Nevada Sportsbooks Win Again on Super Bowl - 15 of 16 years

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Nevada Sportsbooks Win Again on Super Bowl - 15 of 16 years

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 8, 2011) – RJ Bell of reports . . .

Despite widespread speculation that the Super Bowl was a tough one for the sportsbooks, the final numbers show yet another losing year for the players.

Nevada Totals:
$87.5 million wagered
$724,000 won by sportsbooks.

That makes 15 of 16 winning years for the sportsbooks! (the lone exception being Giants/Patriots in 2007).

RJ Bell of said: “Packers and Over was by far the worst possible result for the sportsbooks, and even so they ended up net winners. This is a great example of the steep uphill climb the average player faces trying to win.”

* The overall handle is up almost $5 million from last year.
* This is the smallest sportsbook win since 1998 (Packers vs. Broncos)
* Nevada sportsbooks have now won a net $115 million since 1991 (19 of 21 winning years)
* Nevada accounts for approximately 1% of the worldwide Super Bowl handle.
* Sportsbooks worldwide have won an estimated $11.5 Billion on the Super Bowl since 1991.

Super Bowl XLV action:
The public strongly played Packers and Over.
The sharps played Steelers and under.

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  • RJ- Great blog! Once again, you provide information that I would never have available to me here in my local newpaper sports section, or in the financial section. Today I had to suffer through 2 pages in my sports section, of why Coach Sean Peyton should not move his family to Dallas. Keep the great blogs coming and the appearances on podcasts often. Rumor has it in the New Orleans French Quarter, that when Hank Goldberg retires, you are in line for the job!


    Harry Begg

  • Side note. Isn't it 6:30am in Vegas? Why in the hell are you awake!

  • This reporting carried by USA Today:

  • JD - they also had heavy action on Steelers ML (which clearly lost)

  • Nice info. I would think Las Vegas LOST money on the side/total and made the hold % based on teasers and props. Any information on that?

  • uses reporting on Super Betting results in Nevada:

  • Thanks RJ..look for blog and rant in the next 24 hours...

  • Tony - 2.6 Billion in Nevada per year.

  • This reporting carried by Bloomberg:

  • RJ...Do you have an idea of what is bet entirely in all sports in Nevada in a calender year.???..and your thoughts of how much % of that number is what is ACTUALLY BET in the US overall.  Say the number is 3 Billion that 30% of all action in the US and or is there any offshore numbers you have that are close to concrete on what was wagered on the SB?

    I am doing some math here for a blog and article to legalize gambling and the benefits from it in terms of tax rev's for the Governement...any insight from you would be helpful...I am sure offshores are not disclosing amounts...but thought I would run it up the pole with you and see if you had some loose numbers....TG