Ines Sainz Pictures: Hot Female Reporter - Jets Controversy

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Ines Sainz Pictures: Hot Female Reporter - Jets Controversy

Female reporter Ines Sainz claims she was harassed at a New York Jets practice for dressing too sexy. Supposedly the Jets made "suggestive comments". Ines Sainz is a NFL reporter for Mexico's TV Azteca.

Pictures of Ines Sainz:

Photo of Ines Sainz from behind:

Just to make sure you like this view:

And yes, the Ines Sainz bikini:

COMMENT NOW: Does Ines Sainz make you want to shout out suggestively?
  • Booty Pop!?! oOO snap! haha

  • Gotta appreciate her professional attire...

  • best tail i have seen in awhile

  • Pics are showing up now, shes smokin, perfect ass too.

  • I call Shenanigans.

  • Think she got her job because she had the best marks in journalism school?  If you were a football player and you had a choice of giving one interview before you hit the locker room, who would you choose?  Come to think of it, she gets to sashay that ass around the boys' locker room, doesn't she?

    Now, if she only got herself a nose job.  [sigh]  

  • Amazing!

  • Wow!!!!!RJ that is the bar thing I've seen all day, thank you! Haha, VIVA LA MEXICO!!!!!!

  • Yeah it's always funny when hot chicks complain about guys hitting on them when they dress like that.  I mean you're around a bunch of football players dressed in tight clothes...what do you think is going to happen?!?!

  • What does she expect.She want's her cake,and eat it too.The players also want's her cake and eat it also.Who can blame them.  

  • Damn, maybe she was trying to get some exclusive access to the players, looking at her that would not be difficult

  • oh hell yeah, she is super hot!!

  • Well just damn.. thats all i gotta say..

    The Jets are now my 2nd favorite team

  • I think she's trolling!

  • Pics arent showing up on my end.