Mark Sanchez 17 Year Old Eliza Kruger - Pictures Smoking

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Mark Sanchez 17 Year Old Eliza Kruger - Pictures Smoking

Pictures of 17 year old "girlfriend" Eliza Kruger and 24 year old New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Eliza Kruger smoking a cigarette (Photo)

Mark Sanchez Photo

CONVERSATION: Some find young girls like Eliza Kruger smoking HOT (because it implies they are wild). Do you?

  • Mark Sanchez seemed like a cooler guy, but he has to lose some major points with this chick.  He also went to USC and was the star quarterback, and this is what he's messing around with?  Promise ring, LOL!

  • and is she wearing a promise ring from mark?

  • false advertising. you said smoking so i thought "smoking" as in hot photos.

  • I think she is really a man!  Sanchez found out TOO LATE !!

  • Smoking is probably the biggest turn-off, especially when it's a 17 year old trying to act above her age.  THUMBS DOWN

  • I don't care how old she is, he can do ALOT better than her.  It seems like the girls aren't that great looking in New York compared to the south or Cali but come on.  He's the quarterback of the Jets and he's with that?!?!  Most girls under like 22 are pretty stupid and they are so all over the place that they aren't really that fun.

  • Faceless_Sink just said it best!

  • Maybe Sanchez should be doing better but a 7 at 17 is a 10

  • No judgements from me, Bwatson! :)

  • The Steelers qb doesn't ask them back to his place, he takes them to the men's room and rapes them.

  • I didn't know that Marsha Brady smoked.

  • I wonder how RJ would be reacting to this if Sanchez was the QB of the Steelers and not the Jets.

  • I think she's pretty hot and I would definitely hit it. I like YOUNG girls and WILD girls.

  • Either way Sanchez should be doing better than that.

  • Most of the good girls I've known didn't smoke, and most of the bad girls did - it's just math!