Lindsay Lohan White Dress Worn To Court (Pictures)

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Lindsay Lohan White Dress Worn To Court (Pictures)

The white dress worn to court by Lindsay Lohan has caused quite a stir. Here are the pictures.

Lindsay Lohan White Dress Picture #1

Lindsay Lohan White Dress Picture #2

CONVERSATION: Do you find Lindsay Lohan MORE or LESS hot once you knew for sure she was nuts?
  • Ahhhhh, If breasts were brains she'd be Einstein.Ty Mr.B

  • hotter...cant have fun unless we all get sum

  • Still hot as hell!

  • Ditto No Limit.....Check out the old woman in the background posing.  Memo to old security lady, Lindsay Lohan is the hottie, not you!!

  • I'd hit it.

  • just looking at her makes my crotch itch

  • Lindsay LoSkank = hot as shit because she's dirty.

  • The Good Girl Gone Bad such a timeless, awesome combo...Arge: 'Hotter knowing she's Nutz'. I am very honestly 'laughing out loud' ....  

  • all women are nuts but not all women have a rack like that one

  • Much hotter. I love em a little nutty!

  • totally that bad girl side of her...

  • VERY VERY VERY VERY much hotter since I knew she was nuts (in fact, I had always hoped!)