Silvia Mena Photos (Girl Suing Albert Haynesworth)

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Silvia Mena Photos (Girl Suing Albert Haynesworth)

As reported earlier, Silvia Mena has sued Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins for $10 million. Story is Haynesworth got pregnant then dumped her. A friend says Mena is not a stripper, but rather works as a bartender at a New Jersey strip club in New Jersey. Now she’s pregnant and Haynesworth won’t return her calls.

Gambling Connection: Redskins are +3 in Week 1 of the NFL vs. the Cowboys (You can see all Week 1 lines at Bookmaker)

Silvia Mena Photos:

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  • She looks better in the top photo.  She does have some nice DSL's

  • 7 based on face only

  • I've read 2 threads on this today and nobody's said anything about Albert just stomping on her guys are letting me down.  

  • looks pretty hot to me but i agree with tgambler we do need to get a grip I think a 500K award and go away is sufficient to raise a kid

  • 5.7   not so sure - cant see more than face...bada bing? maybe bada nada?

  • She does look like the Bada Bing type lol. I vote 6.25

  • She looks like Bada Bing Material here in Vegas....

  • Agreed RJ...6.5-7

  • RJ Id do him for 10 mil. We have to get a grip as a society. The attorney and the girl shoild be faced to pay court costs.

  • 6.5