Teams Favored Most 2010 NFL Season

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Teams Favored Most 2010 NFL Season

September 7, 2010 (Las Vegas, Nevada) - From RJ Bell of How many games are the best and worst NFL teams expected to be favored this regular season?

[listed in order of Super Bowl Odds]
 Dallas Cowboys (9 to 1)

12 games expected to be favored
Cowboys are #1 Super Bowl favorite, but five other teams will be favored in a greater number of games!

Indianapolis Colts (10 to 1)
15 games expected to be favored – tied with Saints for most
Lone exception: Colts expected to be underdogs at New England in Week 11

Green Bay Packers (10 to 1)
12 games expected to be favored

Baltimore Ravens (11 to 1)
13 games expected to be favored

San Diego Chargers (12 to 1)
14 games expected to be favored

New Orleans Saints (12 to 1)
15 games expected to be favored – tied with Colts for most
Lone exception: Saints expected to be underdogs at Dallas in Week 12.

New England Patriots (14 to 1)
13 games expected to be favored

New York Jets (15 to 1)
14 games expected to be favored
note: Patriots, Ravens, and Cowboys favored in less games, but have greater Super Bowl odds than Jets.

Minnesota Vikings (17 to 1)
12 games expected to be favored


Detroit Lions (175 to 1)
Only expected to be favored in ONE GAME: home favorite vs. the Rams in Week 5.

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  • If Lions are only favored in 1 game that's for sure cool by me. I think they'll win about 5 games.

    Chargers, Jets, Vikings that's WAY to many games to be favored.

  • This reporting featured by Ben Maller of Fox Sports:

  • The only team in the NFC North that matters is Green Bay. Minnesota will be mediocre while the Bears finish 7-9 and the Lions go 6-10.

  • I've been a life-long Lions fan, granted I am only at the young age of 23-years-old, and I'm as pessimistic about this team as the next guy. With that said, I don't think they will win 5 games. I think the team has made HUGE improvements by drafting well since Mayhew took the GM helm and great signings/trades. However, the Lions have a ridiculously tough schedule. The Vikings and Packers are both great teams and Super Bowl contenders. The Bears are no push over either. The rest of the schedule looks tough: Eagles, @ Giants, Redskins (much improved w/ McNabb), Jets, @ Cowboys, Pats, and @ Miami.

    I think they could take one from the Bears and possibly win @ Bills, @ Bucs, and home against the Rams. They might even be able to win at home against the Redskins. Other than that, they won't beat the Vikings or Packers at all and the rest of the non-conference schedule is ridiculously difficult regardless of how much they have improved.

  • I think the Cowboys are overrated as usual.  Romo will spend a great deal of time on his back.  Then he'll limp around trying to make plays as he waves around his arm to loosen up a hurt shoulder.

  • I think Lions are under-rated big time - interesting that they are expected to win OVER 5 games, but only favored in one.

  • Who is under-rated - or over-rated - from the list above?