2010 College Football Win Totals

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2010 College Football Win Totals

Here are the latest win totals for college football 2010 from Las Vegas compiled by RJ Bell of Pregame.com:

Texas Christian

Ohio State 11
Boise State 10.5
Oklahoma 10.5
USC 10 
Texas 10 
Florida 10 
Alabama 10 
Nebraska 9.5 
Nevada 9.5 
Virginia Tech
West Virginia 9
Miami-Florida 8.5
Auburn 8.5
Missouri 8.5
Penn State 8.5 
Arkansas 8.5 
Georgia 8.5 
Arizona 8
Texas Tech 8
Louisiana State
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Brigham Young
Notre Dame
Pittsburgh 7.5 
California 7.5 
Clemson 7.5 
South Carolina 7
Oregon State
Texas A&M 6.5 
Washington 6.5 
Arizona State
Tennessee 5.5
UNLV 4.5 

Biggest moves from opeing numbers:
Arizona OVER 7; Missouri OVER 7.5; Ohio State OVER 10; Tennessee UNDER 6; TCU OVER 10.5

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COMMENT NOW: What is your best bet on this list?
  • RJ, you know that UNLV-Nevada game was steamed heavily in Vegas.  I am sure you heard about that.  I couldn't get action down fast enough on Nevada.

  • Iowa over 9

  • There are no automatic wins on UNLV's schedule either.  Their non-conference schedule consists of Wisconsin, Nevada, at West Virginia, and at Hawaii.

    That West Virginia game is going to be a blowout since UNLV has to travel across the country for an early start game.  It's a much bigger deal when West Coast teams have to travel east for an early start game because their body clocks are all messed up.  East Coast teams traveling West aren't as much affected because it's later to them which doesn't matter as much.

  • I didn't notice it until now but Pittsburgh has a pretty tough non-conference schedule with Miami, at Utah, and at Notre Dame.  Those could be three losses, and I could see them losing two conference games to go 7-5.  

    RJ, I like your UNLV under pick because that team is going to be a mess this season.  Although it doesn't seem like the Mountain West is going to have many decent teams this season.  TCU and Utah should just dominate that conference.

  • Bama under 10- face 6 teams coming off their bye, Florida under 10 - lost entire offensive team and 3 future NFL star defensive players plus God left.

    Tenn over 5.5 - over reaction to the turmoil going on

  • I have USC under 10 also.. new coach trying to replace a legend, upheaval, players leaving, lawsuits, everyone evening past scores, etc.

  • I picked up UCLA Over 5.5 at Sportsbook.com today

  • Bama over 10. Toughest game is Fla--at bama. Tide wins 11------maybe 12. I am not a bammer; either.

  • Florida State OVER!!!

  • Auburn finishes 8-4 so UNDER

    Michigan finishes 8-4 so OVER

    I think Utah can win 9 games, so OVER?

    I think Washington starts 1-3, so I really don't think they can win 8 games.

  • Colin's picks were over for the following schools:

    Auburn, Michigan, Utah, Washington


  • Agree with JR - Iowa over 9

  • missed colin this morning, what was his pick?

  • missed colin this morning, what was his pick?

  • BYU will win 10 games.