ) but yea if she had blue eyes maybe a 8

  • 7.1

  • 7